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Top 10 Best Collars For Whippets [Updated]

Every breed has its specialty, and sighthounds are stunning breeds with gentle personalities and graceful bodies. Whippets are an in-the-flesh example of this type of species with their unique S-curve chests. They rarely ever bark, which makes them great for city dwellings. 

Whippets love to curl up with their owners for cuddling and chilling. However, don’t be fooled. Whippets may appear to be delicate, but they are a rough-and-tough breed. They do many exercises to satisfy their need to run, so a reliable collar is required for control. 

Even for a puppy Whippet, it isn’t easy to control their urge to run and be active all the time. The Whippet puppy will grow into an average-sized dog weighing somewhere between 15-31 pounds. 

As a descendant of the Greyhound, Whippets are healthy dogs with great appearances. Therefore, finding the right collar is a tricky task. 

Luckily, one thing is for sure; you can’t go wrong with a collar! Even if, by the grace of God, your Whippet dog is steady and doesn’t run a lot, buying a collar is still necessary! You never know when you’ll need to chase your puppy down the street when he’s lost. With a perfect collar and a leash, you can stop your dog with a single pull!

So, finding a collar for this breed is vital for keeping them safe and, of course, for training them. But what’s the best collar for Whippets? We suggest you keep reading to find that out!

best collars for whippets

Best Collars For Whippets

1. CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar – Whippet Dog Collar

Buying something fancy for our loving dog is what animal lovers always want to do! And martingale collars are considered the most ideal and appropriate collars suited for any dog. Plus, they look great! 

This martingale collar from CollarDirect provides your dog with the opportunity to stick with the tribunal fashions. Yes, it seems a bit traditional to adopt the design, but it does not look different from today’s style. 

The collar is available in three unique patterns, and every design gives your dog a chance to connect with the tribunal aesthetics. It is a worthy shot collar for your pet to look glamorous. It looks and feels fantastic on all dogs with thick necks. 

The firm, soft, and durable nylon material and the heavy-duty metal hardware make this dog collar a stunning piece. They are designed for everyday wear and are excellent for training. Besides that, the neckband is intended to reduce the effect of choking and pulling.

Its 1.5-inch size goes well around a Whippet and feels very comfy and supportive. In addition to this, the nylon material is not itchy or harmful at all – it is soft and non-allergenic. 

When it comes to construction, this martingale collar from CollarDirect can hold up to almost all that powerful pulling with a dependable and durable D-ring. The collar also comes with separate metal rings supportive of every section of the neckband, making it smooth and effortless to loosen and tighten the collar. With the adjustments made quickly, you don’t have to fret about dogs with big heads or the ones that grow fast.


  • Brand: CollarDirect
  • Pattern: Pattern 2
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Nylon


  • Non-allergic nylon
  • Available in three beautiful patterns
  • Available in three sizes
  • Fascinating, stunning designs with sharp colors
  • Independent metal loops enable smaller loops to slide effortlessly
  • Thick width
  • Dependable and thick D-ring
  • No reflective stitching for attaching tags

Final Words:

This gorgeous collar comes in your choice of three astonishing tribal patterns that will make your dog look attractive and traditional. The 1.5-inch collar size is ideal for sighthounds with thick necks and demands a supportive and wide dog collar for Whippets. 

2. ComfortFlex American Made Nylon Martingale Collar – Wide Dog Collars For Whippets

American made for active and wild dogs, Comfortflex limited-slip collars also considered martingale collars, provide both you and your dog the highest quality of simplicity, safety, and security. The slimly padded nylon collar easily slips over the dog’s head and can go loose with the touch of your hand. 

Suppose you have an animal that enjoys push-and-pull in any direction. In that case, the collar then tightens down a little so that the dog can stay in the collar, but the power will be minor and will not choke them.

The high reflective, woven webbing is easily seen in dark or low light situations when visibility is an essential factor for your dog’s safety. 

The Comfortflex limited-slip dog collar is made from reinforced, fully padded, machine washable nylon that is both soft and comfortable for your pet regardless of their exercise and strength level. 

The highly-reflective, woven webbing and a selection of gorgeous colors make these dog collars easy to be seen in dark or low-light situations when you want to keep an eye on your pet. 

