Best Harness For Great Dane

10 Best Harness For Great Dane [ Reviews ]

We all love pets, but there are some breeds that get love like no one else, and if you can relate to this, you are the true pet owner. There are Pomeranians which are cute little dogs, and on the other hand, there are people who like bigger dog likes boxers. In all this discussion, we often tend to forget about this huge dog breed, the Great Dane, and how big it can grow.

These dogs are pretty huge, with lazy personalities, but once you get to know them, they are pretty friendly. There is one thing that people tend to forget or skip upon is that they can be strong, very strong. If we say that these dogs are gentle beasts, it won’t be wrong, and if you want to make sure that they are all trained, training will be essential.

But these dogs really know their strength and power, which prompts them to pull really hard, and, in some cases, they tend to drag their walker around the street. With such pulling, the training sessions can be impacted, but there is one thing that can control them, yes, we are talking about the dog harness, and you can invest in the best dog harness to stop pulling.

While you are in the search for finding the harness for this gentle beast, it’s essential to acknowledge that they are pretty lean and tall, which means it can be pretty hard to find the right harness for them. So, this article might become your haven as we have added multiple best dog harnesses for your Great Dane to help you make an informed decision, along with a buying guide!

Best Harness For Great Dane

Best Harness For Great Dane

1. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness – Great Dane Harness

When you are talking about pets, it is essential to have them all wrapped in security and safety. 

This becomes even more essential if you intend to take your dog outside; having them wrapped in a harness is essential.

 Many people think that harnesses are similar to collars, but when it comes to Great Danes, they tend to be lean, and collars aren’t a suitable choice for them. 

So, it is better to have a harness that controls them adequately. The additional details and features of this harness are important to understand, and if you want to know them, we are elaborating them in the section below;


  • The harness attaches near the chest of the dog which provides control over the dog during a walk
  • There are multiple size options available to meet the needs of dogs of different size and weight
  • The harness will make sure that there is no pulling on the leash from your dog, making the stroll easy and stress=free
  • There are quick-snap buckles on the shoulders to keep everything fastened closely
  • There are belly straps to ensure there is the easy take-off and put on of the harness
  • The belly strap comes in a different color to help pet owners understand which straps go where
  • The harness has been designed with martingale loop around the chest to ensure there is no twisting of the harness
  • There are four adjustment points around the harness to make sure it fits perfectly and offers high comfort factor
  • A harness is a perfect option for training the walk nicely on the leash
  • The chest straps of the harness will rest on the dog’s chest and promise zero gagging’s or choking
  • The harness is made from nylon, promising durability and strength
  • The harness can hold dogs weighing over 95 pounds
  • Suitable for training
  • Nylon construction
  • Suitable for dogs weighing over 95 pounds
  • Highly comfortable and durable
  • Different strap colors
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • The harness tends to be heavy for some dogs

Final Words:

There might be hundreds of harnesses available in the market, but this is the top-notch brand offering high performance and durability at the same time. So, if you have been looking for the perfect harness, we think this will be an apt choice, but make sure your dog is strong enough for a bit of extra weight.

2. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles

While you kick-start the quest to find your Great Dane a harness, you will come across multiple brands and no matter what you point at, the shop person is going to call that the best. 

However, having background knowledge is essential to ensure an informed decision, and if you have been looking for a brand that promises everything your dog needs, Kurgo will be the top fit. 

They have designed a huge variety of harnesses over time, but with this harness, they have made it smart to match your lean and tall doggy. So, let’s see what this harness has in the house for your dog!


  • The harness has been designed with steel nesting buckles because it promises enhanced strength
  • The harness has been crash-tested to ensure your dog can ride with you in the car without bumping himself here and there
  • The buckle system is all made of steel to ensure safety and strength and can be used for rock climbing sessions as well
  • There are five adjustment points in the harness which means it can be adjusted around the dogs of different sizes and weight
  • There is a chest pad integrated into the harness through which stress will be elevated from the sternum and trachea
  • The harness will disperse the kinetic energy around the chest of the dog
  • There are straps as well to ensure comfortable put on and take off
  • The harness is safe to use for Great Dane weighing up to 75lbs
  • The harness comes with 10-inches dog set belt loop to comply with the seat belt system of the car
  • Highly safe
  • Crash-tested
  • Five adjustment points
  • Chest pad
  • Comfortable fit
  • Complies with car seat belt system
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • The pads tend to thin up after some time

Final Words:

If you have been on the lookout for a perfect harness that not only controls your dog but teaches them discipline as well, this harness will make an opt option with sturdy material and high-end stitching.

