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Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Area

Nature has made the dog an escaping artist, who can’t be restricted easily within the desired space to keep him protected from the theft, or going missing. Putting some serious effort, and paying attention to every minor detail of training is something that you will be required most to train him about boundaries. Whereas, the best wireless dog fence system’s availability in the market is eager to make your dog’s training much easier.

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Dog parents are missing to use it as an essential tool. Hence, the cases reported of the dog’s accident have recently crossed 6 million per annum. These systems are solely designed to keep your dog protected and within your yard while allowing them to roam freely.

But having the fence system is not enough, navigating to the best one out there is the only thing that would be a help to you. To let you avoid wasting money on the non-valuable unit, we did extensive research, spend hours taking feedback from experts, get input from dog parents, and ended up with 10 top wireless dog fence systems.

This blog post is prepared to walk you through the features of the best wireless dog fence systems so that you can make an educated yet risk-free decision about your purchase. Apart from this, for the new users, we have also prepared a comprehensive yet detailed buying guide, for helping you out in understanding everything about dog fence systems.

Can’t wait anymore to explore all of the options?

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Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Area

1. PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

As the name of the model implies, this fence system is specifically designed for stubborn dogs, who are hard to train. Because of their resistive nature, stubborn dogs could jump over the physical fences, and even can bear the stimulation of the regular fence systems to run away. But with this fence system, it is not going to be a true statement.

The Intensive yet protective 5 different levels of static correction keep them inside the boundary. The intensity of the correction is not prone to any misshapen, it’s just according to the bearing capacity of every breed dog. However, it does not correct a dog instantly. Beep used to be produced at first, if he keeps trying to cross his boundary, then the stimulation comes into action.

Being a wireless dog fence system, you will not be required to put any effort into lying down the wires. Just putting the transmitter anywhere, and connecting it with the collar is all that you need to do for setting it up.

The best thing is the coverage area, which is nearly equal to 3/4 circular area while protecting as many dogs as you would like to. But bear in mind, for every dog, you are supposed to purchase a separate collar because only one is included in the package.

Moreover, the fence system comes with a rechargeable battery that would save you a lot of money in the long run. And more interestingly, the battery could last for at least 3 weeks, which is pretty cool. To make yourself familiar with the battery’s life, keep an eye on the collar all the time.

  • Tip: For the adjustable and comfortable fit, ensure that your dog weighs at least 5 pounds and has the neck size between 6-28 inches. Otherwise, it would not the best investment for you.

Final Words

Name the feature, and you will get it in this single package. It is highly recommended to you for the perfect blend of money and features. Grab the fence system right now! For having peace of mind while considering your dog safe all the time. 

  • Portability
  • Satisfactory coverage area
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Can be used with multiple dogs
  • Contacting points are adequate, but could be better

2. PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence

For the adventurous dog parents, here comes another intelligently constructed fence system by the same brand “PetSafe”. No matter, either you are at home, or on a family trip. Keeping your dog closer to yourself can be achieved by just having this fence system along with you. 

Place it anywhere, and connect the collar with the transmitter, and rest assured your dog will never cross his limits. The circular coverage area of the 3/4 acres makes it possible for your dog to keep roaming freely while being in the protective zone.

5 different levels of Static correction stimulation, is the core of the fence system that will keep your dog safe all the time. Monitor the behavior of your dog at first, and after identifying the bearing capacity of your dog, adjusting static correction is the thing that you will have to do. 

We would recommend you to start from the most intensive stimulation, and gradually decrease the intensity based on your dog’s behavior.

PetSafe Stay & Play fence system holds the credibility to be used with the multiple dogs simultaneously. More interestingly, you will be able to adjust the different stimulation for different dogs. Their temperature is the checkpoint that the fence system uses to give stimulation accordingly.

Unlike other fence systems, it features a rechargeable battery, which could save you a lot of money in the long run. You will not have to bring batteries after every second week, just keep monitoring the collar’s indication light and recharge the battery when it reflects it as the lower one.

