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Top 10 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars [Updated]

Are you the owner of a long hair/ fur dog? When you own this type of dog, it is always challenging to find a collar for your canine friend. There are many collars in the market with different material designs and colors. The oldest material used for dog collars is leather in this article. We will talk about the best-rolled leather dog collars.

 The rolled leather dog collars are also called round leather collars. The long hairs of your dog can be stuck in the collars and cause hurting them a lot of pain. And the best solution to this problem is to buy a rolled leather collar for your dog.

When you search for leather-rolled collars online or in your area’s local store. There are many brands and verities with different specifications, and it has become difficult to choose the right one for your dog.

We did in-depth research on different kinds of rolled leather collars and talked with users of these collars and selected the ten best round leather collars and reviewed them; read this article till the end, and you will be able to decide on your furry friends’ new Collars.

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

1. Auburn Leathercrafters – Best collar for long haired dogs

Whether you call it a “rolled dog collar” or a “round dog collar,” this dog collar brings classic comfort for your pet. This fashionable rolled collar is available in Toy Breeds through Medium size Breeds.

These rolled dog leather collars have hand-polished edges for comfort and beauty. These collars are a favorite of Dachshund dog owners because of the smooth interior edges of rolled leather collars, but also any dog with long fur, say a Border Collie or Spaniel, or with a short, soft coat, a Greyhound or Rottweiler, for example, will also benefit from a Round Leather Collar.

There is a wide range of colors and sizes (from 10″ to 22″) of auburn rolled leather collars. You can choose a rolled leather dog collar according to the size and color of your dog.


  • Fits necks measuring: 10-22inches
  • American Leather
  • Hand made
  • Will not tangle and mat fur as flat collars can
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Quality Guaranteed
  • Rolled collars are a classic, never out-of-fashion style with incredible durability.
  • Weight .35 lbs
  • Round and pretty smooth
  • The high-quality buckle is easy to adjust
  • Doesn’t mat or tangle fur
  • Excellent stitching
  • Good for small to medium size dogs
  • Limited neck size
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2. Hamilton Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Best Leather collar

Hamilton rolled leather collar is handcrafted and made from the best vegetable-tanned hides. It is made from a strong and weather-resistant thread to keep up with your dog’s active lifestyle. Moreover, all of the hardware on the collar is made of lead.


  • When it comes to sizes, they range from 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1-inch in width.
  • The short one is 14 inches, and the longest is 26 inches.
  • Hamilton rolled leather collar has a classic American look
  • It is incredibly durable, and as long as we take good care of it, it can last us years.
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Great for active dogs
  • Classic American look
  • High-quality leather and hardware
  • Limited color selection
  • Doesn’t have any comfort backing

3. Genuine Leather Dog Collar

This rolled dog collar is made of high-quality genuine leather. Suppose you do not want to replace your rolled leather dog collar in a few months. Then genuine leather dog collar is the best choice for you.

The Genuine leather dog collar is made with thick waxed thread that holds the collar together and prevents shrinkage. I like that the hardware is designed with nickel-plated pin buckle and D-rings made for heavy use. This collar is incredibly sturdy and strong.

 If you are looking for the best-rolled leather collar for everyday use as well as training, this is the perfect option. The only drawback of this collar is, it comes in only one size. This, therefore, means that you need to carefully measure your dog’s neck before you make your order.


  • It made from top-notch, strong and aesthetically appealing leather
  • It has an overall length of 16 inches
  • This collar has a width of ½ inches
  • It comes with five adjustment holes
  • It is incredibly stylish and will look good on your best friend
  • Made of high-quality real leather
  • Stylish and very comfortable for dogs with long hair
  • Perfect for training and everyday use
  • Five adjustable holes
  • Heavy-duty D-ring with tag
  • Available in one size only
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4. Coastal Pet Circle T Oak-Tanned – Rolled leahter dog collars

If your dog has long hair or a dog with sensitive skin, then Coastal pet circle T Oak Tanned leather round dog collar will be the best choice. IT will not mat your dog’s hair. This top-quality leather collar is vegetable-tanned.