Furthermore, Comfortflex collars are currently available in eleven beautiful and eye-catching colors with extremely attractive, reflective strapping. It is one of the best martingale collars for Whippets. 

All of these collars are proudly American-made in New York and offer the utmost comfort and reliability.

Of course, this is a great-quality dog collar, but it has its drawbacks. The most significant drawback that plenty of users has experienced is that the collar easily breaks. When it tears down, the leftovers become harmful for dogs. There’s a massive chance for dogs to try to chew what comes out of the collar; therefore, make sure to replace the collar if you witness any tearing or worn-out looks.


  • Brand: ComfortFlex
  • Color: Kelly green 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on 
  • Material: Nylon


  • Fully-padded nylon construction
  • American-made 
  • Reflective woven strap
  • A fantastic everyday collar
  • Easy to put on and off
  • High-quality nylon
  • A few users have reported the strap to be dangerous for dogs

Final Words:

We love this collar, and it seems like a comfortable choice for every Whippet dog. The hardware is heavy-duty, and the big round ring makes it easy to snap the leash on. 

3. Dogs My Love Real Leather Extra Wide Padded Tapered Dog Collar – Martingale Collars For Whippets

Have you ever witnessed an extra-wide and overly padded collar with beautiful stitching? It is your lucky day because this extra-wide real leather collar from “Dogs My love” is an excellent choice for Whippets and other breeds with similar neck and head shapes. 

The collar is designed to prevent neck damage and offer a comfortable and itch-less feel. In addition to avoiding neck damage, the construction and shape of this collar also prevent your beloved Whippet from choking if they decide to go reckless if the collar while running.

One significant thing you must know about this collar is that it boasts a glossy and beautiful black finish with a fusion of colors for both adult dogs and puppies. Also, the finished off stitching gives additional visuals to the overall collar. The high-quality, 100% genuine leather surface offers a durable and pliable feel to every dog that wears it!

Another thing, the leather is tanned and sprayed with black to offer a fantastic glossy effect. Besides that, the incredibly soft genuine leather lining provides a cushioning feel as well. 

You will find this dog collar in various colors. Each color packs a smooth, elegant, and unique look. 

With every collar, there is stable, nickel-plated hardware that offers a convenient closure. Moreover, this extra-wide real leather collar is available in six sizes, each recommended for Saluki, Whippet, Greyhound, Deerhound, Dachshund, Lurcher, and other breeds with similar and gorgeous body structures. 

Like how you should purchase every other collar, it is best to measure your dog’s neck before buying the extra-wide real leather collar from Dogs My Love. Who knows, your pet may not be a possible fit for the collar!


  • Brand: Dogs My Love 
  • Color: Toffee
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • Durable nickel-plated hardware
  • Available in 5 colors and six sizes
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • High-quality leather
  • Quick to use
  • Feels smooth and comfortable
  • Brittle material

Final Words:

A double-sided leather collar with patent padding, apparently with a lot of cushioning in-between. Looks stunning from the outside and protects your dog’s neck from the inside. The sizes are exact, and the functions and looks are excellent for sighthounds. 

4. Dogs My Love Real Leather Extra-wide dog collar – Black

The previous collar we reviewed in our list of “best collar for whippets” was from the same company, Dogs My Love. Still, it was made with different aesthetics and offered a unique style. Now, let us come to the BLACK version of the real leather extra-wide dog collar from “Dogs My Love.”

As said in the previous product review, all variations of this collar are designed especially for Whippets, dogs with unique neck and head structures. The design and making of this collar are so precise that it protects the neck of your dog from unwanted damage. 

It boasts a superior-quality 100% genuine leather surface. It is a pliable, comfortable, and durable dog collar for everyday usage. 

The soft and plush leather lining offers a comfortable feel. In contrast, the overall appearance of the collar makes it look elegant and smooth. 

You can buy this dog collar in multiple colors and sizes. There is solid nickel-plated hardware, such as a buckle and D-ring for added usability.

As fascinating and beneficial as this dog collar is for Whippets, it may seem not suitable for every dog because there’s a massive D-ring attached to the collar. Sure, D-rings are essential for walks and attaching a leash, but this hardware is not an excellent addition in terms of usage.