 However, the best time to recharge the battery is right after 3rd week. Although, it’s just an estimation as it all depends on how many times your dog is rewarded with the stimulation.

  • Tip: Purchasing this fence system would be a help to you only if your dog weighs at least 5 pounds, and his neck size falls somewhere between 6-28 inches.

Final Words:

You can’t expect anything other than a featured pack fence system when it comes to the PetSafe brand. From their years of experience, they have made this perfectly designed unit for teaching your dogs about their boundaries instead of just keeping them inside.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof collar
  • Bearable yet effective stimulation
  • Easy to use and install
  • At higher stimulation, produce irritating fizzing sound
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3. COVONO Electric Dog Fence – Best Dog Fence Sysytem

Covono is a name that can’t be ignored when it comes to the dog fence system. Specifically there Electric dog fence is doing wonders in the market. Every sensible dog parent is raving about this model due to the offers that they have put on the table with a reasonable price tag.

The price is lower than other brands, but the coverage area is not. They have also made the transmitter able to cover the area of 3/4 acres effectively. Yet the difference is only that, you will have to make the boundary with the help of 650 feet wire that comes with the system. It’s a little bit of effort and time taking process, but there is an advantage as well. 

You can expand the coverage area to more than 3/4 acres, by using some extra wire. Now your dog will have plenty of area for roaming freely all around. However, the wire is enough stronger that you can keep relying on the system for years to come.

In the case of this model, the wires send the signals to the transmitter for shocking or vibrating the dog according to the configuration, that you are supposed to do. Whereas, by default, the fence system gradually keeps on increasing the intensity as long as the dog remains outside the boundary. Yet it also stops stimulating him after reaching to some extent because the purpose is to punish him, not to cause any harm.

The best part of the Covono Fence system is parental control. You can configure it according to your own desire, and dog’s attitude. Every feature that ranges from speed detection to shock intensity, will be under your control. Furthermore, controlling the features of the additional receiver is also turns out to be more effective than any other brand.

  • Tip: Use it with as many dogs as you want to, but bear it in mind that its stimulation intensity is only suitable for the dogs who weigh from 10 to 120 lbs.

Final Words:

Overall, the fence system scores really well. Whether it is effectiveness or controllability, the Covono fence system has the guts to outrank many of the brands from the market.

  • Larger coverage area
  • Rechargeable and waterproof receivers
  • The entire configuration will be under your control
  • Multiple receivers can be attached to the transmitte
  • The wire is not durable

4. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet -Wireless electric dog Fence

If you are on the budget and looking for a fence system that could prevent your dog from going near to some supplies of your home like a newly purchased couch, then here’s the perfect bet for you. It focuses more to keep your dog protected inside the home. For instance, if you are thinking that he can flip the rack over himself, then putting the fence system around the rack is the thing that you will have to do.

The mechanics of this unit is also different from the normally used fence system. Instead of keeping the dog in the protective zone, it works to keep the dog away from the harmful spaces by creating a zone around the transmitter. Considering it as a Barrier is far better than calling it a fence system.

The transmitter of this system can create an avoiding zone for a dog from 1 foot to 6 feet. Interactive yet easy-to-understand buttons on the transmitter help you out in adjusting the zone limit as per the desire.

 Place it at the place, where you don’t want your dog to create a mess or don’t want him to sit there. Whenever he will try to get into the zone, the stimulation will revert him back outside, and after a few days, he will start avoiding this place for sure.

Stimulation is not given instantly to the dog for the secure training, the transmitter produces a sound at first as the warning signal and then gives stimulation to him. Apart from the effective mechanism, it proved itself a worthy investment from other perspectives as well.

The downside is that the collar has to be purchased separately, which is necessary for making the system functional. And the beep (the warning system) is not audible.

  • Tip: Place the barrier near the area you want to protect Adjustable barrier range protects areas from 1 to 6 ft.

Final Words:

Protecting a dog from running away is crucial, but keeping them safe from inside the home has the same importance, where this barrier system becomes handy. The system works effectively to teach about the places that you want your dog to avoid. It is highly recommended to you for better effectiveness, longevity, more importantly for your dog’s protection.

