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10 Best Harness for Large Dogs that Pull

Are you a pet lover? If so, surely you have a dog pet as well! Dog breed brings different verities for you, some are small, and some are large. With the big dogs, you need the best harness for large dogs that pull them forcefully to you. It will allow you to handle your dog easily with less power. 

A harness assures you a peaceful walk with great security and comfort in the evening with your pet. Taking your dog on an everyday walk is the biggest responsibility of the pet owner.

Even if you have a lavish backyard or a spacious front garden, you still have to take them for outdoor activity on a daily basis. It will help them to interact and socialize with the community. Every dog owner will prefer the harness for dogs, which has lesser stress in his/her arms. 

If you want to save your energy, bring the best harness for large dogs to reduce your frustration and to have a peaceful walk with your pet. We have collected the best products in the market, which will not burden your pocket as well as proves to be the best option for you.

Large dog harness

Embark Adventure Dog Harness ( Top of the line )

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is one of the most high-end harnesses in the market. The thing that makes this harness different from the others is that it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of outdoor activities. Whether you need it for running, swimming, hiking, or just regular everyday walks, you can do it all with this harness at your disposal.

The harness is made using ripstop nylon, which is strong enough to tackle the force exerted by 130 lbs dog. It is military-grade and makes it impossible for your dog to break it and get loose on the hiking tracks.

 Not only that, but the D-ring in the front also comes with reinforced strength to provide a secure leash attachment point. You will also find a D-ring at the back, but it is best to use it for ID tags as it is not as secure as the front one.

The good thing is that instead of just focusing either on the back of the chest, the harness comes with extra padding both in the back and chest area. This protects your dog from the stress and pressure exerted by pulling and tugging. Every time the dog pulls away, you can use the front leash to redirect the attention towards the path within seconds.

Other than that, the harness also comes with reflective trimming. It provides you with visibility in the dark so you can keep an eye on your dog and know about his whereabouts at all times. The colors and the design are highly comfortable and stylish, so it would definitely add a touch of fashion to your pup.

  • Safe and Comfortable to use
  • Available in different in colors
  • For all sized dogs
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • No stress, no choke
  • Soft cushioning
  • Breathable air mesh
  • No as such

Final verdict:

Rabbitgoo is an all-in-one dog harness that is perfect for training your dogs gently and easily. The head collar is safe in use with the padded neck all around to spread the pressure over the whole body. The pressure across the bridge and nose pulls the dog with ease, and your pet feels comfortable in this getup.

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness – Best no-pull dog harness 2022

For dogs of all ages, all types, and all sizes, bring Rabbitgoo Dog Harness home. It comes in all sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. It comes in different colors so that you can choose according to your dog’s skin shade.

The recommended breeds for this product are large dogs, including Anatolian Shepherd, Alaska, German shepherd, and Labrador to the small dog breeds. The total width size can be extended up to 19.3 inches from neck girth, 20.3 inches chest girth to nearly 40 inches.

So that you can adjust it to dogs with all body shapes. Whether your dog is skinny and fat, you can use this harness for a better grip.

Moreover, the harness is really easy to use and super easy to operate. Within seconds, your dog is ready to go with you on the evening walk. Simply slide the harness over the dog’s head and buckle it up with two fast-release straps.

To add control over the grip, grab the top of the handle. It is light in weight and easy to clean in a bucket full of soapy water. This product is non-pulling and non-choking, thus reducing stress on the dog’s neck.

Additionally, it is safe to use and comfortable. It is fully adjustable with 4 straps, two for the neck and 2 for chest fitness. It will also leave some space for your dog’s growth and breathing.

  • No-pull training
  • Easy on and off
  • Front and back leash attachment
  • No as such

Final verdict:

If you are looking for the perfect dog harness for your route door activities, then the Embark Adventure Dog Harness is the best option out of all. The harness is engineered with utmost precision and offers versatility, flexibility, and ease. It focuses on both your and your dog’s needs, which makes it one of the best hiking harnesses to invest in. So get yours and enjoy the outdoors with your paw-friend.

