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Top 10 Best Collars For Pugs [Updated]

Pugs are considered one of the best family dogs for their smartness, observance, and quick learning. Pugs are sleepy-like cats and playful and affectionate with children, making them great family dogs.

As pugs are smart and can be trained easily, you will sometimes notice stubbornness that can be dealt with patience. Dog collars are essential for every dog breed as they need some name tag, ID, or vaccination notes and leash to be hung on and are very important for training your dog.

A variety of different collars such as Buckle Collar, Muzzle Collar, and Head Collar are available. These collars have different uses for dealing with different types of dogs.

Pugs need to use the right pug collar or harness. As of above, these dogs can be very stubborn and disobedient; sometimes, shock collars are also used to control dogs. Shock collars seem to be inhumane, but all dogs cannot be trained with the same methods.

Prongs collars are only used if your dog is getting extra angry and barks a lot. If you live in an apartment and your pug is disturbing your roommates or neighbors, it can work.

best collars for pugs

So if you are looking for the best collar for your pug, you should have a look at the following collars.

List of Best collars for pugs

1. Teemerryca Adjustable Microfiber Leather Spiked Studded Collar

Teemerryca Microfiber Leather dog collar is a spiked collar to give your pug a strong look. It is made of high-quality microfiber leather, strong enough to hold animals from cats to dogs. 

This dog collar is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about pug collar size. It can be adjusted for multiple sizes with an easy buckle. If you need a collar for some big dog, it would not be a great choice. For cats and pugs, it is perfectly sized.

As it lies in the Buckle collar category, a two-finger distance from the neck is recommended to keep your dog safe from choking.

The best part of this amazingly helping dog collar is its studded spikes, which are soft on edges and tight fit, so it does not pull the dog’s hair. The dog does not chew a spiked collar. The strap edges are also soft that does not annoy your pug.

It has buckles that make s it easy to attach tags, IDs, document pouches, etc. The D-shaped rings also make it easy to leash or unleash your pug. Due to its microfiber technology, it is not allergic to dog skins.

This dog collar is made of the best and most high-quality material, and the soft spikes do not let dogs bite it. This collar deserves a try if you want to buy a collar for the long run.


  • Brand: Teemerryca    
  • Color: Black and Pink
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Microfiber Leather


  • Studded Spikes
  • D Shaped rings for leash and tags.
  • Soft Edges
  • Adjustable Size
  • It cannot be bit due to its spikes
  • Microfiber Leather is used, which is not allergic to dog skin
  • The size can be adjusted
  • Its 4mm thickness makes it a durable collar.
  • Not great for bigger dogs

Final Words:

Teemerryca Dog collar has a high build quality, and its spike and thickness ensure its durability and reliability. The size is adjustable but not suitable if your dog has a thicker neck because a 2 cm distance has to be kept from neck to collar. It will be the best choice if you want to attach a name tag or ID as it has two D-shaped rings on it.

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2. Blueberry Personalized Dog Collars – Pug Puppy Collar Size

Blueberry is an American Company and is well known for manufacturing high-quality pet products and, of course, dog collars. Blueberry Classic Dog collar is a simple and everyday use collar.

This dog collar comes in 22 different colors and different sizes that make it a choice for any pet animal such as goats, dogs, or cats. It comes with a D-shaped ring for leash or name tag etc.

 Its high-density webbing of nylon fabric makes it a durable and reliable product. It can be chewed, but if put at the right distance to the neck, the dog cannot reach it.

It is very comfortable on dogs, and its variety of dark and bright colors makes it even better to choose best for your male or female pug. You can also customize these collars with your phone number or your pet name. 

This dog collar is not too stylish yet simple modern design. This collar is comfortable and easy to put on and has one hand release option; there is no need to struggle to leash or unleash your dog. If your dog has bigger, it will need a wider collar.

As it comes in different sizes, it can be used for small and more significant dogs. The price is also very affordable; you can buy different color collars for fancy dress shows.


  • Brand: Essentials (Blueberry Pet’s Sub company) 
  • Color: 22 Different Colors
  • Closure Type: Buckle Collar
  • Material: Nylon Fabric


  • High-Density Webbing of Nylon Fabric
  • D shaped ring for tags and leash
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • It comes with a one-hand release buckle.
  • It is also effortless to put on and adjust with the Seatbelt buckle.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The availability of different colors makes it adorable.
  • Chewable
  • Plastic buckle may not hold bigger dogs.