  • Adjustable coverage range
  • Effective performance
  • Keep your dog protective inside the home
  • Can be placed in smaller places easily
  • The beep sound is not audibleurable
  • The receiver has to be purchased separately
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5. WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless & Training fence System

WEIZ dog fence system has created new vibes in the market by offering the most accurate and responsive signal transmission feature, whereas other fence systems are shocking dogs for no reason. 2.4 GHz frequency is the technology, they have used before anyone else, and that’s exactly what made them different and better from the competition.

 This frequency keeps monitoring the behavior of your dog closely and rewards him with stimulation, as soon as he goes outside the designated area. The area you could cover with this fence system is around 1968 ft. in diameter, which is fairly enough for your dog to keep wandering without feeling restricted.

Instead of lying down the wires all around, you can handle the function of the fence system by only using the remote controller. There are 3 different training modes including static correction, vibration, and beep only mode.

And furthermore, each one of them has subcategorized action that can be adjusted according to the dog’s attitude. Instead of just keeping the dog inside, it also trains him about limits effectively. In fact, with this model, the training of dogs has become much easier than ever before.

Both the transmitter and receiver are constructed with a rechargeable battery, to save you a lot of money. Even though, the receiver is equipped with the LED light indicator that lets you the time, when batteries need to be recharged. The receiver takes around 2 hours while the transmitter takes 4 hours to be fully charged.

  • Tip: WEIZ dog fence system is only suitable for the dogs whose neck size is between 8 to 28 inches, and weigh at least 10 to 110 pounds.

Final Words:

The effectiveness and advanced technology of this fence system are something that sets it apart from the crowd. We are recommending this unit for the ease of setup, ease of use, parental control, effective performance, and making sure that the dog remains in the safe zone all day long while wandering freely. 

  • Usage of 2.4GHz technology
  • Larger coverage area
  • Effectively train dog
  • Protective yet effective stimulation
  • After a year, responsiveness goes to decline

6. JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence – GPS dog Fence

JUSTSTART is another uniquely designed model that can be purchased at the most reasonable price. The mechanics of the system are similar to the rest of the fence systems, but the effectiveness is the thing where it scores better than many other models.

The transmitter of the fence is the core that sends the signal to the collar for shocking the dog, whenever he tried to cross the designated areas. But don’t worry! The area that this fence cover is not enough smaller that your dog starts feeling restricted.

 You can create the boundary over the area ranges from 10 to 1000 feet in radius, which is pretty cool for protecting your dog while giving him plenty of space from playing around.

Being a cordless fence system, you can use it anywhere at any time. Whether you are inside the home, or on a family trip, your dog will be protected and closer to yourself all the time. Along with all that, the user interactive transmitter made it easy for everyone to use it effectively, without having any prior knowledge of fence systems.

The best part of this fence is the response time. Unlike other options, the receiver instantly catches the signal within a fraction of a second and teaches your dog a lesson by rewarding him a stimulation.

 The stimulation intensity will be entirely under your control. And your concern about the safety of your dog was also considered during the manufacturing of this unit. It does not over-shock your pet and shut down the stimulation after a few seconds.

Durability and rechargeable batteries are also some of the interesting features that are contributing to making it a worthy investment.

  • Tip: Works on all types of dogs – small, medium, large, and even extra large dogs-recommended for dogs over 10 lbs.

Final Words:

JUSTSTART falls under the category of those systems, which provide the perfect value for money. If you are a seeker of the stable yet accurate fence system, then considering this one would be a good decision.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly Responsive system
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Stimulation is not suitable for larger breed dogs

7. PetSafe – PetSafe Stubborn Dog fence without wire

PetSafe being a market leader managed to steal another position in our best wireless dog fence system list. And the only reason is performance and integrated features. You might be considering the price tag is a little bit higher than other brands, but for the feature, this one is completely justifiable.