3. Chai’s Choice 3M – Best Harness for Great Danes

While we were looking out to manage a complete list of dog harnesses, we wanted to offer reputable brands because they offer quality and performance in their products.

 So, with our quest, we were able to come across this brand named Chai, which has become the ultimate option for people who want to invest in the branded harness for their Great Dane. 

So, this is one of their masterpieces that offers comfort, in integration with style and fashion. The additional features of the harness have been described below;


  • The harness has been designed to eliminate pressure from the neck of the dog
  • There are mesh paddings in the harness to offer to cushion and lightweight feel on the belly and chest
  • There are 3M reflective piping is woven into the harness to make sure you can spot your dog during the night and low-light conditions
  • The harness is made from durable nylon to offer high strength and durability
  • The harness is available in nine different color option
  • There are adjustable straps to ensure it fits the dog of different sizes and weights
  • There is a chest-mounted O-ring with the harness through which you can attach the leash
  • The buckle system has been added to the harness to ensure you can buckle up the dog with car’s seatbelt system
  • There is a top handle to offer support and control over the dog
  • There are paddings on the chest and belly area to ensure there is no pressure on the dog’s body
  • Top handle
  • O-ring for leash attachment
  • Buckle system
  • Reflective material for high visibility during night
  • Nylon construction
  • Durable and strengthened
  • Can be hard on the pocket

Final Words:

If you are looking for something that promises high performance while offering top-notch quality, this branded harness will become your ultimate option with a brand tag. However, the price might be higher on the bank account, so make sure you have a bit extra bucks to invest!

4. Copatchy No-Pull Harness – best no pull dog harness

Whenever someone adopts a pet, they want to ensure that they stay comfortable, and with all the love and care, some dogs tend to become naughty and difficult to control. 

When this happens with the Great Danes, you are in trouble because they are tall and can be pretty powerful to handle if they get out of control. 

So, for all such people who need to control their misbehaving Great Danes, this brand harness will become the savior because it has been integrated with all the features essential to ensure the highest standards of performance. 

If you are interested in knowing the features, we have added them in the section below, have a look!


  • The harness has been designed with adjustable features to ensure it fits the dogs of different sizes and weights
  • The harness is designed with reflective material to offer visibility in the low-light and dark conditions
  • The misbehaving dogs tend to pull on the leash, and if you want to control their pulling, this harness will help you out
  • When the dog pulls away vigorously, the harness will distribute the impact and weight to ensure there is no harm to the dog
  • There is a pull-back handle through which pet owners can gain control over the dog
  • There are clips on the neck and chest area which makes the harness easy to take off and put on
  • The breathable mesh material has been used in the construction to ensure your dog remains cool
  • The harness has been constructed from sponge-filled fabric which ensures even distribution of weight
  • The harness is suitable for walking, running, training, and hiking all the same
  • There is a top handle to offer control over the dog
  • Adjustability features
  • Controls the pulling
  • Disperses and distributes weight and pressure optimally
  • Chest and neck clips for easy wearing and taking off
  • Breathable mesh material construction
  • Sponge-filled fabric
  • Suitable for hiking, training, running, and walking
  • Top handle for adequate control
  • The top handle is a bit weak, so take care of it

Final Words:

We have tested this harness with a range of dogs, and we found that it’s an apt choice for Great Danes who have started misbehaving and need some training. All in all, this is a pretty good option, and you won’t regret opting for this if you consider the top handle before investing in it!

5. Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness – Best dog harness for big dogs

Having a dog might be the best thing in this world, and if you are trying to ensure their safety and optimal training, 

it is better to acknowledge that using the right accessories is essential because that’s literally the baseline of optimal behavior. 