Final Words:

The Blueberry Pet dog collar is great for its price, and its high-density webbed nylon fabric ensures its durability. As it comes in different sizes, it can fit any pet’s neck; it is great for everyday use. Moreover, it can be washed if it gets too dirty.

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3. Blueberry Pet 6 Patterns Made Well Floral Collection – best Pug Collar

If you own a female pug and looking for some fancy collar for everyday use, you should have a look at the Blueberry Pet floral dog collar. One can notice this collar from a distance due to its beautiful pattern and color scheme.

This dog collar comes with a small flower on it, attached/unattached for fancy dress shows. It is made of high-density webbed polyester that ensures its quality and durability. It uses a seat belt buckle to easily leash/Unleash your dog and options one hand release facility.

This collar can be chewed; therefore, the proper distance, which is two fingers, is critical to keep this collar from being bit by pets. Two-finger distance also keeps your dog from choking, which is excellent for your pet’s safety.

The floral pattern is beautiful, which makes it a choice for many pet owners. If you own a male dog, this collar will not be justice to him. It comes with a slider that is used to keep it neat and clean.

Do not worry about its quality as Blueberry Pet is a renowned company for its pet products. Plus, various floral pattern collars are available in the market; deciding between these patterns should not be a problem for you. Go through the following specifications and features.


  • Brand: Blueberry Pet
  • Color: Floral Patterns
  • Closure Type: Seat-belt Buckle Collar
  • Material: Polyester


  • Floral Pattern
  • High-Quality Polyester
  • Flower Attachment
  • Chrome D ring for leash and name tags
  • This collar is best for fancy Dress Shows.
  • It has a Durable seat belt buckle.
  • It comes with a slider to keep the collar neat.
  • It can be adjusted for different pug puppy collar size.
  • Not an excellent option for male dogs
  • Polyester gets dirty

Final Words:

When it comes to its design and quality, it is a great choice. If you are looking for a fancy collar for a female pug, there cannot be any other better choice than this, as it comes with a floral attachment that makes this collar even more attractive.

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If you do not like to put a traditional-style neck collar on your dog, you should look at chain collars. If you adore luxury items, the Gold dog chain will give your dog a luxurious look.

It comes in 27 cm size fits almost all small dogs and cats’ necks, making it the best collar for small dogs. This neck chain is Hypoallergenic and Nickle Free certified, which means there is no threat to your pet’s health and safety.

The soft-edged braided chain is very comfortable for your dog and is lightweight, so your pup does not feel too much weight on the neck. The chain is coated with a high-quality gold color coating, and the shine will not wear off so quickly. But you should not be expecting a lifetime gold coating at this low price.

This Cuban-style chain will be best if you need a collar for some kind of pet show. There are many other better choices if you own a bigger pet because there must be some distance between neck and chain to keep your dog safe from choking.

This dog collar has not so many features as a typical buckle collar but will be a great choice if you do not leash your dog. And there is no doubt a small puppy does not need to be leashed all the time.

The following are the Specification, pros, and cons of this product that must be gone through to buy this.


  • Brand: Posh Petz
  • Color: Golden
  • Closure Type: Chain Collars
  • Material: Light Weight Metal alloy


  • Luxury Gold Chain 
  • Braided Chain
  • Soft-Edged 
  • Safe for dog skins and hairs.
  • It is coated with High-quality gold coating.
  • The chain looks heavy but light in weight.
  • It is Hypoallergenic certified.
  • Best for small breed dogs
  • Does not fit bigger dogs
  • No options for tag name or ID

Final Words:

The Cuban-style Posh Petz chain will give your dog a gangster and luxury look at the same time. It can be used for both male and female pugs. The price is highly competitive when its material and style is compared with other products of the family.

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5. eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs with Remote – Prong Collar Pug

If you think using shock collars is inhumane, then you must haven’t seen stubborn dogs. Dealing with stubbornness and misbehaving becomes very easy with prong collars.

No doubt that pugs are very smart, and you will not see any prong best collar pug, but still, many pugs misbehave and become extra naughty. For controlling your aggressive pug, the Exuby shock collar will be the best choice.

It has so many features such as beep warning, vibration, and even safe shock; you will see a noticeable difference in behavior. You can use these features in different ways for faster results.

Pets will never like shock or vibration; they top misbehave after only a few uses. It comes with a wireless remote that can be used within a distance of a few meters. It is essential to keep their remote away from children; it is seen in many cases that children start annoying pets for fun.

