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10 Best Collars For Pitbulls [Updated]

Pitbull owners definitely know the trouble that they have to go through in order to get their dogs to listen to them. Pitbulls are known to be aggressive and stubborn; thus, training them can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you adopt them from dog shelters. It is important to understand that dogs are wild animals, and they need to be trained in order to make them adapt to our environment. 

There are various tools that Pitbull owners tend to use to train them, but the most essential out of them all is a strong pitbull dog collar that is designed to keep them on the leash. In this way, they won’t be able to chase other pets in the neighborhood or run away on the road and cause loads of trouble for both you and the drivers on the road.

No matter how troublesome they are, owners still love them and want to get them the best accessories possible. But since there are so many options in the market, thus finding the right one can be a bit confusing. So, if you brought home your first Pitbull and need to get a collar for him, then you might be quite confused. Plus, the first-time owners also have no idea which one would be best suited for them or which one they should get.

Not to worry, though, because today in this guide, we are going to be discussing the best collars for pitbulls along with a buying guide. It will help you find the best collar for your Pitbull. Making sure that you have the perfect collar for your Pitbull makes a huge difference.

You can’t just choose any collar and go with it, thinking that it’s just a collar and would fit your dog probably. It’s all about the comfort level because whether humans or animals, and no one likes to wear a collar around their neck, so if you are going to be putting one, then it should definitely be comfortable.

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List Best Collars For Pitbulls

1. Bully’s Dog Collars – Best Pitbull Collar

If you have a Pitbull, then you probably know how stubborn they can be at times. It is quite hard at times to make them listen to you, especially when you are strolling in the park or crossing the road. They tend to get often excited with the sound of the horn and pull away, which is why you need to put a collar around their necks.

Nylon pitbull collars are amazing, and this amazing heavy-duty nylon Pitbull collar is one of the best collars for Pitbulls that pull. The collar is designed to cater to your leashing needs but also makes the dog feel comfortable at the same time as well. It is not just one fit collar as the steel buckle allows you to move it 2-inches at least so that you can easily adjust it according to his neck size.

Unlike many other collars, this one is quite wide, which makes it extra comfortable for the Pitbulls as they don’t have much fur on their skin. Plus, the tactical grade materials used for the construction of the collar are extra-lightweight. This means that your dog won’t feel a heavy leash around his neck, which might make him resist it.

One of the best things about it is that it is washable as well. You can easily wash it and use it again and again as it is quite durable as well, which makes it a great investment. The length and width of the collar are perfect for most Pitbulls. It is definitely one of those strong dog collars for Pitbulls.


  • Large size
  • Total length, 27 inches
  • 5 inches wide
  • Fits neck size between 21 to 25 inches


  • It is highly adjustable and easy to wear.
  • Tactical grade materials make it extra-lightweight.
  • The wideband is comfortable and durable.
  • It is available in different colors.
  • Adjustable Collar Size
  • Washable
  • Rust Resistant Buckle
  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Can be too big for some dogs
  • The wideband is not everyone’s choice

Final Words:

This heavy-duty nylon collar is one of the best ones in the market. The thing we like the most about it is that it is highly versatile. Its adjustability feature makes it a great long-term investment. The steel buckle is rust-resistant, and the nylon is easily washable, making it one of the best accessories for your Pitbull.

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2. Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Studs – Pitbull Dog Collar

Bestia is one of the most famous dogs gear manufacturers in the market. The brand tends to manufacture some of the most high-end products that are always topping the best product lists, especially in terms of dog gear. You can notice a diversity in their products which makes them great for all.

The genuine leather dog collar designed by Bestia is one of the best ones in the market, especially for medium-sized dogs such as Pitbulls. If you are looking for durability and aesthetic, then you should get this one as it offers both these features. The brown buffalo leather base with the nappe leather lining makes it quite comfortable for the Pitbull’s skin and prevents rashes.