The accessory brands are cultivating and increasing with each passing day, but to ensure high performance and durability, it is better to use reputable brands, and one such brand is Kurgo. 

This Kurgo harness has become our favorite ever since we have tested it, and if you want to know why have a look at the features!


  • This is the best dog harness for hiking, and in some cases, it has become the best dog harness for running as well
  • The harness has been designed and constructed from breathable material because Great Danes tend to be active while running, so it keeps them cool
  • There is a deep V-neck design integrated into the harness for easy wearing and taking off
  • The harness has been designed with a padded chest plate to ensure there is no stress on the neck
  • There is a back handle on the harness to ensure you have control over the dog
  • There are four adjustment points to help pet owners customize the measurements according to the dog’s size and weight
  • In addition to four adjustment points, there are for quick-release buttons as well
  • There is a reflective trim on the harness which ensures that your dog can be located in low-light and dark environment
  • There are back and front leash attachments available in this harness to offer higher control
  • Deep v-neck for easy wearing
  • For quick-release buttons and adjustment points
  • Size can be customized
  • Reflective material trim
  • Back and front leash attachment
  • Breathable material construction
  • The reflective trim tends to tear off

Final Words:

If you have been looking for a branded option that meets the diverse size and weight needs of the dog, this harness will become the ultimate option. However, you need to take extra care of the trims because they tend to tear off with vigorous pulling.

6. HDP Big Dog – Best No Pull Dog Harness

In the world of dogs, there are multiple breeds. Some of the breeds have such small dogs that they don’t need any harness as they can be literally carried in the arms, but when it comes to the Great Danes, they are pretty huge and tall, and wrapping them in the harness is essential to keep control over them. 

This is when people start looking for the harnesses, and this brand has been named as the top one. So, this harness is the perfect option out there and if you want to know about it, we have added the features in the section below;


  • This harness has been designed with no choking options to ensure there is no harm to the dog with hard pulling
  • The harness is integrated with wide chest configuration which disperses weight around the chest and shoulder to ensure the elimination of pressure on the dog
  • The harness has been designed with extra padding to ensure the highest standards of comfort
  • There is a D-ring on the harness which provides the freedom to attach the leash and control the dog’s movement in the most seamless manner
  • There is a built-in handle through which pet owners can keep an eye on the dog
  • The harness has been designed with a blend of polyester and nylon because nylon offers strength while polyester offers breathability
  • Wide chest configuration for even weight distribution
  • D-ring
  • Built-in handle
  • Blend of polyester and nylon material
  • Easy movement
  • Control over dogs
  • None that we could find

Final Words:

If you have been looking for a harness that’s a perfect option for your huge dog, this is the perfect option as it has been designed with all the features that are needed and required by pet owners. The best thing is that there are literally no cons in this harness!

7. Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness – Best Dog Harness for Large Dogs

Many people opt for pet dogs because they want something that can help them with loneliness while some of the pets opt for the Great Danes because they are all lean and tall, which helps them go for adventures and hikes. 

However, these dogs can be really powerful, and oftentimes; they can get out of control. Such potential cases call for the tactical dog harness, and if you have been looking for one, this Julius dog harness will become your best companion no matter where you have to take your dog. We also have added information for the harness’s features, so have a look!


  • This harness is a suitable choice for people who are more on the service and rescuing services
  • The harness has been designed and constructed from eco-tex inner liner which isn’t only comfortable but offers breathability as well
  • The harness is skin-friendly to ensure there is no irritation or itching for the fog
  • The harness has been constructed from German-made material which speaks volume about the sturdiness and durability
  • The harness has been designed with freeze-proof buckles, making them suitable for cold area
  • The buckles are heavy-duty and are integrated with anti-break features
  • There is a durable stainless-steel D-ring with which you can add the ID tag and leash
  • The harness has been incorporated with reflective straps around the chest, promising visibility in a low-light and dark environment
  • The features of this harness make it suitable to ensure seamless movement
  • There are hand-fixing features in the harness which empowers the dog owners to check on the steel ring and handle
  • Breathable liner
  • Skin-friendly
  • German-made material is an integration of polyester and nylon
  • Stainless-steel D-ring
  • Reflective straps
  • The reflective lining isn’t suitable or glowing enough

Final Words:

If you have been looking for something that offers high strength without compromising on quality, this harness will become the top choice with its wide range of functional features. However, it might not be the best choice for nighttime strolls, so be careful with that!