If you live in an apartment or with a roommate, you need this collar as pets stop misbehaving after only a few uses. No one wants to use shocks for training but training your pet is better than leaving it because it misbehaves, and it is not very easy to leave your pet. 

The receiver and the remote are rechargeables; there is no need to replace batteries after a very short time. You can save a few bucks more with this rechargeable prong collar. You can also control the intensity of vibration and shock to control the barking, biting, scratching, etc., of a dog.


  • Brand: eXuby 
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Shock COllar
  • Material: Nylon Fabric


  • Controllable shock and vibration intensity
  • Seat Belt buckle style 
  • High Capacity Rechargeable battery
  • High Quality
  • You can control the intensity of vibrations and shock.
  • Unlike other prong collars, this collar uses a rechargeable battery.
  • Comes in different sizes for both small and bigger dogs
  • The training results are better than ever with this collar.
  • The remote quality is not too great
  • Stuck on the same function sometimes

Final Words:

Only use shock collars if you own a stubborn pet. The training results are very high with prong collars; you will notice dramatic changes in your pet’s behavior after using it two or three times. Some pets start behaving normally by listening to the warning beep before shock or vibration. 

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6. Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Spring Scent Floral Collection Dog collars – Best Dog Collars

Blueberry Pet is one of the pet’s largest companies as it has tentacles in Asia, Europe, and America. Products such as leashes and collars etc. Blueberry Pet Floral dog collar is a basic collar with a Tri-glide buckle and one-hand release options.

It is made of a high-density polyester that can be leaned with a slider on the collar. It comes in more than ten different color schemes and color patterns; you can choose your favorite color for your pet color. 

Mostly floral collars are only bought for some occasions or pet shows, but you can use this collar for everyday use. It comes with a chrome D ring for attaching a leash, name-tags, or documents Pouches.

Its design and build quality are relatively high, but it can be chewed if the dog can reach its mouth to the collar. It would be better to put on the collar only two fingers away from the neck. 

Its easy snap button is great when you want to unleash your dog; it is compatible with the accessory; you can buy different flowers or bow items for pet shows.

The price of this dog collar is very impressive when its material and quality are compared. AS it can be adjusted in different sizes, it will be great for small land medium dogs such as Pugs and miniature dog breeds.

Its adorable floral prints are beautiful and will give your pet a fashionable look. It is one of the best dog collars for its quality and durability. The following are some specifications and features of the product.


  • Brand: Blueberry Pet 
  • Color: 10+ floral Patterns
  • Closure Type: Basic collar
  • Material: High-Density Polyester


  • Durable Buckle
  • Chrome D ring for Name tags and IDs
  • Slider for cleaning dog hairs
  • Tri-Glide Buckle
  • It comes in different floral patterns and colors.
  • High-density webbing ensures its durability.
  • You can find matching leashes with these floral patterns.
  • This collar is lightweight and perfect for small dog breeds.
  • Gets dirty very quickly
  • Leaves marks on furless dogs

Final Words:

If you want a fancy collar for your pug, the blueberry pet floral dog collar will be a great choice here. The quality is top-notch, and the designs and patterns are also very adorable. Moreover, the prices are also very affordable.

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7. BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar

Are you looking for a modern dog collar for your pug? Have a look at the BSEEN LED Dog collar. BSEEN is a company known for making human vests that glow in the dark for safety and security purposes.

This LED collar is very unusual, but you will find it very helpful if you walk your dog at night or your dog hides under furniture. It comes in only one size and can be adjusted to any by cutting it. 

NO matter you own a big or small breed pet, this collar will be great. This collar features a rechargeable LED light with three settings: Slow Flash, Quick Flash, and steady Glow, which can be changed with an easy push button.

The rubber tube surrounds the LED lights; this tube can be extruded in any shape. As this collar will be glowing, your pet may find it attractive and starts biting it, it can not be damaged easily, but safety is better. Put on the collar with two-finger distance in dogs’ neck.

The collar is made of high-quality stretch plastic that can be turned into any shape and doesn’t get damaged even if twisted here and there. LED Lights inside the tube also remain safe due to the high-quality design and material.

As the collar features a rechargeable battery, there is no need to find custom batteries each time when all battery power is drained. This makes it a time and money-saving buy. The following are the specification and features of the BSEEN LED dog collar.