2. Eagloo Dog Harness – No Pull Dog Harness

One of the best harnesses for large dogs that pull them without any stress and pain. This dog harness is suggested for medium and large-sized dogs. Get the optimal size for your dog in the range of 17 to 34 inches available.

You can choose between different colors according to the dog’s skin shade. Before getting the product, make sure that you have measured your dog’s chest girth as it is the widest body part. This comes with two rings made of zinc alloy that grip your dog from the chest and back.

It aids the better control of the owner over his pet without any choking. The nylon webbing is safer for dog skin and comfortable to use.

The reflective material on nylon webbing allows you better visibility of the grip in night visions. In addition, the breathable mesh of the harness with the soft cushioning adds comfort to your dog’s skin.

It is also favorable for its growth and protection. The best dog harness is highly adjustable and easy to wear. It adds ease to pulling the dog, and you do not have to insert force to pull your dog towards you anymore.

It is simply perfect for a daily walk, running, training, and outdoor fun. The oxford fabric of the harness is durable and sturdy. With the elastic band, there is free room available for a dog’s breathing.

  • Durable and long-lasting fabric
  • Padded plate
  • Extra cushioning
  • Easily adjustable
  • Thickened straps
  • No choking back clips
  • Better control
  • Not suitable for small dogs or puppies

Final verdict:

Eagle harness comes in the optimal size for all dogs to adjust with their body and chest girth. The design has better control all over the body and keeps your dog safer and comfortable. Moreover, the fabric material keeps the skin of the dog fresh and sweat-free in summer to avoid any allergies. The dog can even sleep with the harness without any problem.

3. Kurgo Dog Harness – Best Harness for Large Dogs that pull

Available in different colors and different sizes, Kurgo is no pull dog harness. This is a harness for everyday use with a comfortable feel and lightweight. It contains five adjustable points for better grip and fitting.

The release buckles are easy to operate; you can take on and take off it easily. This is suitable for jogging and walking on a regular basis. The no-pull training clip of the harness has a front D-ring that turns around when they try to pull.

It is available in black, blue, grey, and pink colors for both males and female dogs.

Its adjustable size makes it suitable for a dog of all sizes. It also includes the dog seatbelt, which is 10 inches tether. You can use it while you are driving the car to prevent your dog from any distractions.

It will fix your dog in space during driving. The premium quality of the harness is long-lasting, and it is easy to clean up. This product is committed to quality, and you can put forward your complaints to the company’s customer service if you find any manufacturer’s defect.

  • Slim fit
  • Suitable for all sized dogs
  • Supreme quality
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to take off and take on
  • Better grip
  • Comfortable
  • Includes the seatbelt as well
  • No, pull training clip
  • Five easy adjustment points
  • No proper cushioning

Final verdict:

Great harness for dogs of all ages and sizes! The no-pull training clip is useful to train your dog under expert supervision. The package also includes a dog seatbelt for comfortable car traveling. The Kurgo product is committed to quality, and It lasts long in most cases.

4. WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull – Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar

Another easy walk harness for stubborn dogs! It is available for dogs of all sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large.  It has an adjustable neck girth having 21-33 inches range, and the chest girth is adjustable over 24-50 inches.

The total weight of the harness is 90 to 145 lbs. It is suitable for nearly all dog breeds including Alaska, German Shepherd, Large bulldog, and Newfoundland. Before buying the harness, make sure that you have measured the chest width of your dog.

There is a dog color included in the package. The neck and the chest girth are adjustable, and you can customize them according to the dog’s neck.

There is a side lock to fasten the dog for a durable grip. The slide adjusters on the chest and neck, let you grab your dog more tightly. The double stitching of the harness makes it long-lasting and reliable.