The coverage area of the fence system ranges from 1/2 acres to 3/4 acres, ordering it with the desired coverage area will be entirely your choice. But the best practice is to measure the area that you want to be the designated area for your dog.

 It should not be smaller enough that the dog starts getting irritating and becomes aggressive, and not to be too wider as well. Have the system, which has a sweet spot in both of these options. So that your dog can remain protected while playing around conveniently.

The transmitter being portable, allows you to take it along with you even on family trips, and the shorter, longer connection of the receiver makes you capable of using it with any breed dog without worrying about anything. Moreover, regardless of the number of dogs, you are planning to attach it with, the system will never go down in performance.

Although, it only comes with a single waterproof collar. Therefore, for using it with multiple dogs, you will have to purchase the collars separately. The waterproof collar should be your priority so that all of them can keep enjoying outside in the water, or even during a rainy day.

Whereas, other smaller inclusion of the package includes training flags for making your dog familiar with his boundary and the rechargeable battery in the collar for saving you some money in the longer run.

  • Tip: If you set up the system to where the flowerbeds are not within the perimeters, you’ll be able to keep your dogs out of your flowerbed!

Final Words:

Keeping dogs protected both inside the home and on the campaign has become much easier and effective with this portable yet best wireless dog fence system. It is highly recommended to you for having peace of mind, and keeping your dog protected all the time. 

  • Satisfactory Coverage area
  • Both long & short probes are available
  • Waterproof collar
  • Can be used with multiple dogs effectively
  • The transmitter has to be plugged in for making it operational
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8. OCACA Wireless Dog Fence System – best dog fence system

OCACA is an updated and harmless fence system, which versatile mode of training. So that the training of the dog will be according to the behavior and attitude of your dog. Modes of training include beep only, vibration, and stimulation.

A beep-only mode is more than enough for the obedient dogs. They consider the sound-producing in beep-only mode as the warning signal and return back to the safe zone. While the vibration is for those, whom the sound does not make any effect. 

However, if you got a stubborn dog, then still this system would be a great help to you just because of the stimulation setting. No matter, what’s the nature of your dog, this fence system has the guts to impress you with satisfactory performance.

The remote controller is the component, which allows you to configure its setting, ranging from the training mode to the coverage area. The vibration and the beep mode are the simple ones. 

Although, the stimulation has further 5 actions to be configured. Whereas the coverage area configuration allows you to set it from 33 yards at the minimum and 330 yards at maximum.  Now choosing the mode and setting area is all depends on your requirements.

The manufacturer has not restricted this to any specific breed or specific sized dogs and made 2 different probes on the collar so that you can use it perfectly with every smaller and larger sized dog, without confronting any issue. 

But bear in mind that the dog with whom you are planning to use it should weigh more than 10 pounds. Otherwise, your dog will not be able to bear the intensity of its stimulation.

Apart from all this, the receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, and has a long battery life, which is contributing evenly to making it a top consideration for all dog parents.

  • Tip: This system is designed for used at OUTDOOR only, do keep the transmitter at an open area.

Final Words:

OCACA Wireless Dog Fence System is second to none, and has made its way into the house of many dog parents by putting some serious offers on the table, and presenting itself as the best companion of every sized dog. Every customer is satisfied with its performance, now it’s your turn to have a better experience with the best wireless dog fence system. 

  • Versatile mode of training
  • Suitable for both shorter and larger breed
  • Effective stimulation intensity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Coverage could be increased

9. JUSTSTART Outdoor Wireless Dog Fence

Being a cordless dog fence system, the transmitter allows you to create a protective boundary in the circular area of 10 feet at minimum, while 900 feet at maximum. Adjusting the zone will be entirely under your control. Depending on your yard size, and your dog’s behavior, configuring the transmitter for the restricted area, should be your consideration.

Apart from the transmitter’s capability, the range of the collar is also admirable. It could keep receiving the signal up to 1200 ft., without losing the performance level or the responsiveness. From 0 to 100 static correction level. 