  • Color: Candy Pink, Neon Green, Orange, Ruby Red, and Royal Blue
  • Brand: BSEEN
  • Closure: Glowing Collar
  • Material: Stretchy Rubber Plastic


  • Glowing LED
  • 3 Light Settings
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Durable
  • It is great for all dog sizes and can be adjusted by just cutting it.
  • A variety of different color is available to choose from.
  • Unlike other electric collars, the BSEEN dog collar comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • The light settings can be controlled by just one button
  • The width of the tube is not so good.
  • Some Pets may get annoyed with light around the neck.

Final Words:

The LED Light collars are not very common, but there is always the first time. If you play with your pet and walk your pet at night, this collar will be the best choice. As it features a rechargeable battery, there is no need to worry about finding custom batteries each time.

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8. azuza Dog Collar and Leash Set – Best Collar For Small Dogs

If you are looking for an attractive collar for your pug, you should have a look at the Azuza dog collar and leash. This dog collar features a super lightweight nylon strap and a Tri-glide plastic buckle that provides a one-hand release option.

The collar also includes a metal D-shaped ring for attaching a leash, name-tags, or ID pouches with the collar. The metal objects on the collar are coated with chrome, which makes it extra durable and reliable.

These collars are ideal for small dogs; you can also find bigger ones for bigger dog breeds. The printed fruit pattern on the strap makes the collar even more beautiful and attractive. You can choose from 6 different patterns according to the color or size of your dog.

AS the collar is not complete nor too narrow, allowing you to attach accessories such as a Bow tie or flower attachment for pet shows. The matching pattern leash includes the package because if you need a collar, you must also need a leash to walk or train your dog.

Azuza dog collar is adjustable and can be used for both small and bigger dog breeds. Moreover, it comes in different sizes that give you the freedom to choose the patterned collars for small and large dogs.

The nylon fabric is used as the strap’s primary material that gets dirty very quickly, the collar is machine washable, or one can also wash it by hand. It lies in basic collars; it has all properties a simple dog collar should have.


  • Brand: Azuza
  • Color: Diamond blue
  • Closure Type: Basic Dog Collars
  • Material: Nylon


  • Colored Patterns
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Chrome Coated metal objects
  • High-density webbing
  • The matching leash is part of the package.
  • You can choose from 6 different patterns for getting the best according to your dog’s personality.
  • The strap can be adjusted into different sizes.
  • The D shaped ring and other metal objects are chrome coated.
  • It gets dirty quickly
  • It is not the best option for bigger dog breeds.

Final Words:

The Azuza collar quality is very high due to its nylon strap and chrome-coated metal objects. The collar is very attractive and adorable looks great on small dogs because of its beautiful pattern designs.

9. Beirui Bling Soft Leather Dog Collar – Best collar for pugs

Own a female dog and look for some fancy dog collar, then you have hit the right products. Beirui Bling dog collar is a soft leather collar for small dogs and cats. It comes in four different sizes, from extra small to medium-sized dogs.

Beirui Bling features studded diamonds on a pink soft leather strap and a Female bow attachment. It will not be the wrong choice if you want a collar for some occasion or pet show. It will enhance the personality of your dog. 

Instead of plastic, rhinestones are used, which are better in quality, and the shine does not wear off so quickly. It is recommended to take off the strap when bathing your dog to make sure no studs drop off.

The leather strap is soft on the edges and hypoallergenic that making it highly comfortable for your puppy. The strap is available in two exciting colors, which are pink and red. As your dog may bite the leather strap, it would be better to keep a distance of two fingers between neck and collar when putting on the collar. The collar is not so wide nor too narrow that it will keep you even comfortable.

You can also get the matching leash; it will make the collar even more beautiful. This product is a bit more expensive than traditional collars but not that costly that you cannot buy this.

It comes in four different sizes but is ideal for small dogs as more giant dog breeds will not look great in the diamond-studded collar. You should go through its Specification and feature, which are discussed below.


  • Brand: Beirui 
  • Color: Pink
  • Closure Type: Fancy dog collar
  • Material: Soft Leather


  • Diamond Studded Collar Strap
  • Double Bowknot accessory
  • Perfect Width
  • Chrome D Shaped Ring
  • Instead of plastic studs, rhinestones are used, which are better in quality
  • The high-quality soft leather is used as the primary material for its manufacturing
  • The double bowknot increase the charm of this fancy dog collar
  • You can also get the matching leash, which uses the same material
  • Diamonds may fell when the dog plays rough
  • It can get damaged by a dog bitin

Final Words:

The Beirui lies in a basic dog collar; it has d ring for name tags, ids, and pouches. Due to the diamond studs on the collar, it is not suitable for everyday use. There are many other better choices if you need a collar for everyday use.

