How to Train a Maltipoo not to bark?

How To Train A Maltipoo Not To Bark

Are you the owner of this beautiful hybrid breed Maltipoo and having issues with its barking habits? Then you are in the right place. We will discuss in detail about the Maltipoo behaviors and its barking habits and reasons. Moreover, when you reach the end of this post. You will have complete knowledge of Barking reason for your dog and how to train a Maltipoo not to bark.

How to Train a Maltipoo not to bark
No Bark Maltipoo

Do Maltipoos Bark a Lot?

There are always environmental reasons for dog barking. In the case of Maltipoo, we need to know about the barking behavior of its parent breeds, Maltese, and the poodle.

There is no hard and fast rule to find out which dog breed is quiet and which one is most barking. Some breeds, like guard dogs or watchdogs and hunting dogs, are bred to bark.

The guard or watchdogs barks when they feel threatened or feel some unusual activity on their premises. Hunting dogs are trained to bark to scare prey, so they come out of there hiding places.

Also, some dogs bark to seek attention and some other reasons that we will discuss in detail.

The most common concept is that toy breeds, or small dogs bark more than the other dog breeds. If you take good care of your Maltipoo, they will not bark a lot.

3 Reasons for Maltipoos Barking

Here are three possible reasons for Maltipoo barking. We will discuss them one by one in detail and also find out how to calm a barking dog.

  1. Fear and Anxiety
  2. Because of Boredom
  3. Barking to seek Attention

Maltipoo Barking due to Fear and Anxiety

Like humans’ dogs also has fear. This fear comes out when dogs hear a strange voice and or someone whom they don’t know, and they start to bark and whine. Due to fear and anxiety, the barking becomes heavy.

There is no specific solution to stop barking due to fear and anxiety. However, you can distract your dog’s attention by giving your dogs something to play or eat. Maltipoo puppies bark a lot, and they need special care. Feed the on time and keep them near you.

Maltipoo Barking Because of Boredom:

Like any other dog bread, Maltipoo also gets bored when they have nothing to do. When they get bored, they bark a lot, and their barking is constant. A bored Maltipoo barks out of loneliness.

The best way to keep your dog away from getting bored is to buy toys for them to play. Keep in mind when you buy toys for your dog. They should be chewable and reward giving toys, have noise or movement when the dog touches them. These toys will help to teach them to play independently.

It is a good idea to have two types of toy sets. Rotate these sets of toys so that your dog does not get bored. Also, keep your dogs’ favorite toys always with them, so they remain busy in playing with them. Your Maltipoo can be attached to some toys.

Maltipoo Barking to seek Attention:

When your dog is alone for an extended time period, they become lonely and start to bark or whine to get your attention.

To avoid attention-seeking barking of your Maltipoo, you have to set Schedule for walking, playing, and training.

When your dog used to the schedule and know that he will get attention soon, they will not bark a lot. Older dogs learn this fast, and if you have puppy Maltipoo, then it can hard to teach them.

Is Maltipoos Easy to Train?

Maltipoo becomes very popular among dog lovers because of its cuteness and fluffy hair. The people with allergies love this dog because it is hypoallergenic. If you want to keep this dog, then you must be interested to know that if it is easy to train or not.

The first thing to consider before having a dog is its temperament, how the dog responds to people and other aspects of the environment and surroundings. It is essential to understand the dog’s mood so you can decide that this breed is right for you and easy to train or not.

Maltipoo is the cutest hybrid dog. Mean it is the combination of two breeds, which are Poodle and Maltese.

When it comes to Maltipoo obedience training, Maltipoos it is quite easy. Because they understand instructions very quickly. Also, it is easy to teach them to get along with other dog breeds that you already have at home.

Mean they can get quickly become friends with other dog breeds. Maltipoo is a susceptible breed. They don’t like to respond to harsh wording shopping and screaming on them. It can cause them to stay away from you

Always remain positive and friendly with Maltipoo is the key to practical training. It can be any training e.g., barking, chewing training.

How to calm a barking dog

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Will my Maltipoo stop barking if I let him sleep with myself?

A: This can have some pros and cons if you let your dog sleep with you. It may help to stop your dog barking at night, but the most important thing is that this will not make your dog learn self-soothing.

So, the best idea is to train your dog for not barking. Also, for that, you can use some anti-bark collars or anti-bark devices for your Maltipoo too.

Q2: Maltipoo Barks on everything when I take it for a walk.

A: This is a widespread problem for dogs, and the owner usually stops taking out their dogs for a walk. It is not the solution. Maltipoo needs regular walk and exercise.