The inside of the collar is packed with leather cushioning that makes it comfortable for your Pitbull to wear all day long as well. The studs on the outer part are just there for aesthetic and don’t do much. Overall, the collar is quite durable and long-lasting. Plus, the best part is that the brand also provides a guarantee to its customers, which makes it a great long-term investment.


  • Total width of 2.5 inches
  • Medium Sized dogs
  • 7 to 19.7-inch collar length
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Nickel-plated studs detailing


  • Stud detailing on its outside.
  • Extra inside leather cushioning for comfort.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Highly decorative
  • The wide band is perfect for large dogs
  • Cushion lining makes it super comfortable
  • Studs may fall off
  • D ring keeps moving around the neck.

Final Words:

This Bestia collar is one of the best leather collars for Pitbulls in the market. The highlighting feature of the collar is the inside leather cushion lining, which makes it extra comfortable for the dog to wear. Plus, the studs add aesthetic to the collar, which appeals to several customers as most collars are usually dull and boring looking. 

It is one of those strong dog collars for pitbull, so no more loose buckles with this one at your disposal.

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3. Miles Tactical Cobra Dog Collar for Pitbulls

If you are looking for dog collars that fit large-sized dogs such as Pitbulls and German shepherds, then you should invest in the miles tactical cobra dog collar, which is designed for such dogs only. Miles owns the market for its high-end products that are highly durable and perfect for dogs. They are designed in such a way that they work great for both the owner and the dog.

The Miles Tactical Cobra Dog Collar comes with a genuine cobra belt, which is the highlighting feature of the collar. The handle of the collar is securely sewn into the webbings, which makes it able to withstand around 4000 lbs. of force making is great for stubborn Pitbulls. The buckle is designed in such a way that it is not only safe and secure but also very easy to put on and take off.

The best part of it all is that the collar comes with a one-year replacement warranty. So, in case something gets damaged or goes wrong, you can always claim your money back or get a new collar for free. Plus, you can attach multiple tags to the D ring as it is wide enough to hold the leash along with the name tag and other accessories that you might want to put on. It is for sue one of the best collars for Pitbulls.


  • 75 inches wide webbing
  • Fits dogs with neck size 16 to 23 inches
  • Available in black and brown
  • Can withstand 4000 lbs. of force


  • Wide webbing
  • Strong tactical D-Ring
  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Comes in two colors
  • Highly strong and durable
  • D band has room for multiple accessories
  • The wide webbing gives you extra grip.
  • Easy to use buckle
  • Plastic Swivel Clasp and V Rings

Final Words:

According to our research and customer reviews, it is one of the best products in the market, which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Pitbulls. You can easily place the collar around his neck and not worry about it breaking or getting loose as it can withstand 4,000 lbs. of force.

It is one of those strong collars for Pitbulls that are a bit aggressive. This means that your dog won’t be running in the wild anytime soon with this collar around his neck.

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4. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar – Best Dog collars for Pitbulls

Are you tired of your Pitbull running away on the street or chasing other dogs in the neighborhood? Well, we all sometimes have to go through these issues, especially with the Pitbulls that are not used to living in confined places. The best way to keep them in place is to put a collar around them so that you can have them on the leash when going out or when leaving them home alone.

Excellent Elite Spanker has designed one of the best tactical dog collars for Pitbulls, which is adjustable and comfortable, all at the same time. The collar comes with features that make it extra versatile for the owner and super comfortable for the dog himself.

Starting from the 1000D heavy-duty nylon used for the manufacturing of the collar makes it highly durable and comfortable, which makes it a great nylon pitbull collar. You will find soft padding in the inner side of the collar, which ensures the prevention of chafing. This feature makes it one of the best collars for Pitbulls that pull. Plus, the buckle makes it extra secure as well. The double lock system with the magic stickers and a lock makes it quite secure so that it doesn’t get loose when your dog pushes a lot.


