Best Dog Collar To Prevent Matting

10 Best Dog Collar To Prevent Matting

Watching your beloved dog go through a severe skin condition that is gradually taking away its beauty can be painful. 

Matting is not a problem for one breed; it is a widespread issue that most dogs go through. The most evident cause of matting in dogs is their accessories, such as low-quality collars. Other add-ons can be a factor as well, but using terrible quality collars can increase matting.

Dog owners often ask, whats the solution to matting? Sure, medication helps, but taking simple measures can increase recovery. That being said, its time you let go of that disturbing and harsh collar. It is doing nothing but irritating your dog. Therefore, you need a collar that will prevent matting and keep your dogs coat in good shape.

Just with a simple Google search, you can find a series of durable and safe collars that can eliminate matting.

Why go someplace else when you can find what you need from here? 

Like you, we care about your dog as well. We have created a list of all the best collars on the market that will prevent matting and encourage happiness and health all around.

Lets check them out!

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List of Best Dog Collar To Prevent Matting

1. Coastal Pet Rolled Oak Leather Collar Tan – Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Is your dog always itching his skin? Are you aware that your dog may be suffering from matting? If your answer to these questions is in the affirmative, do not waste your time buying cheap so-called healing products. Grab this rolled oak leather collar from Coastal Pet and remove your worries.

Its entire frame, material composition, and structure are designed with a fragile and delicate dog in mind. A such, it is safe for your dog. 

Perhaps the one thing that sets this dog collar apart from the others is the embellishment of Latino leather makeup. Unlike standard leather, this one contains exceptional durability and strength. These two unique add-ons make the material a trustworthy option for regular usage. Moreover, Latino leather is easier to maintain, so no more stress on the wear and tear.

Throughout the overall surface of the collar are a few range marks. The purpose of these marks is to guide the pet owner on how to tighten the collar. Due to their presence, you will never mishandle your beloved pet. Other than that, you will also find it easier to take precise measurements of your dogs neck as you tighten the collar. 

When it comes to length, this dog collar is circular. Also, it is professionally stitched together to eliminate any tears or frays. Therefore, you should expect the collar to last for years and also confer prolonged applications and use. 

So what are you waiting for? Place your bet on this round dog collar and watch how easily it prevents matting!


  • Brand: Coastal Pet 
  • Color: Tan
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • Circle T Oak leather collar 
  • Adjustable sizing to fit necks: 8-inch to 9.5-inch
  • Leather core 
  • Vegetable-tanned leather 
  • Robust silver-metal D-ring & buckle
  • Made of warm, fine-textured, soft leather
  • Makes it easier to manage your dog
  • Best collar for long-haired dogs
  • Decorated with natural markings
  • Adjustable
  • It frays easily
  • Unreliable customer service

Final Words:

Never gamble with the comfort and well-being of your delicate dog. We consider this dog collar to be the best choice if you have a sensitive dog. 

2. BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Non Matting Dog Collar

If you live under the delusion that a rolled collar comes in limited color options - thing again! Your dog can enjoy the fantastic luxury of a rolled collar in a variety of mesmerizing colors. 

For a dog parent who prefers relaxing tones, this rolled collar from BRONZEDOG comes in burgundy, light and dark brown, mustard yellow, and dark blue. 

They are manufactured from crazy horse leather, which isnt a material that you extract from horses but simply the leather that has been wax coated. This coating enhances durability, gives the surface an antique appeal, and softens the leather.

However, this does not make the collar waterproof. So if you live in a wet state, you may want to look at another product. 

Rolled leather collars are strong and perfect for dogs with a lot of furs. Image how amazing and adorable your pup will look in the BRONZEDOG rolled leather dog collar? 

Above all, the most notable aspect of this dog collar is the full-grain soft leather. The material is resilient and comfortable enough to handle various elements of wear and tear. Hence, it gives you dual benefits of long life and effortless functionality. 

Both the buckle and the ring are made of steel. Steel is a widespread material that offers durability and never loses its flair. Besides that, it is resilient to cleavage, corrosion, and rust. Therefore, you can expect these two add-ons on the collar to offer years of dependability.