8. OneTigris – Best Tactical Training Molle Vest Dog Harness

With the increasing number of people adopting dogs, the demand for dog accessories has increased over the years, and people have been looking for training material, which makes their dogs obedient because they tend to become spoiled with all the love and care. 

With this huge demand, the number of brands offering training collars and harnesses is increasing, and if you have been looking for some new brand, this new brand is all you need to enhance the performance of your dog while ensuring the highest standards of performance. So, have a look at the features!


  • The harness has been designed to be the epitome of safety and comfort
  • The harness has been constructed from heavy-duty nylon shells to ensure high strength
  • There are soft yet breathable mesh material and interior padding to ensure comfort
  • There are V-ring leash loops at the back and front to offer diverse options for leash attachment
  • The harness has been designed with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment webbing to offer strength and durability
  • The harness has been integrated with a padded neck strap to ensure a snug fit
  • There are dual chest and belly straps, offering a secure and comfortable fit for the dog
  • There is a fastener-style panel through which pet owners can fasten multiple things such as a leash and ID tag
  • There are morale badges and morale patches to offer customizable features to the pet owners
  • Dual chest and belly straps
  • Customizable and comfortable fit
  • Padded neck strap
  • V-ring leash loops
  • Well-integrated webbing
  • Nylon shells
  • Breathable mesh material construction
  • Webbing tends to tear apart with excessive pulling

Final Words:

There are many people who are always on the lookout for the top-notch harness, and they want zero compromises on quality and performance. So, for all such people, this harness will become the top choice because it’s literally the epitome of comfort and style.

9. OneTigris Tactical – Great Dane Tactical Harness

There are hundreds of brands in the market offering dog accessories, but when you are thinking about investing in the harness for your Great Dane, you need to be considerate of your choice to ensure there is no compromise on the quality because this harness will be wrapped around your dog and they might get rashes.

 So, this brand might be new in the market, but they have managed to sharpen their image in the dog world, and credits go to their top-notch products. So, if you are interested, let’s have a look at the features integrated into this dog harness!


  • The harness has been designed to be the integration of versatility and durability
  • The harness has been designed with a nylon shell to offer sturdy exterior
  • As far as the interior is concerned, it has been designed with soft internal paddings with water-resistance and lightweight features
  • The harness has been equipped with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment to ensure there is no compromise on the sturdiness
  • There are chest and shoulder straps, promising comfortable and secure fit
  • There are style panels on three sides to help people fasten up the patches, badges, and leashes
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Soft internal padding
  • Secure fit
  • Chest and shoulder strap
  • Three styling panels
  • The padding tends to thin down

Final Words:

If you have been looking for a harness that offers integrated design and zero compromises on quality, this harness will become the ultimate choice. So, all you need to do is get some money out of the bank and buy this harness because believe us; you are never going to regret it!

10. Doggie Stylz Therapy Dog In Training Dog Harness

There are many people who want to train their dogs, but when you are talking about the dogs that are huge like Great Danes, it is difficult to train them because they can be very powerful.

 So, in such cases, you need to have a harness over them because it gives freedom of control to the pet owners. In all this notion, there have been multiple brands popping up, but if you want to ensure no issues after a few uses, this branded training dog harness is a perfect choice. 

We have used and tested this harness, which means you can trust this option without any second thought!


  • The harness is designed with stylish features which makes sure that your huge and lovely dog looks all updated in the street
  • There are removable patches to offer customization
  • There are reflective chest straps to make the dog visible in low-light and dark condition
  • The harness is an outcome of double-stitched nylon material to ensure years of utilization
  • There are neoprene paddings in the internal side to ensure there are no abrasions for the dog and there are zero skin irritation issues
  • The harness has been integrated with a stainless-steel D-ring, so you can add the leashes without worrying about tearing
  • There is a built-in top handle that provides control over the dog
  • There are easy release buckles to ensure easy take-off and putting on
  • There are adjustable side straps to offer customization according to the different sizes and weights of the dog
  • Reflective chest straps
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Double-stitched nylon material
  • Stainless-steel D-ring
  • None that we could find

Final Words:

There are people who want zero compromises on anything, and they need to have an increased number of pros while going minimal on the cons. So, for all such people, this harness will become the right option because it is feature-rich and has no apparent downsides.