  • Large size
  • Neck size 17 to 20.5 inches.
  • 1000D Nylon Material


  • Double buckle locking system
  • Highly durable with the 1000 D material.
  • D-ring for leash and additional accessories.
  • Quick-release collar
  • Quick-release
  • Space for additional accessories
  • K9 military dog collar
  • Perfect for training
  • None

Final Words:

The Excellent Elite Spanker Military Training Dog Collar is one of the best dog collars in 2020 that you can invest in for training your Pitbull. This K9 grade collar is perfect for all dogs but is specifically designed for large-sized Pitbulls making it perfect for training. Everything from the nylon belt to the magic stickers is durable, long-lasting, and secure in all ways. It is definitely worth the investment.

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5. Beirui Dog Collar Leather – Best collars for pitbulls that pull Leather

Beirui has manufactured some of the best dog products in the market, but we definitely love the new leather dog collars, as it seems perfect in all ways. This dog collar is all about simplicity. Everything from the leather used for the band to the alloy buckles used for securing the leash and the collar in place is heavily graded, which makes it highly durable. It is for sure one of the best leather collars for Pitbulls.

The collar is made up of imported US leather, which is quite long-lasting. It is soft and comfortable so that it doesn’t feel harsh against the dog’s skin, which can happen in the case of cheap collars. To cater to your needs as the owner, it comes with a well-placed D ring that is secured by mushroom studs. These studs make the D ring strong enough to hold 150 lbs. of Pitbulls.

The buckle used is quite standard, so you can easily open and close it with ease as there is nothing complicated in that. With the purchase, you also get 180 days of quality guarantee, which is a great


  • Four mushroom rivets studs
  • Collar size is 16″-21 inches
  • 180 days guarantee
  • 2D Ring Design


  • Black US imported leather used.
  • Strong and Durable
  • Alloy buckle and studs
  • Simple design
  • Adjustable collar size
  • Genuine high quality imported leather
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Strong and pull-resistant D ring
  • Scratchless alloy buckle
  • Not for heavy dogs
  • D ring can come off if studs get loose.

Final Words:

If you are looking for adjustable braided leather collars for Pitbulls, then Beirui dog collar is defiantly one of the best options in the market. The collars come in a simple design, making it easy for all to use and understand. The leather used is highly durable, and the D ring is strong enough to hold Pitbulls, which makes it worth the investment.

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6.Dogs My Love Genuine 1.6″ Wide – Heavy duty pitbull collars

If you are looking for a Pitbull collar that comes with a bit of aesthetic, then you should definitely look into the Dogs My Love genuine leather collar. Leather collars are great for medium and large-sized dogs as they are highly durable and often come in adjustable sizes, which makes them great for Pitbulls that grow quite fast.

The Dogs My Love leather collar is one of the best leather collars for Pitbulls in the market, especially when it comes to design. It looks simples and elegant at the same time. The white stitching at the edges and the studs all over, make it highly stylish and perfect for furry dogs such as huskies as they look great on them.

The leather makes the band quite strong and durable, whereas the D ring attached to the collar is great for adding a leash. It is secured between the waxed threads stitching, making it one of the best collars for Pitbulls that pull a lot. 

There are four adjustment holes on the band so you can easily go with the one that suits your dog’s neck size the most.


  • Overall length 27 inches
  • Fits neck size 19 to 23 inches
  • 3/16 inch thick leather band
  • 6-inch thick band


  • The collar is highly durable and long-lasting
  • The metal studs add aesthetic to the overall design
  • The D ring is strong enough to handle the sudden pushes
  • The size of the collar can be easily adjusted
  • Thick and high quality
  • Durable
  • Look gorgeous
  • Perfect for medium-sized dogs
  • Available in one color only

Final Words:

The Dogs My Love collar is one of the best ones in the market in terms of quality. The high end leather used for the manufacturing isn’t only durable but is also quite comfortable as well. But it is the design that attracts the customers, and we must admit that it definitely looks good on the dogs.

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7. Moonset Soft Padded Real Genuine Leather Pitbull Collar

The first thing that you should look at when you buy a dog collar is the material. This Moonpet dog collar is made up of 100% genuine leather, which makes it worth the price. The inside has softly padded, which makes it fit comfortably on your PitBull’s neck.