Another reliable facet of the BRONZEDOG round dog collar is its tangle-free shape. Its circular shape makes it tangle-free. This feature not only deters the likelihood of strangling your dog but also keeps the fur intact and safe from possible damages. 

What more can you ask for if all you care about is your dog and their health?


  • Brand: BRONZEDOG
  • Color: Cognac brown 
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather 


  • Rolled leather dog collar ready to fit the neck sizes: 16 to 18-inches 
  • Made from genuine crazy horse leather 
  • Heavy-duty golden metal D-ring and buckle 
  • Wax coated leather
  • Beautiful aesthetics in bright colors
  • Lightweight collar
  • Adjustable to fit all dog necks
  • Handmade with particular attention to details
  • Available in a stylish and trendy appearance
  • It is dry clean only

Final Words:

Enhance your dogs management and care by leveraging the incredible benefits and power of this dog collar. It is long-lasting, has sheer strength, and offers durability. Additionally, it is one of the best handmade rolled leather dog collars.

3. Coastal Pet Circle T Oak-Tanned Rolled Leather Collar – Black

The Coastal Pet round dog collar is made from soft, full-grain, top-notch leather that has been vegetable-tanned for superior durability. It is a bit stiffer than the other options - both styles are suitable; it is up to you to decide between a rigid or a softly rolled leather collar. 

It is one of the best-rolled leather dog collars made in the USA due to its soft and it-will-never-bother-your-dog construction. 

Poodles, Goldendoodles, and other dog breeds with long, curly hair will benefit from the tiny amount of stiffness incorporated into this dog collar. It is available in black, and the manufacturer lists every size independently, so if one size doesnt fit your dog, check around for another dimension.

When discussing its look, this collar is slim; this means your dog will barely feel something is on his neck! In addition to the collars feels, it does not catch any doggy smells, which is excellent if your nose is sensitive and you cannot figure out how to eliminate the stingy odor.

This circular neckband is expertly stitched together and features a leather core to maintain its shape. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for long-haired dogs, plus it stops matting to a reasonable extent. 

In terms of adjustability and size, this collar is adjustable to fit 13.5 to 16-inch dog necks, and it measures 18-inch in length and ¾-inch in width. This dog collar is guaranteed to offer maximum usability for years.


  • Brand: Coastal Pet
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • Circle T Oak tanned round collar
  • Sturdy silver metal D-ring & buckle 
  • Made from top-tier, full-grain soft leather 
  • Vegetable-tanned leather 
  • Ideal for long-haired dogs with delicate skin
  • Adjustable fitting: 13.5 to 16-inches
  • Suitable for all dog necks and statures
  • A heavy-duty silver metal D-ring and buckle
  • Vegetable-tanned to make it appear more polished
  • Brings benefits of durability, beauty, and comfort simultaneously
  • Difficult to maintain and clean

Final Words:

This one is an excellent choice for distinctive dogs because it is a healthy and secure option. It may be a little challenging to maintain, but it has its perks, including robust construction quality and incomparable comfort.

4. Coohom 2 Pack Genuine Leather Soft Dog Collar – Best Collars to Prevent Matting

Theres no space left to think about anything when it comes to Coohom. 

Coohom is a professional pet accessory maker. Their primary focus is on producing innovative and helpful pet products that make our everyday dog life easier.

The designers at Coohom strive to create pet accessories that meet the highest durability, safety, and comfort standards.

This premium leather collar from Coohom is an example of its quality! It is made with comfortable genuine leather with a soft, plush waterproof fabric padded.

This design will protect your dogs neck even when he tries to pull hard. Also, the waterproof fabric will prevent mold from ruining the collar.

A quick explanation of this collar would be: stitched to perfection and padded with a waterproof fabric, contains heavy-duty hardware, and it is law enforcement and military-grade constructed.

The design of this collar makes it viable for medium to large-sized dogs. Besides that, the package includes two dog collars in two pretty colors. 

Furthermore, these collars are constructed using traditional methods. The quality hardware and durable natural materials are reliable for training, outdoor activities, and walking.