The outer leather is wrapped around a solid leather core to produce a state-of-the-art rounded design that retains its shape. It will last for years and will become softer and suppler over time.


  • Vegetable-tanned
  • Best for long hair and sensitive skin dogs
  • It will not mat dogs hairs
  • Strong and soft
  • measures 24-inch length by 1-inch width
  • Suitable for light skin dos
  • Comes off and on easily
  • This is thin, smooth, and strong
  • The color does not run when wet
  • Fit good on neck sizes from 10 to 20 inches
  • No separate hook for tags and leash
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5. WAUDOG – Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs

Waudog is a genuine rolled leather dog collar for puppies and small dogs. Because of high quality, it does not lose color in the sun and has no smell. 

These collars are soft but also strong and durable. And perfectly fine for your small friend.

This beautiful collar is perfect for daily walk training and relaxing. With some care, these collars will last for years.


  • 100% genuine leather.
  • It does not fade in the sun and has no smell
  • Its hardware does not rust
  • Will not break and retain its shape for a long time
  • This collars model is 6 2/3″ – 7 3/4 inches
  • It is 1/4 inches wide and the circumference of the neck
  • This collar is very nice and soft
  • Easy to clean
  • It is very comfortable
  • It has a great vibrant color
  • Some people having size issue with big size bread puppies
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6. BRONZEDOG – Leather dog collars

The BronzeDog makes the best dog products from high-quality materials. This rolled leather collar is made of leather, which is commonly called crazy horse leather. 

Excellent quality crazy horse leather with wax coating gives it a luxurious look and enhances its durability.

This collar comes with a golden buckle and D ring. This offers 5 different colors. It is recommended to avoid water. And only dry clean it.


  • heavy-duty golden metal buckle and D-ring.
  • Made with Crazy horse leather 
  • Neck Size 11″- 14″. Width is 1/3
  • Total length is 17”.
  • Weight is 30 grams.
  • Five colors: Burgundy, Mustard, Dark Blue, Light Brown, and Dark Brown.
  • It is suited for long-haired dog breeds.
  • The collar is true to size
  • It is well made
  • Smooth edges
  • Decent hardware
  • Excellent product for the price
  • This collar cannot and will not sustain ANY water.
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7. Mendota – Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The Mendota rolled leather collar is handcrafted from the most excellent bridle English leather. This is one of the best-rolled leather dog collars in the market. 

 These collars are famous for their beauty, durability, and comfort. It provides extra comfort for long-haired dogs.

It comes with a center buckle, D ring, and Center ring with high-quality brass hardware. It is made in the USA.


  • Leather rolled collar for aggressive dogs
  • It measures from the start of the buckle to the middle hole of the collar
  • It provides beauty, durability, comfort and minimal stretch
  • It gives a little extra comfort for long-haired dogs
  • Solid brass hardware: roller buckle, center ring, and D-ring
  • Handcrafted from the finest English bridle leather
  • English Bridle Leather
  • Not stained fur when wet
  • It can adjust between 20-24 inches
  • This is a well-made collar and a beautiful piece of leather
  • NOT bled color and the brass hasn’t rusted
  • Some people claim that it stains the fur of their dogs.
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8. Dogline Leather Collar – Rolled leather dog collar

Dogline rolled leather collars are made from soft premium European leather with matching color waxed thread. These collars are handmade.  These collars have a unique design and are available in different colors.

The leather is dyed, not painted, so the color of the collar will not fade nor come off. The measurements of the collars measure from the buckle to the first and last hole. It is requested to measure your dog’s neck before ordering the collar because some people are having size issues after purchasing.

These collars are very soft but also very durable. These collars will not stretch and will not break. The European technology features a nylon cord wrapped in leather. Pictures will not do enough justice for these collars. You have to feel it to appreciate it and see how they are.