Since the material is so soft and high-quality, it will not cause rubbing, irritation, or abrasion on the pet’s neck.

This is one of the most stylish and convenient collars for running or training your Pitbull. It has a D ring on the top where you can attach a leash. If your dog likes to run around, you can put an ID tag with your address in this loop.

Every stitch in this collar is handmade, so the quality is ultimately superior. Furthermore, the collar is made of tone-tone colors, which make your Pitbull look stylish. It is available in different sizes and can be adjusted to the girth of your Pitbull’s neck.


  • Large size
  • Neck size 17.2 to 22 inches
  • Brass hardware


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Adjustable collar size
  • Perfect for walking and running
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in two-tone collars
  • Brass D ring for leash
  • 100% genuine leather used
  • Too simple

Final Words:

If you are looking for affordable branded leather collars for Pitbulls, then this Moopet padded collar is definitely one of the best options in the market. The brass design gives off the ancient vibe, which is liked by many.

 Other than that, the genuine leather used is soft from the inside and hard from the outside, which makes it highly durable and comfortable at the same time. It is definitely worth the investment. 

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8. Tuberk Tactical Dog Collar – Pitbull Dog Collar

Made of premium 100D nylon, this dog collar is soft of the Pitbull’s necks and does not get damaged even with regular use. The buckle is pretty sturdy too. Also, the internal padding is super-soft so that your Pitbull stays comfortable.

No matter how long you put it on your friend, it will not cause irritation. The magic sticker on this collar allows you to adjust the collar according to your pet’s neck. The D ring gives you maximum and convenient control over your Pitbull’s movements.

Moreover, the collar is available in every size, even up to extra-large. So, even if you have a bigger Pitbull breed, this collar would work for you. Since it is a tactical collar, it is ideal for training any dog, even military-style. You can invest in this collar and forget about being inconvenienced with training or controlling your Pitbull.


  • Large size
  • Brass color
  • Neck size 17 to 20.5 inches
  • Nylon material


  • Military training control handle
  • Tactical material used
  • Soft and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Dual-layer protection
  • Soft and comfortable lining
  • 100% guarantee
  • Convenient D ring
  • Not good for small dogs

Final Words:

Have full control over your PitBull‘s actions with this premium quality collar at your disposal. The nylon material and the metal buckle make a great combination. Both the materials make the product highly durable, versatile, and comfortable, all at the same time. The product is definitely worth every penny.

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9. Bestia Classic Padded Leather Dog Collar – 2 inch wide dog collars pitbull

If you really love your pet, you would choose the best for them. When you put a collar on your Pitbull, you have to make sure that it is not only comfortable but is also of good quality so that it does not cause allergies or damage to your Pitbull’s skin.

This Bestia collar is made of 100% genuine leather. The same material is used on the outside as for the inside padding.

Your dog will be absolutely comfortable in this collar. The design of this collar is quite unique and has been made, especially for dogs’ necks. It is one-inch wide, which is an ideal width. If a collar is too wide, it can irritate your dog, but this collar would keep your Pitbull comfortable and cozy.

You can imagine the quality of this collar by taking into account the fact that it is handmade. Every stick in the collar assures your dog’s ultimate comfort.


  • Neck size 11.8 to 13.8 inches
  • I inch width
  • Nickel-plated silver color buckle and D ring


  • Wide and comfortable
  • Durable and strong
  • Wax threaded edges
  • Inner leather padding
  • Final Words:
  • Classy and simple
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Average quality leather

Final Words:

Besita has some great products in the market, and this one is definitely one of them. In terms of performance and durability, it is super amazing and highly affordable as well. The collar comes in a simple yet elegant design that catches the eye of many.

Its width is what makes it great for medium-sized dogs. All its features make it one of the best collars for Pitbulls.

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10. Dogs Kingdom Mushrooms Rivet Studded Leather – Pitbull Dog Collar

Looking for style and design? The Dogs Kingdom Mushrooms Rivet Studded Leather dog collar is one of the best ones in the market in terms of durability and control. Large-sized dogs such as pitbull, Doberman, and huskies even need bulky and wide collars with a secure buckle to keep them in control, and that is exactly what the Dogs Kingdom’s leather collar offers to the dog owners.

