Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner

Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner – Ultimate Guide for New Dog Lovers

For more than 10,000 years, man is living with dogs. Be them your pet or guards; they are one of the most loyal and sincere animals around. And picturing a world without dogs is impossible.

There are times when even with the security cameras and guards around, you don’t feel sully safe. You are locking the gates and doors, double-checking the locks, and whatnot.

In such scenarios, the best way can be befriending a dog. Continue to read this article and find what can be the best guard dog for first-time owners.

Best Guard Dog For First Time Owner

best guard dogs

Key Things to know before buying a Good guard dog

The first and foremost thing, before we get to the dog breeds, is to realize that all dogs are unique and behave differently. Some are good at their aggression while some sit around quietly, waiting for the right moment to attack the target. Hence, this realization that every dog is different is very important to make.

Another key thing to note is that as you’re doing it for the first time, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes. There’s no way out of it. Hence, consider the opportunities that will groom you as a dog owner.

Check for these things before buying a dog.

Before buying a dog, you need to be extra careful and research a lot, especially if you are a newbie. The following points will help you conclude better.

  • Physical Strength

All dog breeds are built differently. Therefore, they all have different levels of physical strength. To make sure that your dog stays healthy, fit, and active for longer periods, his required activity levels must be met. Considering its energy level, look for a breed that you can domesticate without compromising on either its health or your strength.

  • Prefer Social Dogs

Not sure about the other dogs, but a Great guard dog needs to be socially smart and adapt. Apart from his family, he’s bound to see different faces every day. Not all of them can be dangerous, and the dog needs to know that. It needs to be intelligent enough to decide for himself who’s a threat and who’s just another person.

If you need the best guard dog breeds for families with children, look for friendly dog species that are neither over-protective nor angry.

  • Check for your Needs

Now, with the training part off your shoulder, decide what kind of a dog do you need. Depending on your need, any dog can become a guard dog.

Is it a barking dog that will shout at anything other than his family or a big-sized one that can scare off the people invading your territory? Families should go for a social breed that is observant and calm, socially aware, and smart.

  • Getting Them Trained

Dogs are social animals, and the only way to get them disciplined is through proper training. I can’t emphasize enough the importance and the necessity of this training. An untrained dog is as dangerous to you as a trained guard is to strangers.

The first step to disciplining a dog is disciplining yourself. Make sure the dog is familiar with your family. Let him feel safe in your household, but at the same time, scold him for his wrongdoings. Obedience and the basic day-to-day routine come first. After this, you can advance him to other duties. 

As we have gotten our hands on the first stage information, let’s dive deeper and have a look at the famous dog breeds.

Popular Dog Breeds

With other things done, you have finally reached the stage where you get to choose your dog from the other best guard dogs in the world.

When looking for guard dogs, looks are hardly a priority. See if the species you’re getting your hands on is smart enough to observe what is going on. To see who the danger is and how smartly he acts on it.

TOP-5 Dog Breeds to Look for

1. Rottweiler

Best shock collar for Rottweiler

This dog breed is one of the best in guarding. Looking for threats or signs of danger is their hobby. With being super agile and alert, Rottweilers are one of the friendliest dog species.

Another thing that makes them the best dogs for first-time owners is the combined effect of their power and patience. Due to their flexibility and fast-learning behaviors, training this guy would be a piece of cake.

2. German Shepherd


Looking for activeness in a large body? Well, you’ve got a German Shepherd here right for this purpose. Famous for their confidence and strength, these dogs are full of pride. In an instant, they can switch from the friendliest to the most over-protective mode if they sense anything wrong around you.

They are full of life and require a certain degree of training to tame them. Trained right and they are the perfect investment by the first owner.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog 

The Bernese Mountains are large dog breeds for first-time owners. Known to be calm and social, they are super caring and protective towards their family.

Handling these dogs is very tricky, as they are full of power and energy in them. Also, because of their size, they can be dangerous, so don’t try to train them yourself. A trainer is most likely to help you out with this one. Other than that, he’s a very intelligent guy.

4. Leonberger

Talking about social dogs. Leonberger will top my list. With its playful and interactive nature, it’s extremely fun to have this guy around. Leave him alone for quite some time, and he’ll get upset with you. 

They are really big and give the perfect scare to strangers. Due to their size, it’s advised to start training them in their early years.

5. The Bullmastiff

Known for its strong fighting skills, the Bullmastiff is the last addition to this list. This species is agile and will do everything in its capacity to keep its family away from any danger. It can easily take a man to the ground in an instant. For others, its fiery look is enough to scare them off.

Before you expect this one to save you, make sure that it knows who his family is and has lived long enough with them. Only then will he be interested in helping you out, or else even you can turn out to be an intruder to him.


Dogs are a loyal and great addition to the family. Though guarding and securing our places is its instinct, it is important not to forget that they can make mistakes as well. After all, they are all living creatures.

With this said, I will conclude this article on the best guard dog for the first-time owner.

Till then, Happy Dog-Keeping!

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