The 2 metal rings on the front and back prevent the pulling and give your pet a relaxed walk. It also has an extensional part that allows more space if the dog is running. The dog harness is free from choking and stretch.

Its design is simple in use, and you buckle up your dog within seconds for the evening walk. The sponge padding in the fabric provides comfort and protection.

  • High-density fabric
  • Easy to use
  • 2 D-rings on front and back
  • Tight grip
  • Choke free
  • Reflective straps
  • Sturdy handles
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Lockable collar
  • Available in different patterns
  • Customizable
  • No as Such

Final verdict:

A Winter dog harness with sturdy metal rings is the best choice for dog owners. It has a customizable neck design to adjust the fitness of the girth. The quick snap buckle and safe lock allow you to put the harness easily. The high-density oxford fabric prevents it from wear and tear.

5. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness – Best Dog Harness

We have another product on the list from Rabbitgoo. This harness comes into attracting colors, tan and black for large dogs. This product is not available for puppies or small-sized dogs, you can buy it for medium and large dogs.

The neck girth ranges within 25 to 34.6 inches and the chest girth is 31.5 to 41.3 inches. The back length is 11.4 inches. It looks like a professional military vest specially designed for military and police dogs. 

All the outdoor companion dogs will look awesome in this harness. It is made from heavy-duty 1050D Nylon fabric with extra durability and double stitching.

The MOLLE system on both sides of the harness allows your dog to carry water bottles and tactical gears in the pouches. The multiple hook and loop panels allow morale patches and badges to add on personality to your dog.

The harness is easy to use with 4 quick-release buckles. It has 5 fully adjustable straps, 2 on the chest, 2 on the shoulders, and 1 on the belly for a tightening grip. The strap’s movability allows the dog proper running and other physical activities. 

The well-padded and cushioned fabric protects your dog’s skin from any wear and tear. The reflective dog harness is best to use in night operations.

  • Military standard material
  • 1050D Nylon fabric
  • Large Dogs MOLLE Vest
  • Side pouches
  • Maximum control
  • Fully secure
  • Protective against dog skin
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Two metal leash points
  • Not for small dogs and puppies

Final verdict:

It is specially designed for large dogs, having military material with metal buckles! The harness is long-lasting with the finest made material and best for walking, hiking, and hunting. You can easily control the navigation of your dog using this product. It is designed to be used as a personal device, and the side pouches are useful for gear storage.

6. BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness – No Pull Dog Harness

With a number of unmatchable features, we have another best dog harness for extra-large dogs having a chest girth around 32 to 42 inches. The size of the girth varies from size to size and dog breed. For small dogs, it is 13 to inches; for medium dogs, it is 22 to 27 inches, and for large ones, it is 22 to 35 inches.

Hence, this product can be adjusted to dogs of every size, and even you can train your puppies using the small-sized harness. The adjustable strap of the harness allows you to make it slim fit according to the dog’s body width. 

You can take it on and off easily with the pull button in the strap. It also ensures locking security so that the harness remains intact and in place.

The well-made hemming with the fast drying and breathable fabric makes it affectless on your dog’s skin. In warm weather, it dries super-fast so that your pet’s skin remains free from rashes and so on. A sturdy D-ring makes the grip more powerful so that there is no pull and no choking on your dog.

The premium nylon oxford fabric offers a long-lasting material for use. It is light in weight, so your dog will not feel burdened after warning it. Moreover, it is easy to wash and safe with reflective straps while walking at night.

  • 100% satisfaction warranty
  • No pull design
  • For all sized dogs
  • Super easy to wear
  • Highly adjustable
  • Locking security
  • Reflective design
  • Light to carry for dog
  • Premium Nylon Oxford Material
  • Sturdy Handy Handle
  • Breathable soft and padded lining
  • Easy snap
  • Cons
  • No As Such
  • No As Such

Final verdict:

A daily walk with your pet can enhance your bonding with your dog. However, it is difficult to control your dog by having any physical contact with it. You can make it easy with the right pulling dog collar, Babyltrl is the best option for you. Available in all sizes with a reflective strap for enhanced visibility.

7. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness – K9 Working Dog Vest

ICEFANG Dog Harness comes with two metal buckles on the top, right on the shoulder position as it is the most load-bearing part when you are pulling the dog. The metal buckles make your pull stress-free for the dogs and the buckle on the belly position makes the load divided equally to the body.

It is a specially designed harness with more than 10 colors so that you have more choice in selection. With no pull and safety control, you can grip your dog better than ever. It will allow you to pull your dog by putting in little effort so that your dog gets trained to walk beside you in every situation.

The handle of the harness is sewn tough so that it bears the force if you pull it loud in the crowd. It is available for all-sized dogs ranging from extra small size to extra-large dogs.

 It is a complete package for the whole dog family. Moreover, the Molle Sewn on both sides provides you with carrying space to gear up the storage of your dog to keep your hands free.

The pocket of the size varies according to the size of the harness that is 3 to 7.5 inches for each pouch. This is the best harness for puppy training due to its custom fit feature. It also allows you to carry the dog when you take it out of the car.

  • Gear Pockets
  • No force on shoulders
  • Fits well to the dog of all sizes
  • Escape proof
  • Safety control
  • Durable handle
  • Custom-fit
  • Covers the dog fully
  • Freely adjustable
  • No pull
  • Best to puppy training
  • Back leash clips
  • Better control
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • No As Such

Final verdict:

Redirect your dog with the most comfortable harness on the list. It fully covers your dog’s body for better control and the back leash clip for a proper grip. You will need little effort to pull your dog towards you and it will prove helpful in a daily walk. The padded fabric keeps its skin free from harshness and more.  

8. Noxgear LightHound – Reflective Harness for Dogs

Highly reflective and available in different colors, the best dog harness next on our list is Noxgear. You can choose between 8 super bright colors, red, yellow, blue, purple, green, pink, magenta, and cyan. There are also multicolor available with slow fading modes, which are eye-catching and perky.

The illumination modes of the harness are scientifically designed to make your dog more visible to the bike and car riders. It is visible from far away with the sparkling band on the top. The 360-degree reflection and fluorescence can be seen half miles away.

This is thus the best harness for the puppy as the bikers in the crowd often neglect it. Train your dog with stress and choke-free harness having a breathable design. It is made from durable military-grade Cordura fabric and a 3M reflective bias.

Are you going on an unplanned walk? Get your pet ready in a few seconds with the re-designed leash attachment of the harness. It is super easy to wear the dog with the clip-in lock, buckling the dog was not so easy before.

You can clean it up in your washing machine, as the fabric is tough and tight to face the machine’s cycles. It is highly adjustable and you do not have to compromise in the quality of fitness in this case. Forget the fear of rubbing and chafing, after using this harness.

It is free from any resistance and mostly favorable for dog breeds having a larger size. However, it comes in all sizes, from small to extra large before buying the harness measure your dog’s chest girth to pick up the best size for it.

  • Slow fading color modes
  • Highly reflective
  • Special illumination modes
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Bright fluorescence
  • 3M Scotchlite technology
  • Washable in machine
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Favorable for all seasons
  • Super adjustable
  • No wear and tear
  • Button for easy takeoff
  • Not for small dogs

Final verdict:

If you go for a night walk with your pet, you must go for a Noxgear Illuminated harness that is best for you. It has a breathable design with a quickly rechargeable battery that runs for 12 hours. The 3M reflective bias is built with durable military material. You can wash the harness in the machine without any worries of wear and tear.

9. RUFFWEAR – Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

Available in all sizes and different colors, we have another best harness for large dogs that pull your pets with ease towards you. It comes in extra-small to extra-large sizes. It is made for extended wear to make it adjustable and easy to wear. This is the best option for all-day outdoor adventures and hiking in the mountains.