The highlighting feature of the collar is its design. It comes in a variety of colors, but they all have the same design. The leather color varies, but the mushroom studs on top stay the same and those are the ones that attract the most. Not only that but they also help you find your Pitbull in low visibility especially during early morning or late evening walks.

Other than that, the buckle is made of heavy-duty steel and nickel. It might seem heavy but is quite lightweight this doesn’t put any pressure on the Pitbull’s neck. It is an ideal choice for individuals looking for an affordable, budget-friendly dog collar for their Pitbulls.


  • Medium size
  • Neck size 19 to 22 inches
  • Overall length 24 inches
  • Multiple colors


  • Soft and shiny
  • Comfortable and strong
  • Long-lasting and versatile
  • Available in different colors
  • Highly affordable
  • Appealing design
  • Not so high quality

Final Words:

Dog collars with mushroom studs are simply amazing. The design is quite attractive and beneficial in low light as well. The 1-inch width of the collar, along with secure bulk, helps you keep your Pitbull on the leash while he tries to pull away from you on the road or in the backyard. 

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Buying Guide

best collars for pitbulls that pull
best collars for Pitbulls

The Best Collars for Pitbulls 

It is not easy to choose a collar for your Pitbull, especially with all the different designs available in the market. The manufacturers tend to design collars based on the likes and the dislikes of the dog along with their size and breed as these factors matter a lot when it comes to getting the perfect collar for your dog.

Individuals who have gone through this process before wouldn’t have much trouble finding the perfect dog collar for their Pitbull. But the first-time owners defiantly need to know some things before they make the decision because the comfort and the safety of your PitBull are at hand and you don’t want to compromise on that.

It is not only the quality of the material that you need to consider. There are many other factors as well that you must consider before buying a dog collar for your pitbull. If you have no idea which dog collar to get, then not to worry because we are going to be looking at a full-fledged buying guide that will help you understand all the aspects of getting a collar for your dog, so, let us go ahead and look at all of it in detail.

Pitbull Collar Size:

The very first thing that you need to figure out before buying a collar for your Pitbull is the size of the collar that you need to get. To do so, you will need to measure the neck size of your Pitbull. The size would vary from dog to dog, so don’t search for the size over the internet or ask your friends who also own a pit bull. Instead, take a measuring tape and measure your Pitbull collar size by following the steps below;

  1. Look for your Pitbull’s collar bone. It should be between his ears around his neck.
  2. Once you have found it, place the measuring tape all-around your Pitbull’s neck to measure the size of the collar.
  3. Take the measurement down and add two inches to it, and you have your Pitbull collar size.
  4. Yup, it’s that simple!

It is important to make sure that your Pitbull’s collar isn’t too tight; in that case, it would choke him to death or is too loose to slip off his head. To make sure of the tightness of the collar, fit it in such a way that you can place two fingers between the collar and skin of your Pitbull. Don’t make it too tight or too loose; just two finger spaces would be enough

Types of Collars for Pitbulls

You might be a bit shocked to find out how versatile dog collar manufacturers have become. You can find dog collars for your Pitbull in multiple different types based on their size, design, and material, of course. When choosing the type of collar that would be best suited for your Pitbull, you need to consider his daily activities as each collar is suited best for some activities while it is not so great for the other.

So, consider your Pitbull’s activities and likes to find the best-suited collar for him. Here are a few of the types of dog collars that you can find in the market.

1.   Standard collars

These are the most common collars that you can find in the market. They are quite easy to use as you can easily take them off and put them back on without any hassle. You will find them mostly in nylon or leather, as these are the standard materials used. These collars are perfect for Pitbulls that don’t pull much and can easily stay off the leash. They are used by owners in most cases for the name tag purposes only.

2.   Training collars

Chain collars or training collars, whatever you want to call them are best for trainers only as homeowners hardly use them right. The chain on the collar can easily choke your pitbull without you even noticing it, which makes it quite harmful. Thus, they should only be used by professional trainers to get your stubborn Pitbull to listen to you.

