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8 Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dogs [UPDATED]

Unlike the typical nylon or cotton dog collars that you can easily find in a pet store, a full-fledge training collar, or more precisely known as a shock collar, is a collar that helps to discipline a dog if he is stubborn or naughty.

Consider it as a tiny cane used to discipline a child if he/she is misbehaving. With the best shock collar, you can train an unruly or aggressive dog.

These days, shock collars are worn just like regular collars. The primary difference is that a shock helps to stimulate positive behavior. Apart from that, shock collars usually feature a voice-activated speaker, allowing owners to scold their dogs from a distance. 

Nonetheless, shock collars are handy devices for dog training as well as correcting bad behavior. Of course, you can use various tools to reduce aggressive behavior, and many people find shock collars to be a viable option for that purpose. 

If you are looking for a featured-filled and highly effective dog shock collar for your aggressive canine, we have the right choices for you!

Below, we will shed light on some of the Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dog that is useful for warding off multiple bad-dog behaviors, including aggression, unnecessary barking, biting, and so on.

best shock collar for aggressive dog

List of Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dogs

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote – Shock Collar Training

This is a stunning selection of a dog shock collar that one can use for training all their dogs. It is equipped with an adjustable system, which makes it suitable for training all dogs. 

The Pet Resolve dog training collar with remote also has variable shock and vibration levels that you can adjust according to your and your dog’s requirement. Another exciting variation of this collar is that it comes with a wireless remote that works within a range of 1312 yards.

This working range is suitable for hunting dogs. This product is waterproof and makes it incredible for long-term usage, plus it can withstand all weather conditions, including stormy nights. 

Furthermore, it is lightweight and features an LCD panel, allowing you to use the device without any complications easily. It also allows you to train three dogs at once with up to 10 levels of momentary or continuous shock beep, or vibrations, for efficient, safe training, allowing owners to teach their dogs an array of commands. 

The Pet Resolve training collar with remote incorporates an ultra-long lasting battery with a two-year warranty when it comes to functionality. A high-capacity, rechargeable Li-ion battery power it. You can charge this battery in two hours and use it for days.

Now is your chance to forget about other training collars that use non-durable plastic that easily breaks when you drop it or are designed for small yards and spaces, as this e-collar offers the highest form of results. With its super-long training range, ¾-mile range (1312 yards), owners can train their dogs farther distances as well!


  • Brand: Pet Resolve 
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather 


  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Excellent for long-term use
  • Provides a longer runtime
  • The product may fail sooner

Final Words:

The Pet Resolve training collar with remote is a supremely-efficient piece of equipment that can remarkably train your dog. It offers sturdy construction with 100 stimulation levels and three training modes that allow you to train three dogs at once.

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2. Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar – Training Collar For Large Dogs

This model from Petrainer is exceptionally crafted with two waterproof receivers, which allow new dog owners to teach their dogs basic training from a remote area. 

It is efficient for controlling barking, aggressive jumping, obedience, bolting, and more. The double transmitter can control two dogs at once with the help of dual collar receivers.

This shock collar is designed to fit a medium, small, and large dog. It features a rechargeable lithium battery to charge both the collar and remote transmitter at the same time. 

The power-saving mode, memory function, and automatic standby have given this shock collar a new dimension. When it comes to construction, everything is worth looking at! This Petrainer collar appears to be a shiny and incredibly stylish option.

It offers 0-100 levels of stimulation with a standard beep mode to give signals that work for your dog. Also, RF434Mhz technology enables a range of up to 1000 feet, allowing you to train your pet in the backyard or park.

The light mode function of this collar helps to keep an eye on your dog in low-light conditions. Moreover, it is simple to use, and the bright LCD panel makes it easier to read everything that’s going on with your dog. 

We love everything about this shock collar. For us, it’s the best training collar for stubborn dogs because it incorporates enough training levels that can instantly straighten up your dog.


