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Do Bark Collars Work for Whining?

Human beings share a great relationship with dogs. They are faithful animals, and they can respond to the love shown by humans. Dogs are the most famous kinds of pets. Most people love to play with them and spend some quality time with them.

Although taking care of a dog is a time-consuming process. There are a lot of different things that you will have to consider.

It is also important to train your dog correctly. Otherwise, it might cause a hindrance to your neighbors. If you are thinking about doing bark collars, work for whining? Then let me tell you that there are a lot of accessories and products available for dogs. You can take some time out for your pet and read on them.

Many people face certain issues with their dogs. The common one is dog whining. Many dogs have this habit of Whining, which is irrespective of their age or species.

To control them, there are certain accessories available in the market. Some of them include vibration dog bark collars, shock bark collars, and even sparky collars. All of them have different uses. And a question comes to mind that does a dog bark collar work for whining?

It is entirely understood that the sound of a dog whining could be irritating. Although it is crucial to understand the reason behind the Whining of your dog, only then you can use a constructive method to stop it.

Do Bark Collars Work For Whining

Why do dogs whine?

Puppy whining and dog whining is a common complaint of all the pet owners. Your dog might be whining if he is going under any medical condition. Stress usually makes dogs whine. Thus, it is better to treat the symptoms than to focus on the cause.

Well, putting on a bark collar will surely stop the Whining. However, it will only be for that time. It is important to understand their behavior and find the cause of their Whining. Sometimes your dog might be whining or barking as that is its way to deal with a deeper issue.

As a pet owner, it becomes your sole duty to find out the problem instead of just treating the cause. It can so happen that by putting on a dog collar, you might completely deprive your dog if it’s a coping mechanism. This is because it might be his natural way of coping with any stress.

So, dogs might look for an alternative method to relieve their stress. They might prefer to indulge in activities like digging and chewing.  

In this situation, it does not matter how your dog releases its stress. The thing that matters here is that you have not catered to the main issue. At the same time, it is equally important to monitor the way you treat your dog when he is whining.

You can categorize yourself in three different ways as a dog owner when your dog is whining.

1. Uncaring dog owner of the whining dog

Uncaring dog owners are those who completely ignore the dog whining sound. The dog might be hungry or needs water, and that could be a reason behind his Whining. However, dog owners usually ignore that, and the dogs can get into a habit of continuous Whining.

At the same time, it can also affect your relationship with your dog. They might not bond with their owners at all.

So, do not be this uncaring dog owner.

2. The caring dog owner of the whining dog

The caring dog owners are extra cautious. They take a lot of care for their dogs and make sure that everything is okay with them. They take proper care of their needs but still keep them in the discipline. If you give them everything they want, then they will have a habit of Whining whenever they need something.

Thus, the caring owners understand their needs but make sure that their dog is not running them. It is always essential to add obedience training for your dog. Make sure that your dog follows your lead instead of you following their lead.

3. The over caring dog owner of the whining dog

Please do not fit into this category. If you can relate to this, then you should probably change yourself. Such dog owners will cater to every kind of Whining of your dog. Please remember that your dog might get in the habit of Whining if you behave in such a way.

They will understand that the dog whining sound will get them everything and so, they will quickly get in the habit of the same. 

So, as a dog owner, it is really important to stand the middle ground and balance things. This is quite essential if you want to establish a proper relationship with your dog. This will also avoid any pit-falls for almost all your dog problems. The other two extremes will not work with your dogs.

These were some of the different reasons because of which your dog might be whining or barking. If you are confused, you can always go and consult a vet, and also ask him about Do Bark Collars Work for Whining.

They will be able to guide you and help you with the same. If there is some medical problem with your dog, then your vet will be able to cater to it, and the dog whining might stop.

Besides trying all this, if your dog does not stop whining, then there might be a possibility that he has got into a habit of doing it. There might be a possibility that he thinks that he can get his way if he continues to whine. In times like these, a barking collar can come to your rescue.  

How Barking Collars can help with Whining

After the do bark collars work for whining, the next question is how do they help? So, read on!

Barking collars basically will pass an electric shock to your dog when he barks loudly. These collars get activated with the help of a loud sound. Sometimes, if your dog whines slowly, these bark collars for Whining will not work at all.