Buying Guide

Best Harness For Great Dane

With this article, you must have gotten the idea that there are multiple harnesses available in the market, but you have got to choose the one, right? Making such decisions can be tricky, and with multiple options available, being confused is pretty obvious. So, if you are trying to buy the dog harness for your Great Dane, there are multiple factors to consider, and once you consider them, you will be able to make an informed decision. All the factors that are essential to consider have been elaborated on in the section below!

Choking Or Pulling

The Great Danes are pretty huge and can be very strong in some cases as they grow from pups into grown dogs. When choosing the harness, it is better to opt for one that has no choke and no pull features because the dogs can get excited. If they pull too much, the factors like irritation and comfort can wrap up the dg. So, such a harness will ensure there is nothing hindering the performance of the dog.


Many people might consider this a mandatory feature, but it’s not. However, it is better to look up for an adjustable harness irrespective of the breed. This is because people are always looking for the closest fit of harness around their dog, and using the adjustable harness can be pretty in all such instances. Also, make sure the harness provides comfortable and snug fitting without being too tight. This is because a tight harness can cause pain. In contrast, a loose harness will make it easy for the dogs to pull it off, and you will lose control over the dog in a jiffy!


The majority of harnesses are designed and constructed with reflective material, and these harnesses are a good choice if you are looking for night strolls with your dog. These harnesses or the reflective material will bounce off the light from the material, and it will be reverted back to ensure drivers can look up at you, and it will create a shine. This will alert the drivers about your presence, and even more, you will be able to spot your dog if you lose him/her.

Control Handle

Whenever you take your dog out for a stroll or a walk, there ought to be some crowd, or you will need to keep control over the dog. This is why the harness must be equipped with a dog handler. It is better to look for a padded control handle because it tends to be comfortable. So, we are sure that you don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable option!

Easy Wearing

Let’s get this straight because there is no dog in the whole wide world who is going to stand in front of you while you attach the complicated harness with his body. So, no matter which harness you are opting for, it should be easy to put on and take off. There are high chances that there will be straps and buckles, and they can be closed down according to the size of the dog. With the buckle and strap system, the harness will become easy to take off and put on. So, all you will need to is put on the buckles, and your dog will be wrapped up in a few seconds.


Your Great Dane might be a pup right now, but he is going to grow up, and this breed tends to have wider chest sizes once they grow up. So, while you are out to buy the harness, make sure there are multiple adjustment points available around the girth and chest. These adjustability features will make sure you don’t need to invest in multiple harnesses while the Great Dane grows up.


There are multiple types of materials used in the designing and construction of the harnesses, and all of them are pretty heavy-duty. These materials tend to have higher strength values to offer support for huge dogs such as Great Danes. The materials of the harnesses include braided cords, polyester nylon, and leather. In some cases, the German military-grade material is also used because they make an easy option for leash connection rings and attaching the metal buckles.


It is needless to say that Great Danes are huge, and with such heavyweight, they are at higher risk of arthritis and hip dysplasia. So, make sure that you are choosing the harness that has been designed to offer support to the dog at the back and body because it plays a positive role in mobility and providing support.