 The buckles are designed for laid-back on and off. The extra padding and cushioning allow your dogs to feel relaxed in the harness. The two leash attachment points are there for reinforced webbing. It provides you additional control over the pet during crowded walk-in places.

Therefore, it proves to be ideal for the puppies’ training. The padding also distributes the load over the belly and the back equally for proper running, walking, and resting.

There are four convenient adjustable points so that you can customize the size according to your dog’s comfort zone. It comes in pink, grey, green, blue, magenta, and orange color. With the bright and reflective visible fabric, you can easily see your dogs at night.

There are side pockets to save the dog’s tags and access the ID instantly. You do not have to carry the tags in hand anymore. The harness is very light in weight; therefore, the dog feels calm in it. All the products from this company are trial-tested, rigorously in the field to avoid any defect in the made material and craftsmanship.

It is very easy to wear with the attachment point at the top with a hook to add the handle. Your dog will feel stress-free in this harness. Moreover, you can simply wash it manually or by hand to clean it up.

  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • 2 Leash attachment points
  • Best for an all-day adventure
  • Comes in different colors
  • Adds more control
  • Easy on and off
  • Four convenient adjustable points
  • Reflective trim
  • Padded for comfort
  • Equal load distribution
  • Reinforced webbing
  • Fabric quality not up to the mark

Final verdict:

The extended wear is light in weight made from durable material that lasts long. Its reinforced webbing material gives you additional control over the pet. It is padded fully so that your dog feels comfortable in it. There are four convenient adjustment points with easily accessible pockets for gear storage.

10. TIANYAO Dog Harness – No-Pull Dog Vest Set Reflective

Ending up our list with the best harness for large dogs that pull them with ease and comfort. It is available for large and extra-large dogs including the dog collar dog leash. The chest girth of the extra-large harness ranges from 35-43 inches, whereas, for large dogs, it is 25 to 35 inches.

The adjustable collar is helpful in tagging the dogs for competition. It has unique triangular straps that connect all the sides together. It also adds more resistance against wear and tear and strengthens it for pulling.

The soft sponge padding in the mesh over the chest and belly adds comfort for your dog. It is made from high-density nylon fabric that minimizes the pull and choking effect.

The two sturdy metal rings of the harness on top and back are useful to attach the leash lead. It allows it to distribute the pulling force all over and provides your dog with a relaxing walk.

Moreover, its reflective features add on more visibility in the dark so that you can see your pet from a distance. Additionally, the locking system of the harness makes it more secure and fastened. One of the unique features of this product is the universal seat belt clips, which keep your pet protected in the car from unbalancing.

You can easily take it off and on with the quick-release buckles on both sides. Customize it yourself to make it slim-fit for your pet. It is simply a great option to take your companion with you on running, hiking, and training.

  • Universal seatbelt clip
  • Resistant against wear and tear
  • Soft sponge padding
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable collar for tag hanging
  • High-density nylon fabric
  • Prevent choking
  • Easy to take on and take off
  • Reflective straps
  • Easy drying
  • Anti-tear triangular fitting
  • Quick-release carabineer
  • Not for small dogs

Final verdict:

The reflective straps maintain high visibility in the dark. With the front and back leash attachments, the pulling pressure is distributed all over the body. The made material is anti-choking against the big pulling pressure. Its triangular connected straps are resistant against wear and tear.

Best Harness for Large Dogs that pull

Buying Guide

Best Harness for Large Dogs that pull

Why should we buy a Dog Harness?

Using a harness can prove beneficial for the pet owner. In addition to the dog collar, a harness makes your control over the dog more powerful and easy. Some of the most prominent advantages are as follow:

  • You have better control of the dog during the daily walk
  • Using the harness can discourage the pulling force by redirecting it to you
  • The habit of backing out the color of the dog can prove lethal. Here, the harness can be literally life-saver
  • The breed having the flat-face faces problems in wearing the collars, which push pressures on the neck. The harness allows it to divide the pressure equally on the stomach and back; therefore, it feels comfortable in it.
  • Harness aids the mobility of the dog for dogs to sit and stand freely

The key factor to notice here is that some dog is exceptional cases, they can do better with dog collars. If your dog is too small to handle the harness, it is fine to use the collar instead. However, the harness can make the world different.