The collar gives the shock to the dog according to the preset settings, as soon as the dog crosses the designated area. Along with the 100 different static stimulation levels, the beep only and vibration mode were also have been incorporated into the system. 

The only thing that makes this system more effective than anyone else is the wide variety of training modes. No matter, what’s the nature of your dog, it will teach your dog a lesson for sticking to the instructed boundaries.

Effective correction and training of your dog is not the only thing, where it scores really well. Your dog safety and comfort were also taken into consideration during the manufacturing of this model. 

Therefore, the collar does not feature any non-metallic points, which lets your dog avoid irritation. Moreover, the collar was also made waterproof so that your four-legged friend can also keep wearing it on the beach trip as well.

  • Tip: The max remote control distance of the dog trainer reaches 1200 ft range,the max remote control distance of the dog fence reaches 900 ft range.

Final Words:

JUST START outdoor fence system has made its name as the perfect fence system for those dog parents who have an adventurous soul, and for those parents who have got the versatile nature of dogs. The highly customizable training mode and the wide coverage area along with the collar responsiveness ensure you the well-trained dogs within a month.

  • Wider coverage area
  • 1200 ft. coverage of remote controller
  • Water-resistant collar
  • Rechargeable
  • Effective
  • Instructions of usage for new parents are not sufficient

10. PetSafe Wireless Dog and cat Containment System

PetSafe wireless containment system was designed to bring comfort and convenience to both pet and parent at the same time. Although, it was launched to be used with cat and dog as well simultaneously. But we have found it more compatible with the dogs. Because of the configuration options, and other features.

Being a wireless fence system, installing this unit is a matter of seconds. As you will not be required to bury the wires underneath the ground for making it functional. Just put the transmitter in the center of your yard, and the collar on the neck, all done, your dog is now protected, and you don’t have to monitor him anymore.

Alike, 5 static correction level was integrated into the system for correcting versatile dogs. But the best part is that it does not give the stimulation instantly to the dog, as soon as he jumps out of the limit. 

After waiting for him to get back in the safe zone for at least 2-3 seconds, it corrects him so that your dog does not get punished if he had gone out mistakenly. Obviously, you should also have to appreciate this fair play, where most of the fence systems are lacking.

The collar of the fence system is only suitable for those dogs, who weigh at least 8 lbs, and whose neck size falls under the range of 6-28 inches. In addition to this, the collar being a waterproof allows your dog to keep enjoying and roaming all around even during the rainy days, and in the swimming pool.

Attach as many dogs as would like to, but for each dog purchasing, the separate collar should be on your to-do list. Along with the collars, you also have to consider having an extra battery all the time in the bag for keeping the system operational, in case if the battery goes down.

  • Tip: The waterproof collar comfortably fits dogs 8 pounds and up and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6 to 28 inches.

Final Words:

Teaching your dog within the shortest time period could only happen with this fence system effectively. The extendable coverage area of 1/2 acres and the static correction are the core features, which make it the best wireless dog fence system of the time.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Waterproof collar
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Highly personalize-able
  • A bit Pricey
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Buying Guide

Dogs love freedom, they want themselves to explore new places. Hence, they are leaner towards running away from home. There is nothing wrong with it, as they can get back home, after roaming around. But imagine, if the thief meets your dog in a way, or slaps by the car due to lack of unfamiliarity of road rules. Even your neighbor doesn’t want your dog to wander in his yard.

No matter, for what purpose you are planning to restrict your dog to your yard, the DOG fence system is the only solution to your problem. We are not talking about the physical fences, as they are the eyesore, and the dogs are enough smarter now to easily cross it.

We are talking about the modern electric fences, which work effectively like human trainers to keep your dog inside the protected zone along with teaching him about his boundaries.

What is a Wireless Dog Fence and Why Do You Need One?

The purpose of wireless dog fences is to restrict your dogs from being able to leave a certain area.

 If they do so, they will receive a mild electric shock that encourages them to move swiftly back within bounds.