  • Brand: Coohom
  • Color: Blue+brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • Military-grade construction 
  • Ultra-soft waterproof fabric 
  • Premium genuine leather 
  • Two-pack collars in two unique colors
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Does not irritate at all
  • Military-grade construction
  • Built to last
  • Adjustable for many dog necks
  • Heavy collar

Final Words:

The Coohom leather collar is a well-padded collar made from soft leather. Even if you have a dog that loves to chew, the collar will never show any signs of wear and tear. Besides that, the sizes fit great. 

5. WAUDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Anti Matting Dog Collar

The WAUDOG rolled leather collar is an exceptional product to prevent matting. It is available in nine bright and attractive color schemes and features a stainless steel alloy or nickel-plated brass buckles.

Each collar from WAUDOG is constructed with superior quality and genuine leather, offering durability and plenty of other advantages. The most intriguing feature of this dog collar is that it has a nylon cord inside to improve the collars structure. 

In terms of looks and design, this rolled leather collar offers a contemporary appeal, suitable for sophisticated and well-behaved dogs. Other than that, this collar is waterproof and will not lose its quality due to exposure to harmful elements. 

When it comes to the collars size, it is approximately 1cm wide for medium and small sizes and 1.5cm wide for more giant breeds. These collars are available in six impressive sizes, from extra-large to small (6-inches to 21-inches).

Furthermore, we recommend this collar for long-haired breeds because it does not irritate the fur or get tangled in it.

You can clean this collar with a saddlery leather agent, like a bar of saddle soap. To maintain the hardware and buckle, prefer to polish them with a metal cleaner. As a preemptive measure, it is best to oil the leather immediately after purchase.


  • Brand: WAUDOG 
  • Color: dark blue 
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • Available in bright colors; 10 unique variations for large, small, and medium dogs
  • Resistant for all climate conditions 
  • Durable and robust with a nylon cord
  • Perfect for long-haired dogs
  • Available in two different colors
  • Comes in six unique sizes
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel alloy and brass buckles
  • Durable - becomes supple and softer with use
  • It does not tangle or mat fur
  • Made from soft leather
  • The sizes are too much, so you have to be vigilant about your pick

Final Words:

The WAUDOG round leather collar is a charming, proactive, and bright pick for any dog and dog owner. It is made from soft leather that does not tangle with the fur.

6. Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Best Collar to Prevent Matting

If the ordinary and traditional dog collars do not satisfy your aesthetics, try Perris rolled leather collar for a change! Its a genuine rolled leather collar made to offer the best form of functionality and appearance. 

Perris rolled leather dog collar is both classic and durable. This rolled leather collar is a blessing in disguise because it is handcrafted; therefore, the quality can be trusted. Amish artisans have created this dog collar in America using top-quality leather and sturdy hardware in addition to the crafting. 

Each stitch, finishing touch, and cut is completed by hand by a tiny group of Amish leather craftsmen. 

Perris rolled leather collars are excellent for dogs with long and excessive fur. The round shape is safe and suitable for thick coats because it prevents matting and tangling. Moreover, rolled leather collars can also accent a canine with exceptional features by being both stylish and sleek. 

One cool and attractive feature of this dog collar is that it incorporates a Havana color, which looks just as impressive as it sounds. And, to top it off, the golden metal D-ring and buckle match well with the collars overall appearance and shade. 

The material of the collar is soft and does not irritate the dog. As it is an excellent choice to prevent matting, it also looks stunning on large dogs with both light and dark fur. If were going to make a breed, it mainly looks smashing on German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. 

All in all, Perris rolled leather dog collar is the ultimate choice, as it is both affordable and lasts for a very long time. 


  • Brand: Perris
  • Color: Havana 
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • Lambskin padding for ultimate comfort 
  • Classic appearance 
  • Top-quality
  • An excellent choice for large and furry dogs
  • Best quality
  • Elegant design
  • It stops matting to almost 90%
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • A heavy collar

Final Words:

With a myriad of colors available, this round leather collar is sure to satisfy anyones aesthetic requirements. It is constructed with top-tier Amish leather in the USA. 

7. Poohoo Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Dog Collar That wont Stain Fur

Boohoo may seem like a not-so-popular name in the industry of dog collars because it is a one-of-a-kind product with top-notch features and noteworthy construction quality.