The vibrations of your dog’s vocal cords will activate most of the collars. Thus, the Whining does not emit enough vibration. So, there is a possibility that they will not work in such cases. So, the collar becomes useless and does not solve your problem.

Although there are some types of collars that can help you curb your dog’s Whining, you will have to buy a spray bark collar for the whining dog issue. This is because they do not work on a specific frequency of vibration to send the deterrent.

At the same time, please understand that these collars can also not curb the Whining completely. As discussed above, usually the reason for your dog whining is something else only. Many companies might trick you into believing that they can stop the Whining completely. However, that is not true at all.

So, please try and find the root cause of the same. However, if your dog’s Whining has become uncontrollable, then, opt for the spray bark collars.

bark collars for Whining

Spray Bark Collars

Some of the spray collars activated with the help of a sound. This means that you can adjust the sensitivity of the collar. So, you can activate it towards a lower level of sounds like Whining.

Thus, they do not react to the vocal cords moving but, instead, work on the kind of sound the vocal cords are emitting. So, spray bark collars can come to your rescue while a puppy whining.

Apart from that, there is no complicated mechanism on which these dog collars work. When a particular sound activates the collar, it sprays the dog with a deterrent. So, these collars will properly train your dogs.

He will be able to relate that whenever he whines or barks for no reason, he will be sprayed so, after you use if, for a certain amount of time, your dog will learn to stop whining and barking for no reason.

The sprays in these collars are not harmful at all. They mostly contain water, citronella, and lemon water. However, these spray collar models are not effective on all dogs. Some dogs are stubborn and angry. Also, sometimes these spray collars get activated suddenly by mistake.

So, your dogs might lose the importance of the same. They will also get really confused.

Shock Collars

Shock collars come of various types. The one that can work for Whining is the remote-based collar. Although, these collars will give a mild shock to your dog. So, whenever they whine or bark for no reason, you can press the button of the remote and the collar will pass a shock to them. These collars can be customized based on the amount of voltage you want your dog to handle.

This can come in handy when looking for bark collars for whining. It will train your dog and bring him into discipline properly. However, many people debate on shock-based collars and their uses.

Few people think that they are essential for getting your dog into discipline while some people feel that they are cruel.

So, in that case, the decision is entirely on you. Both these collars will help you control the Whining of your dog and pups both. So, you can at least try them once.

Apart from using different kinds of collars, there are some other things that you can try on your dog. Read on to find out.

Some Tips for Stop Whining without A Bark Collar.

Tip 1: Ignore them totally

Most of the time, your dog might be whining to get something from you. Mostly, they will do this to get your attention. This is because any dog owner will feel bad if their dog is whining and will certainly look at them.

Although, responding to your dog’s Whining will make them believe that they can have it their way.

So, the best thing to do is ignore them. When your dog starts whining, get up, and move away from them. So, when you move away from them, your dog realizes that Whining will not get him your attention. It will do the opposite. 

In the beginning, it might happen that your dog will start whining even more loudly. It might irritate you and torture you. Although, if you want the dog whining about being in discipline, then you might have to get through. After a while, your dog will automatically learn to stop whining.

Tip 2: Praise proper behavior

Dogs usually whine intense situations. This is also because they possess a lot of extra energy and so they want to play or go for a walk. Although, if you see your dog being calm in an exciting situation, then treat them. For example, if a guest has come and yet he stays quiet, give him something he likes.

With time, he will surely follow the reason behind him getting the treat. Also, you can use it against your dog in whining situations. So, find his favorite gift and get his Whining under control. A simple good boy or good girl will also work with your dog whining

Tip 3: Avoid yelling

It is quite easy to yell at a whining dog. However, you should resist this kind of temptation. In a way, yelling is also giving your dog what they want, which is your attention.

Although you might think that your dog surely does not want to yell, however, it can be termed as negative reinforcement.

Also, if your dog is whining due to anxiety, yelling will only increase that. You do not want that to happen. Thus, resist the urge to yell at them.

Tip 4: Get your dog to sit

There are certain situations when you need actually to cater to your dog’s Whining. In that situation, get them to relax. Give them a treat after they sit down. This will make them understand that being calm will get them a treat.

Although, use this sometimes only or else they will get in the habit of whining for a treat.


These are some of the answers to your question of the do bark collars work for whining and also some smart ways through which you can stop their Whining. You can use a combination of tips and bark collars to get them in control.

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