  • Rivetless design, 7 sizes, and 12 available colors
  • Dyed Leather
  • Strong and Durable (nylon cord wrapped in leather)
  • Soft and Padded
  • Will not damage hair
  • It is soft yet very sturdy
  • No more matted or broken coat at the neck.
  • It doesn’t cause matting
  • It’s very sturdy because of the nylon cord
  • Soft leather.
  • Some people have size issues
  • Not suitable for aggressive walking dogs
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9. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Collars for long haired dogs

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If you are looking for the high-quality best-rolled leather collar for your dog or puppy, then CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar is perfect for your furry friend. This is a genuine leather handmade dog collar made with high-quality leather and hardware.

The leather is soft and durable. Because of its high quality, it does not tangle and damages your dog’s fur. It is not allergic and entirely safe for sensitive skin dogs. These collars are intended for tiny dog breeds to medium and large dogs.

These collars are available in different collar ranges, and you can choose according to your dog’s color. Before placing an order, check your dog’s neck size carefully with a soft measuring tape to choose the correct size.


  • The size of this rolled leather collar is designed to fit dogs with a neck circumference of 12′-14′.
  • The total length of this collar including the buckle is 17″, width is 1/2″
  • weight is about 27 grams.
  • It is made out of very soft genuine leather. 
  • The round shape prevents tangling and damaging the dog’s fur.
  • Handmade leather dog collars.
  • The Best Quality hardware is used to make these genuine leather collars for dogs.
  • has beautiful finishing touches
  • Suitable for sensitive skin dogs
  • Good for all size dogs
  • Made with real leather
  • Leather is very soft
  • Buy from the reputed sellers online or offline.
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10. Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog collar – Best collar for dogs with thick fur

The Perri’s Rolled Leather Dog Collar is rolled genuine leather collar for dogs. These are both durable and classic. The rolled collars are great for dogs with long, thick furs. 

Because of the round shape, these will aid in preventing tangled and matted fur around the dog’s neck.

These rolled leather dog collars are made top quality leather in the USA with brass hardware, and black come with chrome-plated buckles. These collars will not mate and tangle your dog’s neck.


  • Elegantly rolled genuine leather dog collars are both durable and classic.
  • Dog Rolled collars are great for dogs with long and thick coats
  • because of the rounded shape will aid in the prevention of tangled and matted fur around the dog’s neck
  • Have brass hardware, and Black comes with chrome.
  • Made in the USA
  • Very heavy leather
  • Solid construction
  • High-quality hardware
  • Suitable for long and thick hair dogs
  • Only come in brown and black color
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Best Collars For dog

Buying Guide

What Is a Rolled Leather Dog Collar?

Is your dog have long hair and thick fur? We know it is soft and feel great to touch, and you love to spend quality time with your furry friend. When it comes to choosing a collar for your dog, not all collars are made for them. They need a special type of collars, and they are called rolled leather dog collars.

Why is a rolled leather collar best for long hair and thick fur dogs? Because it has a round shape that stops your dog without damaging and matting your dog’s fur. Rolled leather collars are stylish and comfortable.

The rolled leather collars are made for all types of dog breeds, from small to large, but these collars are best for long hairs dogs. Because these collars do not mat or tangle the dog’s fur.

Types of Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Different brands make rolled leather collars for all types of dog breeds. There is not a big difference in all rolled leather collars, but still, we can divide them into two categories.

  • Rolled Leather Collar with Nameplate

This collar came with a nameplate that allows you to print your name, address, and phone number on it. This information helps you to find the dog in case of loss.

  • Personalized Rolled Leather Dog Collar

These are modern collars with all your dog information printed on them, like name, address, phone number, etc.

Benefits of Rolled Leather Dog Collars

The rolled leather dog collar has become a very functional accessory in the pet world. Here are some of the benefits of this specialty item:

  • Durability

If durability is your preference, then rolled leather collar is for you because of its strong and durable material. These are moisture handling collars and can last for years.

  • Great for Sensitive Skin

Because its natural material is best for sensitive skin dogs, it is round-shaped. That’s why it does not hurt dog skin and is very less irritating.