Before you purchase any dog collar, be it leather, nylon, or plastic, it is recommended that you choose an accurate size for your pet to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. Remember to leave a two-finger gap, in-between the collar and your dogs neck, which will provide adjustment.

No doubt, this is not an average dog collar. Of course, it is round and made of leather, like all the other collars on our list; but it is unique because it is two-toned. The interior is blue, whereas the exterior is brown. The leather is durable, thick, and stitched to perfection. The inner fabric (which is also leather) is breathable and ultra-soft on the skin. Besides that, it keeps the neck dry and prevents matting.

These collars are handmade with traditional techniques, ensuring hard work and quality production. The indestructible hardware and natural materials offer superior benefits for everyday use, including outdoor activities, sports, training, and walking.

The naturally tanned leather is trustable, meaning there arent any harsh dyes or chemicals. Each belt is designed and stitched, keeping your canines style and comfort in mind. 

And finally, another impressive service of this dog collar is its warranty - one year. Moreover, the product will keep your dog matt-free for years.


  • Brand: Poohoo
  • Color: Brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • Durable, thick outer genuine leather 
  • Handcrafted using traditional methods 
  • Made with full-grain naturally tanned leather 
  • Heavy-duty golden metal D-ring & buckle
  • Sturdy collar
  • Reliable to prevent matting
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Not so durable

Final Words:

Poohoos rolled leather collar is a trusted choice to prevent matting because it features heavy-duty hardware, boasts a genuine construction, a dog tag ring, and is available in four colors. 

8. Dogs My Love Genuine Leather Rolled Dog Collar

Directly from the brands name, you can judge this product is dedicated to remarkable quality and lots of dog-related benefits.

Yes, it is fantastic. The genuine rolled leather collar from Dogs My Love is a sturdy and comfortable option for every breed. It is manufactured using soft and genuine leather. 

A good thing about this dog collar is that it can be used for puppies as well. Not every rolled leather collar is suitable to use on puppies, but this one is an exception. Besides that, it can work great on long-haired dogs who suffer from skin issues. It prevents matted fur, and it is ideal for everyday training and use.

In terms of adjustability, this leather collar for long-haired pups has five holes and fits 10.5-inch to 14-inch neck sizes. Other than that, it is trimmed and beautified with thick waxed thread. 

The hardware used on this collar is challenging as well. The nickel-plated D-ring and pin buckle offer substantial and incredible benefits for when your dog tries to pull. 

Wed like to conclude this description by giving special attention to the circular shape of the collar. It is ideal for long-haired dogs because it is designed with their skin conditions in mind.

Many dogs have matting problems and using cheap products, or medication will never ease the issue unless you take the necessary precautions. Therefore, buying a well-crafted and particularly-made-to-prevent-matting collar will be of big help.


  • Brand: Dogs My Love
  • Color: Brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • D-ring with a tag
  • Real leather
  • Stylish design
  • Genuine leather
  • Robust hardware
  • The material can be easily chewed and destroyed

Final Words:

Made from superior-quality leather, this rolled leather dog collar is incredibly stylish, comfortable, and robust. However, it is available in one size. Therefore, we recommend you measure your dogs neck before ordering.

9. Dogs My Love Round Leather Choke Dog Collar – Black

We preferred Dogs My Loves round leather choke dog collar to be our second last pick due to its intrinsic stitching and exceptional design.

Above all, the leathers surface used in the making of this collar is comfortable and soft. Also, it is strong, so no amount of pulling or resisting will ruin its looks. 

The choke-like appearance of the collar fits even better than a rolled collar. It is made of high-quality leather, rounded with precise measurements, and professionally stitched together with thick waxed thread. 

Lets shed more light on the design; it is box-stitched for more durability, and there is a leather stop for adjustment. Also, the nickel-plated rings look aesthetically pleasing with the overall color of the collar.

When you have a large and fluffy dog, the matting is bound to happen, and a long-term solution is needed to get rid of the problem for good. That being said, this round, choke-like leather collar is a stunning fit. It is suitable for long-haired dogs, and, above all, it prevents matting. 

Many pet owners have used this collar and have given positive feedback regarding its usage and functionality. It isnt ordinary at all; it is everything you want it to be!