Otherwise, it is a good collar. 


  • Brand: Dogs My Love
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • Available in five beautiful colors and six sizes 
  • Rugged nickel hardware
  • A sturdy everyday collar
  • Superior leather with comfortable padding
  • Easy to clip on and off
  • Best wide dog collars for Whippets
  • Affordable
  • The collar material is brittle
  • Large D-ring

Final Words:

Collars like these are ideal for dogs with long necks. The collar is rich, bold, and bright, whereas the leather is very soft. On the other hand, it features a vast D-ring, which is sometimes not appropriate for a Whippet. 

5. If It Barks – Best Martingale Collar for Dogs

The If It Barks martingale collar is a dog product from the well-reputed, If It Barks! It is a North Carolina-based brand that was created in 2002. 

All its accessories and products are handmade with a “customizable design” option that allows you to order a dog collar with specificities that you prefer for your dog. 

Now, coming to this collar; If It Barks martingale collar is suitable for all dogs. Due to the availability of sizes, the If It Barks collar would be a much better choice for large dogs. Dog parents with smaller breeds might have to consider a different collar. Luckily, there is an option for custom fitting in this collar where you can input your dog’s neck size.

This is also an extra-wide dog collar; therefore, it is best suited for pets with large heads. This collar is made with a combination of several materials; double grosgrain ribbon and nylon webbing. This makes the collar durable and robust. This martingale dog collar is made to satisfy military specifications. 

Now, regardless of being this sturdy and robust, this collar is very comfortable. The edges of it are adequately stitched. Therefore, the collar will not fray or even get caught in the fur.

Like all martingale collars, this dog collar contains two loops. The larger loop goes around your dog’s neck, while the smaller one determines how stiff and tight the collar can get. As a result, both the circles are manufactured with the same material.

Furthermore, the collar is handmade, so that provides reassurance into its production. As far as the clasp is concerned, you have two choices. You could either buy the one with a clip or the one without it. The collar with a clasp incorporates a plastic buckle that offers no issue in usage. 

The one without a clasp can be slipped down the dog’s head as if you are sliding a sweater. When it comes to the adjustment, the metal tri-glide is used for that purpose! There is also a D-ring made of metal. It is heavier than the tri-glide because it is used for attaching a leash. 

To conclude everything, this martingale collar is an excellent fit for large dogs, such as Whippets. 


  • Brand: If It Barks
  • Color: Blueberry
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Nylon


  • Strong nickel-plated, steel D-ring
  • Tight stitching for durability 
  • Thin nylon webbing 
  • Durable grosgrain ribbon
  • 100% customized for color and size
  • Simple design
  • Made to military perfection
  • Comes with no-buckle and buckle options
  • Not the best choice for pet parents on a budget

Final Words:

If you have used a martingale collar before, you should not have any issue working with this item! This martingale collar from If It Barks is pretty intuitive, so there are no complications here, other than the price – it is quite expensive. 

6. SGang Martingale Dog Collar – Whippet Slip Collars

If you have many breeds running in your house other than a Whippet, the SGrang martingale dog collar is your ultimate choice!

It is designed to fit dogs with large necks, such as Saluki, Greyhound, and Whippet. It boasts quality materials, including a strong polypropylene webbing and jacquard ribbon that makes the collar look stunning.

Furthermore, you will get to purchase a matching paracord leash with this collar as well. Also, do not forget to measure the neck of your dog before purchasing. This collar provides more control over the dog without adding a choking effect. 

We consider this martingale collar to be an ideal fit for Whippets because they have larger heads – and this collar offers an extra-wide appearance. Other than that, the two loops which provide different functions offer superior comfort and convenience as well. 


  • Brand: SGang
  • Color: Combination of black, yellow, turquoise, and purple 
  • Closure Type: Slip-on
  • Material: Polypropylene webbing and jacquard ribbon


  • Sturdy
  • Superior-quality welded metal hardware
  • A humane collar that prevents choking
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy slip-on closure
  • Large D-ring
  • A little too wide

Final Words:

The SGang martingale dog collar is a handmade product for your pet Whippet. These wide collars offer the perfect size for your long-necked pet. Moreover, the colors are embroidered and provide gorgeous designs.