What to look for in a good Dog Harness?

Before spending your money on a product, make sure that you are picking the right one according to your needs. What makes the harness best? Is it suitable for your dog breed? Will it fit well to your dog’s neck and chest? All these are the basic superstitions that come into the mind of every buyer.

The harness can prove to be your best friend or the biggest enemy of your pet. So be choosy and kind to your dog. Make sure that you have maintained the quality of the product by following the below-mentioned key points.

  1. Fabric Material of the Harness

The most important and foremost thing to keep in mind is the fabric quality of the harness you are using for your dog. The best fabric for the dog’s skin is the Oxford fabric. You can also go for others depending on the skin type and fur thickness of your dog.

It also varies from breed to breed and age of the dog. Moreover, make sure that it is resistant to sweating and dries quickly so that your dog remains calm during summer walks and running. Additionally, it must can washable in the machine so that you can clean it easily.

  1. Fits best for your dog

The size of the harness is the biggest issue that a buyer faces while choosing the product. The main thing you must notice here is the neck and chest girth of your dog. The best harness for large dogs that pull them softly has variable wideness. It is not fixed.

You can tighten it or lose it according to the need. Nevertheless, before buying the product, measure your dog’s chest, stomach, and neck to make sure that the harness will fit properly to it. Then select the product in that range so that you can use it even when your dogs become healthy.

  1. Style of the Harness

There are a number of different styles available in the market for harness having the best quality. But the one that has the saddle on the back is usually preferred for dogs of all types. It remains intact and in the same position without twisting and bending. Your pet will feel comfortable in this type of harness in all positions, either walking, running, or idol.

  1. Easy to take off and take on

Look for the product that has the easy take on and take off feature. The pet harness having a single push button works well for a dog, which remains in hustle all the time. Simply press the button to take the harness off. It is a better option than hooking up, as the button is more reliable and durable.

  1. The reflectivity of the harness

What is the function of the reflectivity of the fabric? A harness with more reflectivity can work well in a dark time. You can identify your dogs from a large distance at night. A car rider can look that something is coming right in his way due to the reflectivity, so your dog remains safe from any incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I measure my dog for its new harness?

The basic problem that every buyer faces indeed! However, the manufacturers have introduced dog-sizing charts. In simple measurement, you need to measure the dog’s chest with an inches-tape, it can prove helpful.

2. Will it prove harmful to the dog’s skin?

No, not at all! The harness fabric is specially designed according to the dog’s skin. It will remain harmless for your dog in all cases. You can claim the manufacturers if the fabric of the harness irritates your dog’s skin.

3. Is a harness better than a collar?

The harness is all the way better than a collar. It allows your dog to move freely. The collar can irritate them in several situations. Moreover, the harness has a top handle to control your dogs comfortably.

4. How you can train a dog with a harness?

If you are using the harness to control your dog, you need to make sure that he/she is learning a new skill while you wrap him/her in the harness. However, to make sure the optimal training experience, it is better to give them small prizes and rewards.


We have discussed here the best harness for large dogs that pull them with ease. You can choose any of the products discussed above according to the size of your dog. The harness is the necessary factor to train your dog to walk with you in crowded areas. It will also prove helpful to pull your dog towards you if it is walking away from you in the park.

You can identify your dog from a distance with the reflectivity of the harness. So, in short, the harness is the best companion for you and your pet as well rather than using a dog collar. If you choose any of the above products, do share your reviews and experience with us in the comment selection below.

You can also add your opinion with us about the best dog harness. We will surely appreciate your suggestions. However, all these products are selected under the expert’s supervision of the pet owners.

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