  • Brand: Petrainer 
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Buckle 
  • Material: Leather


  • Rainproof collar, remote transmitter, and receiver
  • Remote range: 1000 feet/330 yards
  • Light mode to see in low light 
  • Adjustable collar 
  • Power saving design with memory function and automatic standby
  • Rainproof remote transmitter and waterproof receiver
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Three training modes; vibration, beep, and static stimulation
  • Help reduce hunting, barking, jumping, and more
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Sometimes it stops working before even expiring

Final Words:

It is one of the most excellent waterproof dog shock collars for beginners! The Petrainer PET998DRB1 is made with all the versatile options like adjustable settings, stimulation, light, beep, and vibration. Above all, a waterproof construction.

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3. Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

Pet Union is an ultimate shock collar suitable for hunting dogs. It is trendy for refining a dog’s sitting, walking, and barking style. Besides that, it has a master’s degree in training aggressive dogs. 

It offers a customizable training experience for both expert and new pet trainers. There are four training modes, including vibration, shock, light, and beep, that come with this collar. Each level is customizable to 1-100 levels so that your pet can be responsive. Like other collars, this PET Union collar is also waterproof and offers a whopping 1200 feet remote range. 

Furthermore, this hunting shock collar covers a fantastic range of 400 yards, and it can even reach 500 yards (sometimes). 

The long-lasting lithium battery provides an auto power-protect system that saves the battery when not in use. Moreover, the used straps are adjustable and offer a snug fit. Also, there is an LCD with blue backlighting that improves visibility for both night and day.


  • Brand: Pet Union
  • Color: Green 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Material: Nylon


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof e-collar
  • Huge LCD remote with adjustable training modes
  • Four training modes
  • Durable, long battery life
  • A 1200 feet range
  • Waterproof design
  • Effective remote performance
  • Improper use may be painful for a dog

Final Words:

This is a remote-controlled training collar from Pet Union. It is convenient and safe to use. It contains plenty of useful features, such as four training modes; beep, vibration, light, and shock. The collar is perfect for stubborn pets or slow learners.

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4. Pawious Dog Training Collar with Remote

Envision creates an interaction as well as improves the partnership between your buddy and you. The Pawious dog training collar can help you make that happen! 

Flaunting both a rechargeable collar and a remote, the Pawious dog training collar with a remote is a superb option for specialist training or house training. The collar receiver is a compact physical account with nine unique modification levels to choose from, making this dog collar remotely an excellent fit for all dimensions and dog breeds.

The two separate networks will form a shock signal’s resonance to two dog collars to ensure that you can conduct group training without working separately. Each collar’s correction features are similar and can be tailored to each dog’s personality and individuality.

The collar band expands over 27 inches. Therefore, you have the opportunity to train your dogs in the best manner. You must know that the Pawious dog training collar for dogs was developed with keeping the safety of pets in mind, so customer satisfaction is its primary objective. 

We consider this dog collar to be the perfect training tool for any furry friend. It will pass the command to your pet timely and efficiently have your dog react to various commands’ vibrations and beeps.

This training collar can be recharged in one hour using a phone charger, USB, or any power bank or adapter. Additionally, it is waterproof, so your dog can swim with it.

You can use this remote training collar with an option of vibration, shock, or sound. You will notice the results instantly! Lastly, we recommend using this tone mode before the shock, as it is gentle yet strong enough to work flawlessly.


  • Brand: Pawious
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Material: TPU & nylon


  • Waterproof and rechargeable battery 
  • Effortless training with a big LCD controller
  • Three effective and safe training modes; vibration, shock, or sound
  • High-tech design 
  • Soft nylon and TPU collar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effortless to use
  • The receiver and remote are waterproof
  • Sturdy collar
  • Comes with long and short prongs
  • The wrist strap sometimes falls off

Final Words:

This is a great collar! Many users have tried it on themselves before using it on their dogs to ensure its safety. They weren’t disappointed at all! It does not give electric shocks, but a gentle electric buzz that is enough to calm your dog down. Indeed, this shock training collar offers a humane way of training.

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5. PATPET Dog Training Collar IPX7 Waterproof

If you need the best dog training collar but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, then we have a reliable product for you!

PATPET is already a successful and highly preferred brand when it comes to pet accessories. After the release of its shock collar, which is IPX7 waterproof, the market went crazy!