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10. QQPETS Dog Collar – Collar for small dogs

When it comes to designs and patterns on dog collar straps, no company can beat QQPETS. It has been known for years for manufacturing high-quality and highly attractive dog collars and leashes.

QQPETS personalized dog collars are more adorable and attractive than typical black or red collars. The collar is ideal for small dog breeds such as Pugs, Beagle, or Basenji as it comes in baby-style patterns.

Unlike other fancy or patterned dog collars, they can be used for everyday use. This dog collar is available in 18 different patterns and four different sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. The strap width of these straps also varies according to the size, making this dog collar even better than others.

The buckle and the clip are made of quality plastic and come with a heavy-duty D-shaped ring for leash or Tags etc. The d ring is coated with a zin alloy that adds durability and prevents it from rusting.

The strap is also made of a high-density polyester that ensures the durability and strength of the collar. The strap is soft on the edges as it is not allergic to any dog skin type, as it is seen strap leaves marks on furless dogs, which is inhumane.

If your dog is still growing, it would be better to buy a bit bigger collar because there must be two fingers distance between the neck and the collar to prevent your dog from choking. The following are the Specification and the features that you must go through to buy this dog collar.


  • Brand: QQPETS
  • Color: Yellow bee
  • Closure: Basic Dog Collar
  • Material: Polyester


  • Zinc Alloy coated D ring
  • Attractive color scheme and patterns
  • High-Density Polyester
  • Tri-Glide Buckle
  • High-quality material
  • One can select the perfect collar size from four different sizes
  • The collar strap can be adjusted for walking, playing, or running
  • Not only the length but the width straps are also different for different sizes.
  • The polyester gets dirty quickly
  • Not great for bigger dog breeds

Final Words:

The QQPETS dog collar will be the best choice for growing puppies due to its cute patterns, and it can be adjusted in different sizes. The quality and material of the dog collar are also excellent; you will not regret this buy.

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Best Harness For A Pug

Buying Guide

Best Collars for Pugs

Buying a dog collar is not a big deal for the pet owner, but it matters for the dog, and it is an essential thing for the dog. Many people make mistakes when buying a collar for their dogs because of a lack of knowledge and experience. Different dogs need a different kind of collar as they are not suitable for all dogs.

A dog collar must be suitable and comfortable for your pug as the collar will stay on the neck most of the time. Pugs, which is a special kind of 

The availability of many pet products at the store can easily confuse you when making a choice. It is essential to have enough knowledge about your pet and its needs. There are several things that need to be considered when buying a dog collar for a pug, which are discussed as follow:

Types of Collars for Pug:

There are various types of collars used for different purposes and different dog breeds. If you own a pug dog, we have mentioned some types of dog collars you can choose from. Some of the most commonly used dog collars for pugs are as follows:

  • Flat Collar: It is the simplest and most commonly used collar with a D-ring for name tag or ID attachment and mostly comes with a tri-glide buckle.
  • Head Collar: Headcollar is an alternative to a prong collar, which is considered cruel; this collar is a training tool more than a traditional collar.
  • Prong/Pinch Collar: The prong collar is a series of link chain chains connected, the open ends of links face towards the dog’s neck. These collars are used for training the dog to walk on a leash.
  • Harness: A harness consists of more than 1 or 2 straps to control the bigger dogs that are strong enough to pull your dog with the help of a traditional collar. 
  • Martingale: A martingale collar provides more control over the dog without any effect of choking as compared to other types of collars.
  • Slip Collar: A slip collar for a pug is used to train the dog never to pull off and is a very effective method to get to know your dog that pulling so much is not suitable for it. You should not leave your pug unattended as it can increase the risk or choking.
  • E- Collars:  An e-collar is a modern version of a prong collar and is used only over misbehaving and disobedient pugs. The collars have small devices on the collar strap that vibrates or give little shocks to train the dog.
best collars for pugs

Collar Sizes for Pugs:

You will find typical size dog collars that will fit almost all average size dogs. But when it comes to the smaller dog breeds like pugs, a common one will be hefty on their neck.