Types of Harnesses For Great Danes

As we have already mentioned that there are multiple ideas available in the market regarding harnesses, and with such a notion, it’s needless to say that there are different types of harnesses available. There are different types of harnesses to ensure the dogs are easily controlled because if not, Great Danes have energy that can drag you around the streets. So, it is essential to gain an understanding of different types of harnesses, such as;

  • Front Clip Dog Harness – These are the no-pull harnesses, and they are equipped with D-ring rather than adding the leash connection. The pulling will be discouraged with this type of harness and also, it reduces the chances of injuries and strains on the body of the dog
  • Standard Harness – These dog harnesses have the mellow demeanor and are perfect for walks and strolls. These harnesses are pretty low in price factor with the inculcation of multiple designs, colors, and adjustment points to meet the diverse needs of the dogs and their owners
  • Utility Harness – These are the most versatile harnesses out there because it can be used for hiking, climbing, and hunting dogs. Even more, they can be attached to a seatbelt system of the car. So, it is better in utility harnesses if the dog is in services like the police force or investigation units


You go to the clothes shop and buy the top that suits your size and body, right? While you are using the harness for your dog, it is equally important to measure the size of your dog and harness to make sure it fits perfectly. While you are checking the size around the neck and chest, don’t forget the thorax because if that part is loose, the dog will escape, and if it’s too tight, dogs might even have difficulty breathing. So, measure the size correctly!

Summer & Winter

We are sure that you must have never thought from this perspective, but there are specialized harnesses to go for winters and summer. But before we start with the summer and winter materials, make sure the straps are always made of nylon because it plays an integral role in keeping up the strength factor. So, now let’s see which material will sit perfectly according to the weather!

During the summer season, it is better to opt for a mesh harness because it increases breathability, and the dog will remain cool. In addition to the mesh material, you can also opt for nylon webbing as it helps with the heat. In contrast, you need to consider the padded harness during the winter season. The padded harnesses offer cushioning and insulation while ensuring the highest standards of comfort.


There are various designs and sizes available in the harnesses to offer versatility according to the dog’s shape and size. In this section, we are talking about different designs that are commonly available for Great Danes. So, have a look!

  • Y-Harness – These harnesses are usually designed with nylon straps and will fasten up the fogs around the front legs and chest. However, there are leather straps in some harnesses to offer higher control over the dogs, and this design is also appropriate for summer strolls and walks
  • Training harness – These are the no-pull harnesses, and when it comes down to the accessories, the pet owners can choose what suits them. In major cases, they have a ring for attaching the leash to the chest. In addition, there are ring at the top of the harness’s back and usually use nylon straps
  • Safety harness – These are the three-point harnesses and comes with a waist strap to ensure the harnes’ back doesn’t twist and move around. These harnesses are commonly used for hunting dogs and offer a secure fit
  • Vest harness – These are the padded harnesses and offer higher comfort scales, and these are usually designed and constructed from light mesh materials. Also, these harnesses will offer higher levels of comfort and control

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you are trying to buy a new harness, there are multiple aspects to consider, but even then, there are multiple doubts and questions popping in your mind.

 So, if you are dealing with similar questions and doubts, this section will become your savior because we are answering all the frequently asked questions. So, have a look!

Are no-pull harnesses helpful in discouraging pulling in the dogs?

Yes, the harnesses are designed with a prime aim to discourage pulling and train the dogs for better walking and strolling experience. These harnesses tend to provide higher control over the dog and its behavior.

Can harnesses be worn all the time by Great Danes?

If your dog is at home, it is better to take off the harness because it gives the skin the time to breathe. This is better to promise when you are using the padded harness.

Are no-pull harnesses painful for Great Danes?

This isn’t true at all because as long as you pick the right size, there shall be no painful experience. This is because a tight harness can suffocate the dog and, in some cases, it can cause rashes and skin irritation as well.

What does if Great Dane keeps on escaping the harness?

If you are dealing with the escaping issue, there are high chances that you have chosen the wrong size.
 So, make sure to invest in a right-sized harness and also, try to get your hands on the harness that comes with a belly strap as it offers a better fit and higher control.


 It’s needless to say that your Great Dane will need to be taken out for walks and strolls a lot. Even more, he/she will require training because they need to stretch and have some fun. 

So, to help you gain control over the Great Dane at all times and train them, this article will help you make the right choice with the right set of harnesses. Also, don’t forget to consider the factors that we have added to the buying guide because they will eventually help in making the right decision!

All dogs need their own space, so why not get them a personal crate? So, read through the guide carefully to find the perfect dog crate for your German Shepherd. We hope that you find the best crate that you came here looking for!

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