The PATPET dog training collar is an affordable option if you don’t need it for longer distances. Other than that, it is rated to be IPX7 waterproof, allowing you to use it almost anywhere you want!

Besides being incredibly affordable, it is super convenient as well. It comes with long-lasting battery life and packs plenty of performance. 

There are so many things to love about this shock collar. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery charges within 2 hours, and it lasts for more than six days. In contrast, the remote lasts for up to twelve days. 

The remote incorporates a crystal-clear and beautiful LCD panel that boasts a range of 3000 feet, which is perfect for park or backyard use. Moreover, the conductors are safe and much softer than competitive products, with longer and thicker contact points to create a healthy contact with the dog’s skin.

Instead of metallic conductors, which can easily cause pain to your pet or rust, these are constructed with conductive silicone. 

The design of this shock collar is the most intriguing. The touch uses distinctive patterns that use different buttons and techniques and a convex-concave structure around the button. This makes it simpler to transmit training commands to your pet without having to look at the source. 

Furthermore, the PATPET dog training collar packs three unique training modes. The shock mode can be adjusted from 1-6 with vibration, shock alerts, and beep.


  • Brand: PATPET 
  • Color: Black 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Material: Nylon


  • Range 1000ft
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable 
  • Effective training
  • Easy to use
  • Decent LCD panel
  • 3000 feet training range
  • Low-quality material

Final Words:

The PATPET dog shock training collar is one of the most useful devices ever made for teaching your aggressive dog some manners. It is waterproof, packs a significant 3000 feet range with an extraordinary battery life of six days.

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6. Flittor Dog Training Collar – Dog Training With Shock Collar

The Flittor dog training collar is a smart and good-looking device with all the features you need to grab your pet’s control. 

It is a three-mode shock collar that offers efficient training regardless of where you are. With its 1000 feet training range, you can train your dog in either the park or backyard. The formal tone, shock, and vibration levels can be used to stimulate positive behavior in your dog without harming them. 

What we love the most about this shock collar is that it is safe. The buttons and LCD screen is big enough to make you witness large and clear readings. Therefore, no misoperation is bound to happen. 

All of the training modes incorporated in this shock collar are made to correct your dog’s behavior, such as barking uncontrollably, aggression, doing their business in the wrong places, or sitting at the wrong time. 

The Flittor dog shock collar is a waterproof device with an LCD panel that boasts a backlight screen. The training collar receiver is IPX67 waterproof, which allows your pet more freedom and joy during outdoor ventures. Moreover, the transmitter features an LCD that contains everything you need to know about training your beloved pet. 

It is a multi-dog training device with an A+B channel design. With this, pet owners can train two dogs at the same time. Therefore, this is a multi-purpose collar system made to support two dogs. 

Furthermore, there is a security keypad lock on this dog collar. It protects your pet from unwanted manipulation. Other than that, this product has passed the CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, and UC38 certification tests. So, you can put your trust in it. 


  • Brand: Flittor 
  • Color: Black and yellow 
  • Closure Type: Pull-on 
  • Material: Nylon


  • Three training modes
  • Suitable for different dogs 
  • IPX67 waterproof 
  • Three memory settings
  • Long-distance training
  • Efficient training collar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers a 1000 feet training range
  • IPX67 waterproof
  • Expensive

Final Words:

The Flittor dog training collar is a useful system for correcting certain behaviors like barking, biting, chasing, and chewing in your dog. It is pretty much the only dog collar on this list that is compatible with unique dogs. 

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7. Petrainer Dog Training Collar – Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

The Petrainer electric dog collar offers a customizable training experience to support both new pet owners and expert trainers successfully. It can train dogs from 15 to 100 lbs. 

The structure of this shock collar was designed with a more naive trainer in mind. It offers a “blind” one-hand operation, so you are more focused on your pet. With its rapidly changing ability and technology to charge both devices simultaneously, this e-collar for dogs is ready when you are.

You can correct leash pulling, chewing, or excessive barking with vibrating and beeping commands with this dog shock collar. In addition to this, the three training modes, authoritative tone, static stimulation, and vibration, offer outstanding training in any area. 