7. T.A.Bird Martingale Dog Collar – Padded Whippet Collars

The T.A.Bird martingale collar is everything beautiful and fantastic for your Whippet. It is a slip collar without the buckle – cool, right?

Before we tell you a little bit about this collar, it is best to take proper measurements before purchasing it. That said, measure your pet’s neck to determine the collar size.

Every part of this sunflower-patterned, martingale collar is stunning. It boasts a gorgeous cotton fabric sewn onto black webbing with reinforced stitching. 

The welded hardware offers superior durability. There are double side fabric stabilizers that enhance the overall appearance of the collar.

A good thing about martingale collars is that they offer superior control and prevent your dog from escaping or running uncontrollably. They provide a proper fit and feel comfortable to wear. 

The T.A.Bird martingale collar is handmade with high-quality cotton fabric. It offers a reliable, metal D-ring for leash attachment. Therefore, it is excellent for long-term usage. 

Another exciting facet of this collar is that it is constructed with two loops. One controls the adjustment of the collar and the other wraps around your dog’s neck. It is an excellent collar for taking your dog on walks and leash training! 


  • Brand: T.A.Bird
  • Color: Sunflower 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on 
  • Material: Nylon


  • Beautiful cotton fabric 
  • Handmade martingale collar 
  • Black webbing with reinforced stitching
  • Welded hardware
  • Double-sided fabric stabilizers 
  • Metal D-ring
  • Fantastic materials
  • Beautiful sunflower pattern
  • Available in three sizes
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Very slippery

Final Words:

It is perfect and looks great! It is sturdy, and even the smallest size gives accurate comfort to your dog. Pet owners can adjust conveniently according to their dog’s neck size and get the best of everything!

8. Country Brook Petz Martingale Dog Collar – Best dog collar

This is another martingale collar, and it may not be necessary for dogs who do not require training. Also, it is not ideal for wearing this collar unattended. 

Apart from that, if your pet’s neck measurements fit precisely into any of the four available sizes, you are good to go!

The Country Brook Petz martingale collar is constructed with nylon webbing. If durability is something you prefer in a martingale collar, this collar could be the right fit for you! 

The collar is made such that even when the wearer tries to pull on it, the collar will work fine. Such is the power of the collar! Other than that, it is very comfortable. It is not the softest collar available, but you will find comfort in it in a unique way.

The finishing and stitching are also accurately done—again, no loose or jagged edges. The stitches are sturdy and must be able to qualify the test of time. 

Furthermore, it comprises two loops, a martingale loop, and the main collar loop. In this case, both the circles are made of the same material and come in the same shade. Some pet parents prefer this to the chain martingale because this one makes no noise. 

In terms of adjustability, this martingale collar is quite flexible. The reason for this is the lack of a buckle. 

You will have to frequently function the tri-glide to get the collar to slide through your pet’s neck and then fit properly. The tri-glide is nickel-plated and made of metal. The nickel offers a form of protection against corrosion and rust. 


  • Brand: Country Brook Petz
  • Color: Busy bee
  • Closure Type: none 
  • Material: Plastic, steel, polyester, nickel


  • Made in the U.S.A 
  • Traditional martingale collar 
  • Steel and nickel hardware
  • Durable
  • Available in several colors
  • Affordable
  • It does not come with a buckle

Final Words:

The Country Brook Petz martingale collar is easy to work with even if you never handled a martingale collar before. The finishing and stitching are also fantastic and should ensure that the collar will stay in tip-top shape for a long time.

9. HOMEKNOBS Reflective Dog Collar – best reflective dog collar

If you require a stylish and smart dog collar with heavy-duty construction, look no further because you have hit the jackpot! 

The HOMEKNOBS reflective dog collar is a suitable choice for Whippets. There are multiple things to adore about this collar, such as its reflective stitching and fantastic hardware. 

A heavy-duty metal buckle is built using 5mm thick fray-proof and rip ballistic nylon with accent stitching to develop the perfect combination of design aesthetics and durability.

Thanks to the dual reflective stitching, pet parents can keep a close eye on their dog, even in dark or low-light conditions. Plus, you will receive incredible nighttime visibility when walking on roads. 

