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Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs?

I have always had a dream to own a big house where there are a lot of luxuries and a garden to enjoy and rest in the evening!

You too must be having a similar dream, or might be you already own it? If yes, then have you ever thought of how to look after its security?

When you want to select the mode of certainty for your piece of land, guard dogs would be a great choice like Dobermans! But are Dobermans good guard dogs? Let me highlight a few things about this amazing creature.

Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs

Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs
Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs

Why choose this breed?

Dobermans are trained as security dogs. They are very active, brave, and always ready to act according to the situation. If you put your trust in them, surely they won’t disappoint you. 

Whether it is your house you want guard dogs for or for your family, Dobermans will win your heart anyway.

Dobermans are human-friendly dogs. If you raise and train them properly, they will prove to be extremely your obedient pet.

Physical traits

If I talk about the physical height and weight of these dogs, both males and females are quite similar with small differences. The male breeds are about 28 inches tall and weigh about 70 pounds, whereas females have about 26 inches in height and 65 pounds in weight.

Dobermans are found in various colors, a few of these include black, fawn, dark red, and dark blue with appreciable markings. These furs give them a shiny coat appearance. They have a strong and muscular build. You do not need to invest a lot in their grooming.

They have deformed types of ear cartilages, which make their ears floppy. But these dogs keep their ears erected deliberately to remain attentive to the commands they get. Dobermans just need some physical exercises to remain active. Rest is all present in their genes!

A daily walk and workout of about an hour will make your guard dog energetic and ready to attack your enemies. Overall these dogs are zestful, courageous, lovable, and loyal to their owners. The life expectancy of Dobermans is 11 to 12 years.

Dobermans and children, what a combination!

When it comes to having trust in any pet, dogs are always top the list. But when you have to trust dogs for your children, Dobermans are the ones that should be your priority. These dogs are very friendly to children and act super responsible towards them.

When Dobermans are trained from a very young age with children around them, they learn to mingle around and interact very easily. You can observe some significant changes in their behavior when there is an entry of an infant or a baby in the house. If you still have questions in your mind about whether are Dobermans good with children or not, let me tell you a few facts.

  • Alertness

Dobermans are already very attentive naturally. But with babies around in the house, the level of their alertness increases drastically. They keep a check on the baby, where it is sleeping, where it is playing, etc.

  • Gentle and polite

Whenever the baby is near these dogs, they tend to act very slow and gentle. Dobermans do it to make sure they do not cause any harm to the infant with their moves.

  • Cheering them up

While playing with the baby, they make sure to always cheer them up. They can not see the baby crying. Dobermans become very restless, seeing the infant upset and start licking their faces and hands to make them happy.

  • Feeling cozy

Dobermans sleep very close to children. They feel very pleased and comfortable in doing so. And so do the children feel! They may do it to show their protective nature towards children.

Difference between male and female Dobermans

One more important question that might arise in your mind is about the gender of the dog. Which would be a better selection for you as a guard dog? A male Doberman or a female Doberman! To be precise, both genders are nearly equal when it comes to protection and security trait.

No doubt, both genders have equal guarding nature. There are some responsibilities that males fulfill better than females and vice versa. Let me tell you a few of them.

  • Physical built

The male Dobermans have a very muscular body, and hence, their build is heftier than the female Dobermans.

On the other hand, in females, Dobermans are more active than males. They tend to respond more quickly as their bodies are lighter as compared to the male Dobermans. The difference in their weight makes the female Dobermans quicker in reacting towards the situations. They are more elegant than male Dobermans.

  • Emotional attachment

Female Dobermans tend to attach themselves to one particular human being rather than the whole family, whereas it’s the opposite case with the male dogs. Males tend to be more active in giving security towards the land properties they have.

Male Dobermans will be a great choice for you if you want protection against your house or farmhouse or any office property. If you want protection for your child or any particular family member, you do not need to think about are female Dobermans good guard dogs or not? Because they surely are!

As females already have a great motherly nature, this is the reason why female Dobermans can make a strong bond with children of any age. They play around together, protect them from strangers, lick them, make them happy, and sleep beside them to make them feel cozy. 

  • Say no to strangers!

Female Dobermans react in a very hostile manner to encountering any stranger. They react furiously, thinking about the danger for the ones it is guarding for. The male Dobermans are more individualistic, on the other hand.

Female dogs can be of great help to you when you are out on a picnic or an outing with family as they can detect any nearby danger or an enemy with bad intentions.


The amazing features that this breed of Dobermans possesses are unique amongst all. You can blindly trust these dogs for your land protection as well as family protection. You don’t need to even worry about your kids when they are around these pets.

Surely the answer to the question are Dobermans good guard dogs, is a big yes! Whether you choose a male Doberman or a female one, they both will win your heart in no time and would not disappoint you at all.

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