The Petrainer dog collar allows you to regain control of your aggressive pet that is indulging in disobedience. Moreover, it is simple to operate and does not disappoint in terms of performance. 

Its advanced through-wall specs and working range up to 330 yards lets you cleanse your pet at the park or home! 


  • Brand: Petrainer 
  • Color: Blue
  • Closure Type: Pull-on
  • Material: Nylon


  • Remote range up to 1000 feet
  • Waterproof collar receiver 
  • Stimulation level: 100 levels of standard tone, vibration, and static 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 
  • Collar sizes are suitable for puppies, large, medium, and small dogs
  • A reasonable battery life
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Both the remote and receiver and rechargeable
  • Portable remote
  • It may not fit large dogs appropriately

Final Words:

The Petrainer dog training collar is an incredible option for those who need a product that is both waterproof and easy to manage. It packs a whopping 1000 feet training range that allows you to train your pet in the park or backyard. 

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8. KOSPET Dog Training Collar – Best Dog Shock Collar

If you would like a professional dog training collar to teach your buddy good behavior at home or in social settings, the dog training collar by KOSPET is perfect. This collar suits dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is made from PVC material, and it’s 27 inches long. It’s highly adjustable for all types of dog breeds.

The collar features three modes – beep, vibration, and shock. Each mode consists of levels ranging from 0 to 5 to help you teach your furry friend good behavior.

The collar has a small contact point, which reduces skin contraction and irritation. It will not cause skin damage, whether your dog is playing or running. The receiver is made 100% waterproof so let your dog swim freely in the pond or pool. You can also train them if your dog is outdoors.

The best quality of the KOSPET dog training collar is that you can control two dogs from one remote. The remote of the collar lets you operate two receivers at the same time. However, you will need a separate receiver to make it work.

The collar’s remote works up to 548 yards. Even if your dog is running in the park and having fun, you will be able to train them without having to run after them. To ensure your dog’s safety, the collar deactivates itself when the vibration or shock continuously works over ten seconds. This way, your dog won’t get hurt mistakenly. 

It’s recommended to check the contact area, i.e., the dog’s neck, daily when the day is over to ensure there is no rash or skin irritation left behind.


  • Brand: KOSPET
  • Closure Type: Buckle collar 
  • Color: White 
  • Material: PVC


  • Three-mode training collar 
  • Trains 2 dogs at a time 
  • Works from a distance
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof material
  • The collar is sift

Final Words:

KOSPET dog collar is a smart-looking collar that can be used for training two dogs at the same time. It’s waterproof and adjustable for all sizes of dogs. The only problem is it’s a bit stiff for the dog’s neck.

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Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dogs 1

Buying Guide

Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dog

When looking at the dog shock collar market’s current situation, it is easy to confuse and lose many variants and models. You will always discover products that make a vivid impression. 

One way of determining the perfect shock collar for your dog is by considering the following factors:

Unique signaling modes

In addition to complementing the shock mechanism, many high-end products may include three or more signaling modes. These can consist of tone, vibration, and light. The ideal way to get started is to go with training modes that are not very threatening to your pet. 

You can begin with tone or light modes before you practice the vibration stimulation. Owners can fine-tune vibration and tone stimulation to different levels, expanding the usefulness of the device. 

Furthermore, it is essential to look out for products that can deliver you a vast number of stimuli, so the need to resorting static electricity will not occur.


Some say that expensive devices can offer safer shocks for your dog. But, we can never judge the shock’s safety since no manufacturer has ever mentioned their collars’ voltage ratings. Therefore, it does not matter if you get an expensive or a cheap unit. As long as it can be fine-tuned, it is good to use. 


It is best to buy a waterproof shock collar. This is a useful option if you have a dog that loves to play in puddles or swim in the water. However, if your pet does not like water, you can skip this option.

Maximum training range

Considering the training range is vital when you want to keep an eye on your dog, even when he is at the park or playing in the backyard. This should allow you to try your dog’s mastery of memory.

Many dog shock collars come with a range of 1000 feet, which are those that extend to 500 yards and more. Technically, the location where you are going to train your dog has a significant effect on this option.