Types of Dog Fence Systems:

When it comes to the basic categorization, the fence systems can be divided into 3 types;

  • Wired Fence System
  • Cordless Fence system
  • Hybrid

Wired Fence System:

All of those fence systems that want you to lay down the wire under the ground or above the ground, for creating the boundary of your furry friends, fall under the category of the wired fence system.

These are more suitable for having a permanent solution for your dog’s safety. Installing it first is not easy, it requires great effort for digging the lawn and putting the wire inside to make the fence system functional. 

Whereas you will never ever have to do anything else, just make it functional and relax while knowing that your dog is protected. In this scenario, the wires work as the core component for delivering signals for keeping your dog within the designated area.

Cordless Fence System:

Cordless fence systems are those, which have to be operated solely through the transmitter or remote controller, where the system uses Wi-Fi signals for restricting your dog in boundaries. They are relatively more responsive. As soon as the dog crosses the boundary, the signals go straight to the collar/receiver for shocking the dog.

The transmitter of these fence systems has to be placed strategically as they cover the area in a circular shape. Putting them in the center of your desired area is the best practice that you can follow for your dog as well.

Being a cordless fence system, they do not require any sort of installation process. You just need to place the transmitter, have to put the collar on the neck of your dog, and then have to connect the collar with the transmitter only. That’s it, your fence system is ready to make you’re a protective zone for your dog.

Hybrid Fence System:

Hybrid is the fence system that offers both of the options. They come up with both the wire and the remote controller. Setting it according to your desire is what they offer. 

Most of the users are tends to purchase these sorts of the system as they are more cost-effective and better for longer use.

Installing the wired fence system in the yard is what its customers do while keeping the remote control fence system for using it on family trips. The choice entirely will be yours.

Wired or wireless Fence System? Which one is better?

Choosing the fence system according to your requirements will be better for you. Either it would be wired or cordless.

Let’s compare both of them according to some prominent checkpoints so that you can make a better decision about your purchase.

Ease of installation:  Cordless fence system is one that scores really well when it comes to ease of installation. You will have nothing to do, just have to place the transmitter and set up the collar to get started with it. However, installing a cordless fence system is an effort and time taking process.

Coverage area: The coverage area of the wired fence systems could be expanded to a great extent by installing more wire. On the other hand, the wireless fence system can beat wired ones from the coverage area perspective. Wireless fence systems allow you to cover a specific area only.

The layout of the area: Wired fence systems offer a great level of customization to the user. You can add or exclude any area to ensure the dog’s protection. For instance, if you want to exclude the swimming pool area from your yard, which is situated in the center will not be an issue for you. Normally, wired fences offer 3 modes of customization including, double loop, half loop, and full-loop. But that’s all is not true for the wireless fences, it does not allow you to customize the coverage area. And keep the dog within its diameter all the time.

Portability: Being a wired fence system, they required you to install the wire under the yard, or to fix it above the yard. Hence, they can’t be taken along with the other supplies, when leaving for a family trip. On the contrary side, the cordless fence systems make it possible for you to keep the dog closer to yourself and protected, even on family trips.

Features to consider for having Best wireless dog fence system

Every dog fence system available in the market does not worth buying, you will have to do extensive research and compare many models to end up purchasing the best wireless dog fence system. Being that said, the knowledge of the industry is more important than anything else.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you out. We have compiled a list of features that should consider before choosing any of the fence systems. The comprehensive detail of each feature is also included so that you can have a better understanding. 

Coverage Area:

The more coverage area will be, the more price of the product will be. Measure the area, which you want to be declared as the protective zone for your dog. And start navigating the fence accordingly.

If you have planned to have a wired fence system, then having one according to the desire of time will not be an issue. Because they can be expanded later on. But for the wireless fence system, you are supposed to consider the requirements of your future as well. Otherwise, you might get into the need to purchase a new one with a better coverage area.

Protective Stimulation:

Choosing the fence system according to your dog’s bearing capacity is mandatory. Otherwise, instead of protecting him from other issues, it will cause him harm. Before making a purchase, consider the suitable weight of the system, directed by the manufacturer. 

