Can Dog Food Cause Seizures

Some ingredients in dog foods may cause seizures. But not only are the dog foods the reason for seizures. Food seizures cannot cause without the contamination of any ingredient or toxicity.

It is always said that choose the different variety of foods because it is the best technique to prevent these issues. Whether it is for humans or animals, always change the diet and make the rotation in nutrients to prevent nutritional deficiencies. 

Seizures have so many other causes also. It is blame to suspect only dog food as a reason for seizures.

Can dog food cause seizures? Read below to find out details about it. 

Can Dog Food Cause Seizures

Can Dog Food Cause Seizures

Reasons and signs of dog seizures

There are so many reasons for dog seizures. It seems as sudden electrical shocks in the brain as it happens in humans’ epilepsy. When the dog suffers from this condition, they suffer the shaking for a long time. There are few signs of seizures in dogs so that one can identify that the dog is suffering from seizures. The warning signs are:

  • loss of consciousness
  • increased salivation 
  • jerking
  • hardening of the muscles
  • chewing without reason
  • rolling of the tongue
  • foaming in the mouth
  • excessive salivation

 It is also seen that dogs are feeling dizzy before seizures. Sometimes they may seem confused and blind. The confusion causes different movements so that the dogs move and change places and may collide with different objects. 

They may further confuse if they have a narrow space in Infront of them. The reasons are many; some are long term, and some are short term. So, it is difficult to tell any single reason for seizures in dogs.

Sometimes any poisonous food, toxic things, any pathological condition like liver and kidney disease or low blood sugar level, stroke, anemia are also the reasons for seizures. But the most common cause of seizures in dogs is idiopathic epilepsy as one of the causes of seizures.

Chemicals can also cause seizures

Some chemicals can also cause seizures in dogs. The chemicals of dog food which increases seizures are mention below:


It is mostly found in mouthwashes and baked foods. If the dogs mistakenly ingest these things, it will cause harm. So, if the dog ingests xylitol, it will change the sugar level of the dog. This sudden change sometimes causes a high sugar level and sometimes low.

It is very harmful to small dogs, especially because baby dogs have a weak immune system, and they get a high dose of these toxins. This toxin causes not only seizures but also many severe pathological conditions in which they suffer from vomiting, weakness.


Caffeine has so many adverse effects. In humans, it is also harmful. Caffeine poisoning is more dangerous in dogs, and even it may cause death. The dog seizures after eating the caffeine, and sometimes it causes sudden epilepsy.  

The beverages and food that contains caffeine can cause seizures to small dogs. They get easily poisoned. Even these dogs ingest tea leaves, tea bags, coffee, or any other food which contains caffeine can cause severe effects that may lead to death sometimes when unchecked.


Ethanol is present in alcohol. If the ethanol comes in contact with the dog skin or mouth, it decreases the impulse movement in the central nervous system. It will cause a decline in coordination and consciousness. If ingested in high doses, it may damage other body tissues and cells. Or it may cause a heart attack, or it may lead to death, sometimes organ failure.

Ethanol is mostly found in dyes, inks, disinfectants, perfumes, medicines, and paints. It is also found in human foods; beverages, so avoid contact of your dog with these items. It not only causes seizures but also causes other medical conditions; sometimes, it may lead to intoxication, restlessness, high body temperature.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is also seizure causing food in dogs. Its severity depends on the amount of chocolate they ingest. It can cause seizures in older dogs too.

If ingested by the dogs, it can increase thirst, restlessness, vomiting, and cause seizures. Dark chocolates have more toxins present in it. The older dogs which ingest high amount may affect from sudden cardiac arrest or death.

Toxic Plants

Mostly the toxins present in the toxic plants are also the cause of damage to dogs. It is advised for the dog owners to take care of the pet while they are playing outside the homes. Plants of cocaine, cannabinoids, and cannabis also cause epilepsy in dogs. Toxins are present in some nuts also.

Like humans, dogs also have allergies with different foods. So, if they eat any food to which they are allergic, they may suffer seizures. The presents of any toxin, preservatives, and chemicals can increase the effect on the central nervous system of dogs. Human foods also cause harm like tomatoes, sodium-rich foods, carrots, milk, cheese, etc.

Prevention of Seizure in Dogs

Seizures have their proper prevention and treatment. The following are the preventive measures of seizures in dogs:


The use of anticonvulsants in the treatment of epilepsy is effective. Dog owners need to use proper medications as prescribed; it may also help. Do not misuse the prescribed medications; it will increase the risk of epilepsy and severe seizures.

Prescribed diet

The proper diet has more impact on the health of the dogs. The diet, which is free from toxins, chemicals will help to fight with these medical conditions. The use of natural foods can limit the exposure of dogs with harmful substances.

The use of high proteins, raw foods, foods rich in amino acids, omega fatty acids to meet the nutritional need of dogs can prevent seizures also. A fatty acid-rich diet boosts neurological health. The use of supplement foods that are rich in Vitamin C boosts the immune system. It also has other health benefits like healing properties. 

Homemade dog food for seizures

Some foods increase the chances of seizures in the dog, so carefully choose those foods which are rich in nutritional requirements and can have a positive impact on health. When you are choosing the best dog foods must consider the homemade foods first. Below are the foods which help to stop seizures:

  • When you are buying food must consider high-quality natural foods. Must check the nutritional ingredients.
  • The food you are buying must be healthy and rich in animal fats because there are so many neurological benefits of animal fats, which may prevent seizures and other neurological conditions and boost brain health.
  • Select foods that are rich in amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids to increase muscles. Omega 3 is effective for epilepsy. Food must contain essential nutrients that help boost the heart and immune system.

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After researching on “can dog food cause seizures’’ I concluded that dog food could not cause seizures at all. When you are feeding your dog must have an eye on the ingredients of the food that you are feeding.

You must know the substances which are allergic to your dogs and avoid those foods which are rich in harmful chemicals and toxins. 

Do give your valuable feedback and suggestions in the comment box below.  

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