Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog?

Do you have an itchy dog, and you are thinking of taking it to the vet? Like a human, dogs also develop itchy skin that makes them uncomfortable. Itchy skin is mostly caused by bug bites and fleas.

Sometimes dog scratches its back which indicates dog allergies. Normally, dog allergies are caused by climate changes and food.

 These allergies generate discomfort, around-ear, groin, and paws. Hence, the best solution to your problem is anti-itch cream for dogs that is different from humans.

In this article, I will provide you with the most common information about pets like Can I use an itch cream on my dog. 

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog

Can I Use An Anti Itch Cream On My Dog

What type of cream cannot be used on my Itchy dog?

Pets are not easy to keep. They require care and love. Normally if a human face a problem of itchy skin, he can easily apply Calamine lotion or any anti-itch cream. These creams don’t affect human skin, but for pets, especially dogs, these ointments are not helpful.

Calamine and other anti-itch cream contain zinc oxide. However, zinc is very healthy when it is taken orally, and dog food also contains zinc.

However, if you apply an ointment containing zinc oxide on your dog’s skin, it will lick it, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Zinc oxide also damages the red blood cells of dogs.

So, before applying any cream to your dog’s skin, make sure it doesn’t contain zinc oxide.

What type of creams can be use on my dog skin?

A veterinary doctor suggests Calendula cream for dogs. This cream is anti-inflammatory that soothes itchy and inflamed skin. Anti-itching cream can also be used for bug bites, cuts and wounds, scrapes, burns, eczema, and many more things.

There are different types of calendula cream available in the market. Some calendula cream consists of hydrocortisone in manufacturing.

While overdosing of hydrocortisone causes urination, panting, and diarrhea in dogs. It is recommended to read the description of the drug label of medicine first before applying.

Treatment for itchy dog

Allergic diseases are most common among dogs. Treatment is done by the vet for an itchy pet consists of three main steps.

  1. Use of anti-inflammatory  
  2. Use of adjunctive therapy
  3. Disinfect
  • Use of anti-inflammatory

Different anti-inflammatory medicines are available in the market. But the best anti-inflammatory that suppresses allergy among dogs is cortisone. The product is effective in reducing allergy and skin problems among dogs.

Unlike antihistamines, cortisone gives relief even to acute allergy conditions. However, it is not recommended for long-term use.

  • Use of adjunctive therapy

The main purpose of adjunctive therapy is to minimize the impact of inflammatory medicine on dogs. Mostly, it has been believed that less mediation is good for dogs because it creates their immunity.

The most common adjunctive therapy included the use of topical. Topical are shampoos and sprays that help in giving relief to the pet from itching. The best shampoo provides your pet with temporary relief. Also, it is more effective in fewer hair areas of dogs.

Another adjunctive therapy is the use of omega 3; these are fish oil capsules that provide relief from inflammation. These capsules don’t have any harmful effects on dogs.

  • Desensitization

Normally, dog allergy is triggered by climate. To avoid allergy, first tests are conducted by a vet, and then allergy shots are given to pets. Shots are turned out to be very effective. Now old allergy shots that were injections are replaced by oral medicine.

Desensitization is a very good solution for pet allergies. But it only covers a limited number of allergens. This shows that it is only effective when the type of allergy is known.

Is hydrocortisone toxic for dogs?

The most asked question to the vet is, can I use hydrocortisone cream on my dog? Hydrocortisone doesn’t have any side effects in humans.

However, overdosing on dogs causes severe outcomes. Hydrocortisone in cream is used for soothing inflamed, itchy skin that is caused by flea bites, dermatitis, eczema, and especially allergies. 

If a pet consumes a product containing hydrocortisone, it can lead to an increase in thirst, urination, panting, vomiting, and diarrhea. These kinds of ointment contain antibiotics that cause diarrhea in pets, especially dogs.

However, some sprays are recommended that are secure and safe to use on dogs.

Anti-itch medicine for dogs

Mostly adjunctive mediation that included topical and omega 3 immunity boosters are given to dogs to increase their immunity. Dogs can be given multiple anti-itch medicine, sprays, and shampoos that are easily available. Some are listed below:

  1. Zesty paws allergy immune supplement
  2. Pet honesty allergy relief immunity
  3. Veterinary formula clinical hot spot and itch relief spray
  4. Vets best healthy coat shed and itch relief supplement
  5. Pet lab co. Itch relief chew for dogs

Zesty paws allergy immune supplement

Zesty paw allergy supplement contains omega 3 wild Alaskan salmon fish oil, Epicor, digestive prebiotics, and probiotics. Safe ingredients are very effective towards itch, skin hot spots, and, most importantly, seasonal allergies. 

Besides all, Zesty products are FDA certified that ensures the safety and other standards.

Pet honesty allergy relief immunity

Pet honesty allergy relief supplements consist of omega3 salmon fish oil, colostrum, digestive prebiotics, and probiotics. This supplement is very effective in developing immunity from seasonal allergies. You will also get relief from itch, skin hot spots. They are soft chew with good flavor.

Veterinary formula clinical hot spot and itch relief spray

Itch relief spray is very fast-acting and effective. It heals and soothes itchy skin and is recommended for both dogs and cats. The very effective spray is listed under the topical medication category.

Vets best healthy coat shed and itch relief supplement.

This supplement is very operative in providing relief to dogs. The supplement has been recommended in case of irritation and shedding mainly caused by seasonal allergies and dermatitis.

Pet lab co. Itch relief chew for dogs

Specially made product is itch relieving chew for dogs. These help in soothing dog skin that contains turmeric curcumin, fatty acid, and hone. 

Best anti-itch cream and supplement for dogs

The best anti-itch for dogs is the Zesty paws allergy immune supplement. The product is very effective and recommends by many vets. Zesty supplements are good flavored chews that are loved by dogs. 

The best anti-itch cream for dogs is Calendula. It is a very effective anti-inflammatory cream that provides relief to itchy and inflamed skin. The vet suggests anti-itch that contains only 1% hydrocortisone is very effective for dog itch. An overdose of hydrocortisone is injurious to a dog’s health.


Dogs are the most loveable pets and require special care. The most common problem faced by dogs is itching. Most vets are asked the same question. Can I use an anti-itch cream on my dog? The answer is not every anti-itch cream is recommended for dogs.

Most anti-itch cream with high-quality hydrocortisone harms dogs’ health. So, it has been recommended to consult a vet if the dog faces acute itchiness.

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