  • Brand: Dogs My love
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • Box-stitched for better durability 
  • Comfortable choke collar
  • It prevents matting 
  • Nickel-plated side rings
  • Excellent quality
  • Superior hardware
  • Genuine leather
  • The configuration of the collar is confusing

Final Words:

Another option from Dogs My Love; the choke leather collar. It is a stylish and comfortable option for any dog with matting problems. It does not get tangled with the fur, and it keeps the neck dry and matt-free.

10. Sleepy Pup Full-Grain Thick Leather Dog Collar

The Sleepy Pup full-grain thick leather collar is a rugged-looking, handcrafted product made from the finest US-sourced natural leather that gives a simple look to the collar. 

Although the collars design is mediocre and has a worn-out vibe, that doesnt influence the products functionality. The look is completed with a nice stainless steel buckle, which is your source of adjustment. 

This ¾-inch wide full-grain thick leather collar is ideal for owners who demand a smaller collar without sacrificing durability and style. It begins with a ¾-inc width, full-grain superior leather, then durable cap rivets, a stainless steel roller buckle, and a single-piece die-cast D-ring to finish it off.

We consider this collar to be a good choice for dogs up to 30 lbs, and there is a 1.5-inch wide and 1-inch wide version available for larger breeds. The collars are vegetable-tanned and factory-dyed for long-lasting color. 

The full-grain leather is excellent looking and better than every other collar when it comes to the material. These collars are also available in a recyclable Sleep Pup box with no additional material or clamshell plastic to throw out or cut through. 

The hardware of this collar is also commendable. The D-ring, stainless steel buckle, and rivets are corrosion-resistant and offer long-term benefits. 

You should know about Sleepy Pup because they provide premium products that work and look great on dogs. Every item from Sleepy Pup is manufactured using US-sourced materials, and the packaging is worth it. 

You can measure the collar from where the surface meets the buckle to the last holes. It is also suggested to choose cleverly when it comes to sizes because most brands do not offer return policies if something goes wrong.


  • Brand: Sleepy Pup
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Material: Leather


  • No-nonsense packaging
  • Stainless steel buckle, rivets, and D-ring are corrosion-resistant
  • Full-grain leather, premium quality
  • Best fit for small dogs
  • Offers everlasting benefits
  • Trusted hardware
  • Reliable, genuine leather
  • Not very aesthetically appealing

Final Words:

This is a rugged, handmade leather collar with a minimalistic design that makes it look stylish and attractive. Although the collar looks worn-out and unappealing from the looks, it is designed to look that way. 

Buying Guide – Best Dog Collar to Prevent Matting

It is absurd to believe that your dog does not need a collar. That is a false assumption; every dog requires a collar. With a variety of choices, one may get rattled. 

But, theres a process of buying the best collar for your matting dog. There are certain factors to consider to make sure that you purchase the perfect product for your pup.


With the primary purpose in mind, consider the types of collar fabrics and how they hold up to your pets lifestyle and coat. 

For instance, if your beloved dog is a water hound, preferring a quick-drying or waterproof nylon collar would be the best option. Sure, leather collars are popular among pet owners, but they do not offer the quality you and your pet deserve. 

If you want a fancy or elaborative necklace collar, keep in mind that it is not intended for leash attachment; it is only for looks.

  • Metal - mostly preferred in professional training collars.
  • Nylon - the perfect option for everyday use.
  • Leather - a reliable choice if you are not looking for waterproof abilities. 
  • Nylong with embellishment/rubber - okay for regular use, but the color might fade if worn more than usual.
  • PVC - suitable for many hyperactive dogs that love the water. It resists odor and stains. 

Jewels, pearls, or gems - these look fashionable but are not acceptable to use with leashes.


The reason why you need collar matters as well. Right now, it would be best if you had a collar that will eliminate matting - thats a purpose. 

Therefore, it is essential to consider the purpose behind the urge to purchase a collar. There could be many possibilities. You could use a collar for hunting, everyday usage, safety, training, or for show. Every collar is created with unique embellishments and benefits. Each purpose will require a different collar, as it is not always about appearance.