Use an inch’s tape to measure the dog’s neck and head circumference, and you will get to know the collar size of your pug. The average size of a pug’s neck is from 12 to 16″ based on the dog’s age and weight. The collar’s width should be too broad or narrow so it does not annoy the dog.


There are different kinds of materials used for different types of dog collars. One should be very keen on the material when choosing a collar for your pug because some materials can be allergic to your pets, such as leather or some kind of fabric.

Some commonly used materials for making stars are as follow.

  • Leather (Soft leather, Microfiber leather)
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Polyester

Some dogs are allergic to leather (mostly furless); it would be better to use a polyester or nylon fabric dog collar to prevent any type of allergy.

If you are attaching the ID pouches, Name-tags, or IDs with the collar, find a collar with dual D rings for leash and all that stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to wear your pug a Dog Collar?

It is always not right that wearing the dog collar is not suitable for dogs. Always wearing a dog collar can damage the skin or furs; it is recommended to wear a dog collar only when you walk your dog or during training.
A tight collar can be the cause of choking or can leave marks on furless dog skin types. If you live in an apartment, it would be better to leave your dog without a collar and only wear it when it is necessary.

2. Why wearing the pug collar is very important?

Dogs are indeed very smart creatures, but some are so naughty and misbehaving that they cannot be trained without a leash or collar. Moreover, a collar can be used to enhance your dog’s personality, attach a name tag, ID, and definitely, we cannot put the leash directly on the neck.

3. Is it humane to wear prong collars/ e-collars to your pug?

Many people consider prong/e-collar to be inhumane, but they haven’t seen disobedient and over-aggressive pets. Aggressive pugs are a cause of danger for the owner and other people as the behavior of the pugs becomes unpredictable.
A noticeable difference can be seen after only a few uses; pets start behaving just after waring beeps or little vibrations. It is the most effective training method for aggressive dogs.

4. How to get the right neck measurement of a pug?

The circumference of the neck and head is measured to get the exact size of the neck. Use a measurement tape to measure the circumference of the neck. If your dog is still growing, buying a few cm extra-long collar would be better.
Keep in mind that there must be two fingers between the neck and collar; choose the collar accordingly. Suppose if the size is 12 inches, then buy a minimum 14 inches collar for your pug.

5. Why are Front range Harnesses better for aggressive pugs?

The front range harnesses have a lower pulling effect than traditional collars. Moreover, it gives better control over your dog. Experts always recommend front-range harnesses for training; it prevents your dog from choking. Front-range harnesses are also known as no-pull harnesses as the owner can pull most of the pug’s body.

6. Do harnesses hurt pugs?

Is the collar or harness is adjusted correctly? The answer will always be no. The harnesses are used to just control the pugs during training or when walking your dog. A harness can be used on any sized dog but would be better if only used on bigger dogs that are difficult to handle.

7. What to do if a pug bites its collar?

It is a very common practice for pugs to bite everything, even their collars, but the owner can stop it in many ways, such as putting on the collar at the right distance or using studded collars.
With the metal-studded collar, dogs stop biting the collar and make sure the studs are not too sharp and do not fall off.

8. Are e-collars safe for pugs?

E-collars are 100% safe for pets as the vibration/shock device is not allowed to shock more than the safety range. Using an e-collar is a handy and fastest way to train misbehaving pets.
Over usage can make your dog even more aggressive; therefore, keep the e-collar remote away from the reach of children. There is no doubt that animals get hurt a bit, but you will not need to use the shocks or vibrations after only a few uses.

9. Why use leather collars for pugs?

Leather is the commonly used material for manufacturing dog collars due to its strength and durability. Leather is highly customizable such as if you cut a hole in it will not damage the whole collar, unlike nylon or polyester dog collars.
Mostly only basic buckle collars are made with leather and will always have d ring for leash or name tag or ID etc.


As the dog collar is very important for training your dog, you must be very keen when choosing your dog’s collar. There is no doubt that pugs are very smart but still need some strictness and collar to train them in the best manners.

Despite the size and material, the collar should also suit your dog’s personality, such as it will not be food to buy a pink color collar for your male pug. You can also dress up your dogs on occasions or pet shows by just putting on fancy dog collars.

As the dog collars are not expensive, you can buy different colored collars to wear at different events or occasions. But make sure the collar is comfortable for your dog; never use the collar if the dog starts itching near the collar area.

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