Furthermore, the durable eyelets and soft padding offer a comfortable and fantastic fit. The mesh padding and neoprene material along the inner collar provide maximum breathability for strenuous activity during hot summers. Other than that, there are five eyelet adjustments, and every eyelet is beautified by metal rings to prevent ripping.

When it comes to sizes, this dog collar is for medium to large-sized dogs. It is available in two sizes. Owners need to select a reliable size based on the circumference of their dog’s neck. Make sure to measure near the area of the neck where the collar would comfortably fit.


  • Brand: HOMEKNOBS 
  • Color: Colorful
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Nylon


  • Two highly-reflective threads
  • Ultra-soft neoprene padded collar
  • Durable buckle
  • Affordable
  • 5mm ballistic nylon
  • Fray-proof material
  • Black and red camouflage exterior
  • Not suitable for small dogs

Final Words:

The Homeknobs reflective collar is suitable for active dogs. It is a comprehensive option made of fray-proof and thick ballistic nylon with reflective stitching. While it is incredibly comfortable, durability is kept in mind with a plush neoprene internal and mesh for breathability.

10. Sleepy Pup Adjustable Martingale Leather Chain

The Sleepy Pup martingale collar is an adjustable choice with several upgrades for the stubborn and robust pullers out there. 

It supports thick leather, then offers durable grommets and double cap rivets to help prevent deformation and stretching from strong pullers. It also features a half-check chain with nickel-plated steel O-rings and a D-ring for attaching lights and tags. The collar comfortably opens and offers an incredible amount of adjustment; therefore, you do not have to worry about how thick and massive your dog’s neck is when ordering.

The full-grain, premium leather is strong and looks great in all five tannery-dyed colors. Leather is also a biodegradable and natural product. It feels much better than polyester or nylon collars.

Furthermore, no clamshell plastic or additional materials are required to be cut through and excluded from the package. The Sleepy Pup box contains all the essentials and, of course, the collar itself, in tip-top shape.

When it comes to the chain, buckle, and d-rings, they are all highly corrosion-resistive and will last for a long time. Without a doubt, this martingale collar is a suitable choice for Whippets, and it never fails to keep your dog within its boundaries. 


  • Brand: Sleepy Pup
  • Color: Light brown 
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • No-nonsense packaging
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Full-grain, premium quality leather
  • Perfect for training
  • Stylish collar for Whippets
  • Reduces chances of injury through martingale construction
  • Not a healthy choice for Whippets

Final Words:

A beautiful product! It fits great and feels comfortable. Neither the chain nor the leather will leave any marks on your dog. It is also a suitable choice for training. It is a martingale collar, so it offers plenty of benefits to Whippets.

best collars for whippets 1

Buying Guide

Best Collars for Whippets

There are specific types of collars for different purposes. Some are useful for your Whippet, while others are not recommended. Let us look at a few different collars to see if one might be the perfect fit.

Martingale collars

If your Whippet finds it difficult to heel when on walks, sometimes a no-slip (martingale) collar can help stop pulling. Kindly prefer to use it with a harness or for training purposes. Every martingale collar is designed with compelling and practical features to prevent it from closing entirely. 

Prong collars

Prong collars are not recommended for Whippets because this breed does not show aggression and is very delicate. Still, readers need to know about their choices. Collars like this are meant for aggressive dogs and should only be used by experienced handlers. Without a doubt, you risk severe and permanent damage utilizing a prong collar.

Flat collars

These are classic collars with a flat design, typically with a snap or buckle closure. They are designed to fit accurately around the dog’s neck and offer identification, including tags and IDs. For quick outdoor trips, they also provide D-rings for leash attachments. 

Smart collars

Smart collars incorporate technology to track the health, activity, location, and a few other factors of your dog. They are a more significant purchase and are good to use when you want to know more about your pet’s overall health and location. 

Factors to Consider when Buying a High-Quality Collar for Whippets

Here is how you can buy the best collar for your Whippet.

  • The material

The primary materials in collars are usually made of leather, nylon, or polyester. The significant difference for textiles comes from hardware construction, such as rings, sliders, and buckles. In our product reviews for Whippets’ best dog collar, we have seen plastic, aluminum, steel, and metal as different. In addition to the essential components, some dog collars will have reflective stitching for better looks. 