Best Dog Collar To Prevent Matting


Finding the right size is necessary when picking a dog collar that will prevent matting. A tiny collar will irritate and hurt your dog, and if the collar is too large, it will cause fitting problems. There is a safety concern in every aspect. 

To discover the best fit, prefer to measure your dogs neck and add an extra 1-inch. After that, make sure that the measurements are under an adjustable range. 

If your dog is still growing, understand you may need to purchase different collars until he/she is entirely an adult. The collar must fit snugly, but it should not be too tight. The neckband must be loose enough to let you slide two fingers between your dogs neck and the collar comfortably.


The closure type is something most pet owners do not consider when buying a collar for their dogs. 

  • Buckle - secure but difficult to get on/off in an emergency
  • Quick-snap metal or plastic - effortless to get off/on in a hurry. Although plastic is lighter than metal, it is not so durable.
  • Slip-on, no clasp - excellent for getting off in emergency or entanglement situations, but not safe without a leash.

Additional Tips

Some of the other vital aspects to consider when buying a collar for your dog are making sure it has an option to add ID tags. Even a microchipped pet should have labels. With these, your dog will never be lost. Even if he does go stray, your neighbors can spot him and deliver him back to you.

The second important tip is always to have a backup collar. You could lose your current collar, or anything similar to this could happen. Therefore, always be prepared and have a backup collar to use in emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pick the right size?

Before buying any collar, be it leather, nylon, plastic, or any other fabric/material used to eliminate matting, it is essential to ensure the correct size.
The most popular way to discover a rightly sized collar for your pup is to take a few measurements of their neck. Prefer to measure the circumference of the neck and add two inches extra. Make sure that you can place two fingers between the collar and the neck.
Other than that, consider the closure type as well. When you have accurate neck measurements, be sure to add a few inches more so that the buckle does not bother. You could use a tape or a rule to measure the size of the collar.

2. How can I clean the collar?

If you want your preferred collar to last for a lifetime, you need to take care of it. Every collar comes with different instructions on how to maintain it.
As a first step, you need to consider the collars appearance to determine which materials are used in its construction. Some collars have a glossy and shiny finish, while others are dull because they are not treated with pigmentation. 
When cleaning the collar, use mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe the dirt or dried mud off. In terms of leather, it is recommended to clean it using a circular motion and then place it to dry.
Some collars are prone to wear and tear. When maintaining this type of dog collar, you must need a saddle and safe soap so the collar colors will not fade. Clean the collar using a slightly damp and soft cloth. It is suggested to air-dry the collar rather than placing it under the sun. Once the collar dries, apply some preservatives or oil that is mainly made for that material.

3. What is the best dog collar to prevent matting?

According to our reviews, the best dog collar that prevents matting is the rolled oak leather collar from Coastal Pet. It is made with a soft and safe material that will keep your dog from matting.

4. Are rolled dog collars a good option?

Leather collars can be found in both rolled and flat designs to best suit your dog. Rolled leather collars are best recommended for dogs with thick hair that mats easily around the collar. 

5. How are rolled leather collars made?

While dog collars are beneficial, they can be expensive. Sometimes, pet owners prefer to make their collars. All you need for this procedure is a belt buckle, collar template, rivets, water-based dyes, a leather strip, and a D-ring. 
Once youve gathered the materials, follow these instructions:
Use a leather strap to cut the leather and add ten according to your dogs neck size.
Bevel the corners of the hide to make it look polished and neat. 
To give a nice finish, apply edge dye on the corners of the collar.
Use cream and milk oil to condition the leather collar - that will extend its lifespan.
Make 4-5 holes on one end with a hole puncher. 
Add the rivets and buckle and decorate the collar with your embellishments.


A dog is a mans best friend, and wed hate to watch our dogs struggle with skin problems. 

Its only a matter of time before your ignorance of dogs turns into love. Therefore, you never want to witness your dog in any pain. You do many things for them, such as taking them to the pet store, walking them, playing with them, and much more. With all that, it wouldnt hurt to go the extra mile for your pup and get them something that will prevent matting. 

Gratefully, your options are plenty! You do not have to search highs and lows to find the perfect collar to prevent matting - look above; weve already presented a list for you!

Do your furry canine a favor and stop this skin condition for good by picking any one of our best collars to prevent matting!

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