  • Perfect for Long-Haired Dogs

If your dog has long hair and a thick coat, then the rolled leather dog collar is a clear choice for you.

  • Different Colors

The best-rolled leather collars come with a long-range of collars. And you can also find leashes with the same collar.

Important Features to Consider

A leather collar for your dog should have a few important features. Here is what to consider when selecting a leather dog collar for your furry friend:

The following list covers some of the most important issues you should keep in mind and actively lookout for a while buying a rolled leather dog collar for your furry buddy.

This way, you’ll be able to rest assured that your money is being well spent on the real deal instead of a rip-off that’s not – and boy are there many of those nowadays!

Size range:

When it comes to the size of a dog collar, it is very important to select the right size dog collar for your furry friend. Getting the wrong size collar will create a problem for you and your dog in the future. To large collar can slip off, and too small can hurt the dog.

It is important to measure your dog’s neck before buying a rolled leather dog collar. You should also look at the size chart of manufactures because different manufacturers have different measurements.

Colors available:

The collar range in best-rolled leather dog collars is very vast. Some manufacturers offer more than a dozen colors in leather collars. It’s your choice what you like your dog. You can also find a matching leather dog leash for your dog.


A D-ring is a very important part of the rolled leather collar because, without a D-ring, your collar is nonfunctional. You can not attach a leash with a collar without D-ring if you want to attach a tag or something like that. You need at least two D-rings. So consider it while buying a rolled leather dog collar.

Engraved plate:

If you want your dog to be identified easily, you can buy a dog collar with an engraved plate. The best-rolled leather dog collars can be more expensive than those without them.


The dog collars get dirty easily. It is important to get a clean leather collar without ruining them. Some collars can be cleaned simply by using soap and water, and some of them need a proper leather cleaning agent. So, consider it before buying it.


A dog collar should be durable and prepared to stand up to everyday wear and tear. The collar must resist breaking, especially if you have a giant dog who likes to pull on the leash.


Looks and style matter a lot when it comes to leather dog collars. These collars look way better than nylon ones. For some pet owners, looks and style matter a lot.

Soft Texture:

When buying a rolled leather dog collar, make sure to purchase genuine leather. Genuine leather is has a soft texture and is a good indicator of the authenticity and overall quality of the product.


Comfort is important. The collars that are soft and padded offer more comfort. You love to have a collar that will not irritate and damage your furry friends’ fur.

Frequently asked questions

How to choose the right size of leather dog collars?

The size is essential. First, find the collar, then read their size chart and also read instructions about how they want you to measure the size of your dog’s neck. Use plastic tape to measure the accurate size of your dog neck.

How to clean dog Leather Collars?

Undoubtedly, a leather collar is the king of all types of dog collars. It is the oldest martial to make collars for dogs. If you take good care of your leather dog collar, it will last longer than all other dog collars. The rolled leather dog collars are difficult to beat in terms of quality and value of money.
Buying the rolled leather dog collars for your dog requires careful consideration, just like purchasing other products for your dog. Before purchasing a rolled leather dog collar, make sure the collar you are going to buy is appropriate for your dog neck size, comfort, durability, quality, and also about hardware of the collar.
We hope our review on rolled leather dog collars will help you to in your research of the best-rolled leather dog collars for your furry friend.

How do I prevent a dog collar from rubbing the hair off the front of a dog’s neck?

Easily, if you follow these simple steps. 
Step one: tie your dog with a regular leash, not a retractable leash. 
Step two: put the dog in between two people so that he can’t get away while someone reaches around and rubs his neck until the hair grows back to its natural position.


These were some of the best head halters for dogs. Please read them carefully and choose one which will fit your dog properly. Also, the design must look good on your dog’s head.

Thus, I put some thought into the design as well. Also, the head halter is a great option for the traditional collar. It is wise to replace it with something safer and more comfortable.

You can read the list carefully and then decide on a purchase. With our review, you will surely be able to get the head halter your dog feels comfortable in.

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