3.   Martingale Collars

These are only known as training collars, but the difference between the two is that they are half nylon and half chain. Thus, in case your Pitbull pulls away, it won’t do much harm to his esophagus as the nylon can cinch up a little. They are not only comfortable but also safer than chain collars.

4.   LED Collars

This name is given to the collar only because of its design. Individuals who work all day take their Pitbulls on a stroll early in the morning or in the afternoon, usually in low light. Thus, in that case, these dog collars have neon-colored bands that act as flashlights around your Pitbulls neck, making it easy for you to spot him in low visibility.

5.   WaterProof Collars

Most leather and nylon collars tend to get a bit itchy as soon as they get wet, which makes them quite uncomfortable for the Pitbull’s skin. So, if your Pitbull is a water lover or you live in a wet climate zone, then you should get a waterproof collar for him. These collars are quite durable as they don’t let the bacteria reside on the surface

Which Buckle to Get?

Making sure that you also get the right buckle for your Pitbull’s collar is also very important. The band of the collar itself doesn’t have much weight whereas the buckle can be a bit heavy if it is made of a heavier material such as metal.

Apart from the material of the buckle, you also need to consider how secure the buckle is. You don’t want to get a buckle that gets loose easily. In such a case, you won’t have any control over your Pitbull as once he pulls, the buckle would get loose, and he would be off the leash.

You will find different buckle options, as well as each one, comes with its own set of benefits. The wrong buckle can hurt your dog. It would also make it hard for you to put it on and take it off. So, get a buckle that you believe would be best suited for your dog. Here are the most popular options available in the market.

Plastic – Plastic buckles are the most commonly used buckles in the market. Get a plastic buckle that is lightweight and waterproof. To check its durably, make sure that it is not scratchable as the more scratches it has, the earlier it would wear off.

Aluminum – Aluminum buckles are great for Pitbulls who love to pull. Not that they do it on purpose, but it is just in their nature. Plus, we need to keep in mind that they are wild animals, after all. They mostly come with smooth designs that give you the convenience to easily take it off.

Metal with plastic – These buckles are made up of both plastic and metal. They are extremely lightweight and perfect for young Pitbulls. But make sure not to use them in salt water as they would react with the chemicals in water and might harm your Pitbull.

Things to consider before buying a dog collar

We have almost covered everything that you need to know before buying a dog collar for your pitbull. But if you are still confused and can’t make up your mind as to which one would be best suited for you, then here is the list of things that you should consider which will help you decide. 

These are the factors that you must consider before buying one to ensure that you are getting the right one for your Pitbull. 

So, let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

1. Size/Age

The very first thing that you need to consider when buying a collar for your Pitbull is the size and age of your dog. Pitbulls grow to a certain size. You can search on the internet to check how much, on average, your PitBull’s breed can grow to have an idea of the collar size that you should get. 

It will help you reach a close estimate, but each dog grows differently, whether belonging to the same bloodline. Thus, always measure your dog’s neck using the method above.

2. Collar material

Just like all other things, dog collars for Pitbull are also available in several materials. Leather and nylon are the most commonly used, but you can find them in other materials as well, such as waterproof ones and of course metal and chains. So, go for the one that would be comfortable for your dog’s skin, which in the case of Pitbulls would be leather as they are stronger.

3. Accessories

Most collars come with a few other accessories as well, such as a name tag or a chain, etc. So, look for the one that comes with additional accessories. In this way, you won’t have to buy them separately.


This is probably all that you would need to know to find the perfect dog collar for your new family member. The guide clearly explains every aspect, so you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing one out of the ten mentioned above.

All these collars are the best collars for Pitbulls in 2020; thus are super amazing and come with great features that make them the best. So, choose yours and invest in it right away to keep your Pitbull on a leash while you stroll in the park.  

Tip- If your Dog is aggressive  It is good to buy a strong collar for Pitbulls. 

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