Along with that, the fence should have the feature of automatic shutoff stimulation. So that after teaching the lesson to the dog, stimulation gets turned off automatically. If your fence system does not feature this option, then your dog could be in serious trouble.

Beep only mode should be louder:

Whenever the dog tries to cross the boundary, almost every fence system produces the sound of a beep as the warning signal, so that the dog could stop and get back to the safe zone. 

But most of the systems feature the beep sound that is not audible, which leads the dog to the reward of shock. We consider it an unfair play. We would recommend you to have the perfect balance check on this feature as well.

Different modes of training:

The fence system should be able to offer you a versatile mode of training for configuring the stimulation according to the dog’s behavior. Imagine, if the fence system only features intensive stimulation, then what would happen to the obedient dog, who has crossed the boundary mistakenly. There should be a beep-only mode or the vibration one for keeping him aware of his boundaries.

Multiple dogs:

None of the dog parents only have a single dog, they love to pet multiple dogs simultaneously. Only 1 percent would those people who have 1 dog. Therefore, to be the best wireless dog fence system, one should be able to be attached to multiple dogs at the same time. 

But more importantly, the fence should be able to keep performing above the mark, regardless of the number of dogs that get connected with the transmitter.

Along with that, the transmitter should allow configuring different static stimulation to each dog, depending on their nature and attitude.

frequently asked questions

Why do you need to use the Fence system?

If your dog loves to keep running away from the yard to the road, then having the fence system is mandatory for you. Otherwise, he would have to face some serious damages along with you.

Do we have to consider the dog’s age before installing a fence system?

More than age, the thing that matters is the bearing capacity. Never purchase the fence system, which has the intensive stimulation that even the stubborn dog could not bear. 
Otherwise, the stimulation will cause harm to your dog. Just read the instruction of the manufacturer about the suitable weight, and get the one for you, if you find your dog suitable for that specific fence system.
Because the weight is the checkpoint for the manufacturer to determine the bearing capacity of dogs.

Is it safe to give a shock to the dogs?

Giving shock to the dogs is not safe at all.  But the fact is that the fence does not give a shock to the dog, it’s the stimulation and in some cases just the vibration, which does not cause any harm to your dog.
Even the stimulation can also be dangerous for your dog if you have ended up purchasing the system which produces the stimulation of intensity that your dog could bear. It’s all about choosing the Right yet best wireless dog fence system.

Do we need to instantly configure the stimulation as soon as the collar gets attached to the dog?

NO! You need to confirm before setting stimulation that the collar is working perfectly. For this purpose, every system offers a dummy collar effect, which only blinks the light, whenever the dog goes out of the boundary. 
If you find the lights blinking, even inside the zone, then never configure this unit and return it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your dog will keep getting stimulation for no reason that could lead to his aggressive behavior.
Tip: Test the fence system with a dummy collar effect for at least 3-4 days.

How to train a dog about boundaries?

Use the training flag, and put them across the boundary in the early days of training. So, the dog can start recognizing his limits. Keep the flags for at least 2-3 weeks and then start removing them gradually. Till then, the dog will get familiar with his boundary and will start avoiding crossing the designated area.


There is no difference in raising a dog or a child, as both require a great level of attention and care. Perhaps, for the dogs, you have to be more alert when it comes to protection and safety.

 They can run away or confront an accident by going alone on the road. You are supposed to train them about their boundaries and to monitor them all the time for keeping them safe from any harm.

But, in the era of technology, parenting a dog could be done more conveniently, by having the best wireless dog fence system, which keeps your dog in the designated area and brings the responsibility off your shoulders by ensuring your dog’s safety.

 Whereas, you have to keep in mind that every wireless dog fence system is not worth buying. Some of the systems would make you more frustrated instead of helping you in any way. 

Considering your dog’s comfort, your requirements, and having a glance at every minor detail that we have shared would land you to the most suitable yet best option. We have done the part from our side, now it’s your turn to take action for your dog’s betterment and your convenience.

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