If you’re going to train at a hilly terrain, then a device with a mile range would be best. Otherwise, if you plan to use the neighborhood’s collar, the typical 330 yards would be enough.

Stimulation levels

One of the most intriguing advances in today’s shock collar technology is incorporating sensors and processors that enable the user to customize or dial in the level of intensity shocks.

For instance, a collar may have 100 stimulation levels of increasing intensity with static shocks. This can help train your pet. 

Let us stay that your pet can acclimatize itself to a unique setting for every gathering that you have. You will be using 100 training sessions before you will move to the maximum level of static electricity.

If you want to train your dog three times a week, you are looking at 33 weeks of usage before implementing the 100. Moreover, the goal is to buy a device that lets you fine-tune the stimulation level being delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are shock collars the right choice for aggressive dogs?

Shock collars are meant to stop aggressive behavior in dogs. They take little time and provide lasting results. Still, depending on the dog breed, they may or may not be effective. Their usefulness depends on numerous factors, including your canine’s temperament and how you utilize the collar.

2. Is it safe for my dog to swim while wearing a shock collar?

As long as the collar is waterproof, your dog can swim wearing it. Pet parents must pay particular thought to devices rated as showerproof, water-resistant, rainproof, or splash-proof. As their names suggest, these devices resist water, rain, splashes, but not immersion.
Still, some high-end brands may use the term waterproof to indicate that the device is entirely waterproof. Moreover, the best way to determine if a dog can swim with a shock collar is by evaluating the IP rating.
The IP code can describe the resistance to liquid ingression and solid particulate. Only those collars that offer IP67 or over are water-resistant. Below that rating, the device may not be waterproof.

3. When should I start using a shock collar on my dog?

For starters, never use a shock collar on a puppy that is less than nine weeks old. You might traumatize the pup by exposing it to a substantial shock range at a young age. So, it is better to wait for your puppy to be older than ten weeks before using a shock collar.
However, it is better to try positive reinforcement first. It is best to discipline your pet by using a dog leash or a few tasty snacks. If they work, there’s no need to use shock or bark collars.

4. How long can my dog wear a shock collar?

You might be tempted to let the training collar on your dog for hours during the day to know what he is doing. However, you may also want to take it off every 12 hours.
If your pet associates the collar with something unhealthy, then he obviously will not like the collar around his neck. In that case, you should take the dog collar off now and then prevent the feeling of irritation and discomfort in your dog.

5. Which stimulation level should I use for my dog?

The stimulation level is known as the intensity level of the shock. A safe way to determine which stimulation level is ideal for your dog, test it on yourself. Put the collar on yourself and see which stimulation level stings the most. Remember that your dog is much more delicate than you are, so setting a 4-level stimulation would feel like 8. 
Now, try it on your pet. Use the lowest level first and gradually move to a level that doesn’t spook your dog. When selecting a stimulation level, don’t be too kind because we teach your dog how to behave, and that requires a little stinging! Therefore, pick a stimulation level that works!

6. How much range is required for a shock collar?

It varies on the collar. These typically range from 330 yards. On the contrary, if you have specific needs, check the collar’s specs to ensure it meets your requirements.
One thing to prioritize is that all ranges delivered by manufacturers refer to crucial conditions, which means the field is determined in a straight line and with 0 obstacles in the way between the receiver and the remote.
Obstacles such as fences, windows, walls, and trees may hinder the connection between devices and reduce range.


Your dog might get a little scared out by the shock collar; still, a teensy amount of discomfort is essential to discipline him if he exhibits aggressive behavior.

If you don’t consider the shock collar as a form of punishment, you can make it work. Think of it as a form of reinforcement that’s good for your furry friend.

That said, you must purchase the best shock collar equipped with the highest quality features. At least those features with which you can control your dog! After all, you don’t want to spook your dog too much.

Let’s move to the point where we tell you which shock collar is the best choice for an aggressive dog. – It is the Pet Resolve training collar with a remote! 

It’s a moderate shock collar with efficient features and comfortable construction that will not irritate your dog ever. It can also be used for curing other forms of bad behavior, such as barking, biting, and more. 

You could look at other options from our review section as well. Indeed, you will find a shock collar that satisfies your requirements!

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