  • The sizing

Each collar has a different size and comes in a sequence of sizes as well. Each one of the measurements is adjustable to help achieve the perfect fit. However, the most significant size difference is in width, especially when it comes to Whippets because they require a smaller and lighter collar. 

  • The types

There are multiple different collar types available, and many of them are listed in our reviews. Each collar type is for various behavioral issues, for controlling, or for training. We showcased everyday dog collars as well. All of our options are suitable for Whippets and their unique neck and head shapes. 

Whippets are commonly known to take off after tiny animals, so having a collar that will keep them from escaping or choking is essential.

Bottom Line

You will find the perfect match for your Whippet if you keep these factors in mind. The only way to buy anything is to consider its safety, usage, construction material, and added features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you need a collar for your Whippet?

First of all, a collar is useful to identify your dog. Indeed, the neckband may have a medal or plaque with its name and your contact details. So, if you lose him, the person who will retrieve your pet will have no issue contacting you instantly. In short words, the collar is your Whippet’s first piece of identification. Therefore, a collar is essential for every pet.

2. How can I get my Whippet pup to wear a collar?

Many owners combine collars and leash altogether onto their dogs – which is a wrong thing to do! It will help if you start by getting your Whippet used to wearing a collar before adding a leash to his walk-wardrobe. 
To make this happen, you must put the collar on when your dog is distracted by something and leave it on for some time. Additionally, make sure that the dog does not squeeze his neck too much. If the initial hours go well, it is suggested you put the collar on from time to time for a few days so that your dog gets used to the idea gradually.
As soon as your dog accepts to put the collar on, you can add the leash as well. Thus, you will accustom your Whippet to walk at your pace without scolding or compelling your dog. The walk should be a moment of joy for you and your puppy, so don’t ask for too much at once.

3. What collar size should be appropriate for an adult Whippet?

Whippets have unique bodies. For that, it is necessary to buy a collar that fits them properly without creating any problems. As sleek as they are, these dogs do not grow to be that large. Therefore, their collars are not that big either. 
It is still vital to measure your dog’s neck accurately because knowing the dog breed’s growth ratio is never enough to purchase a collar for them. 
Owners can determine the collar size by using a collar size chart or taking measurements themselves to discover the perfect fit for their Whippet.

4. Can I use a shock or prong collar on my Whippet?

Prong or shock collars are the last resort. Indeed, these collars can cause a lot of damage if you don’t know to work with them, and they are typically very irritating and uncomfortable. 
Professionals only use these collars to train a dog or when a dog is in danger to others and itself. Therefore, it is best to leave that style in the hands of those who know what they are doing because if an unfamiliar usage can cause harm to your dog. 

5. What collar should fit my Whippet puppy best?

When it comes to puppies, it is essential to buy the best and well-fitted collar. It won’t be brilliant to purchase a product thinking they would grow into it because that is not safe. Make sure you are buying a collar that fits your puppy now because a different size could end up being complicated or comfortable to wear. 

6. Is it safe to use a leash with the collar?

It is okay when your dog has to take short trips outside to do its business. On the other hand, longer walks could be challenging to handle. A collar puts a lot of stress on your dog’s airway, which could create a superior amount of discomfort and may even damage your dog if he pulls too much. 
A suitable option is to use a harness made for your dog for longer walks, so the weight is evenly distributed.

7. Is it legally advised to make your dog wear a collar?

Before a collar of any kind for your Whippet, it is good to check with your local authorities for the laws related to dogs in your area. In many places, it is advised to make your dog wear a collar when outside the house. 
Moreover, even if it is not needed, it is still vital to use a collar for identification purposes.


Never forget that collars are an essential part of your pet’s everyday life. That said, ensuring you have the best product is part of the process. 

Our reviews of Whippets’ best collars offer robust and durable use every day and can be trusted to keep your loving pet in the right place. 

A collar is pretty much the only way to tell the world that you have a dog! Therefore, make sure to buy the kind of collar that gives you the peace of mind that your pet is safe and will never leave your sight unannounced. 

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