This best idea is to take your dog for a walk every day, and this will help them to get used to with all the objects around them, and they will stop or start to bark less on those things


It is clear now that Maltipoo’s are easy to train. They are intelligent dogs and understand what you want from them, and they will also let you know what they want from you as well.

However, keep in mind that Maltipoo’s are sensitive dogs, and you should be treating them with patience and a polite way during training. It will help you to train them fast and in the right direction.

If you are still confused and could not decide which dog is best for you, then stop thinking and go for Maltipoo. It will be fun to train them as they are intelligent and amiable and loving nature dog.

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Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects – All you Need to Know.

Dogs are the most popular kind of pets. They are friendly, cute, and loyal. Many people love their pups and find happiness by simply spending some quality time with them.

Although taking care of them requires effort and money both. It is as good as taking care of a baby. Dogs need a certain amount of training to be in discipline. There are various ways of doing it.

A lot of different kinds of accessories and instruments are introduced in the market every day. One of them is the shock collars. Many pet owners refrain from using shock collars on their dogs as it hurts them and can have a certain amount of side effects as well. In this article, we will discuss the Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects.

Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects Citronella Spray Collar

Apart from that, there are spray collars available as well although they are not as effective as shock collars.

Manufacturers often get a quick fix in the market based on the needs of the clients. The way they have got schemes of “get rich quick” and “lose weight fast.” They have also got one for training your dogs. It is known as citronella spray collar.

Well, everyone feels that it is natural and a great alternative to different shock collars. Although, it is vital to understand its workings and after effects both.

Are natural products good?

The word natural itself feels good and safe at the same time. It is obvious that we see chemical and pesticides as bad and harmful. So, advertisers love to present natural products as they know everyone’s obsession with natural products.

Nature offers us a lot of beautiful things. Also, natural things rarely have any side effects. Thus, people prefer those. Although, we must remember that death cap mushrooms are also natural, and heroin from poppy plants is also natural.

So,do not just buy the next product because the manufacturer claims it to be natural. Read the products properly and check their ingredients. It is a wise idea also to check the composition of each ingredient and the effects it can have on our bodies.

The reason behind mentioning the guide to natural products is because citronella is also natural. Citronella spray is used as a dog training product. Hence, it is necessary to read about the product properly to understand the effects it can have on your dog.

Before we know more about Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects, let’s first know what exactly is Citronella.

What is Citronella exactly?

Citronella smells like lemon. It is an extract from the lemongrass plant. It is used in bathing products like soaps and shampoos. Apart from that, it is also used in perfumes, deodorants and air fresheners. It has a fruity and citrusy fragrance.

Citronella spray collars can be used for dog training. It is especially used for stopping the dogs from problem behaviors.The citronella spray collar is placed on the dog’s neck. Every time the dog barks or whines for no good reason, a canister sprays the citronella on the dog.

The citronella smell which we humans love actually irritates your canine friend. Italso scares them. Although this is really hard to understand, however, this is the reason citronella spray can be used to get them into discipline.

It is seen that while citronella is used in a lot of different cleaning solutions also. Although, if you use those, then your dog will run in the opposite direction.

Is Citronella essential oil safe for dogs?

Citronella can also be called as a repellent. It is used as a pesticide as well. For this reason, citronella spray collars came into existence. The collars work on the audio levels of your dog. They detect the levels and then, spray the citronella on them.

Usually, if your dog is barking or yelping loudly, then this spray would come handy for training them. They are genuinely natural and better as compared to the shock collar. However, it is crucial to understand that they are not entirely safe.

Itis important to understand that citronella in large quantities can kill human beings. At the same time, citronella in small amounts can affect all kinds of animals. Lemongrass plant naturally produces citronella to keep its potential attackers away.

At the same time, a citronella spray collar emits a minimal quantity of the same. It is just enough to make your dog unhappy so that you can use it properly to train your dog. There are certain side effects that you can see on dogs because of citronella. The results vary from one dog to another.

If your dog is anxious or high strung, these sprays will fail to address the root cause. They might stop whining or barking, but, they will start taking their stress out in other ways like chewing or biting. Certain dogs can have some effects medically as well.

Although, it is important to note that the spray has small quantities and most dogs would be fine after using them.

Other Uses of Citronella

If you do not want to use bark collars that spray, then you can also use citronella in some other ways. The best way to do this is to spray it in your garden where your dog digs or disrupts the plants.

Dogs do not like the smell at all, and so, they will not come in that spot again.This is a safe and smart way of training your dog. At the same time, citronella is not harmful to your plants at all. Instead, it will help them grow and flourish.

At the same time, if you do not want your dog to jump on your bed, you can spray citronella on your bedsheets. In this case, make sure you like the fragrance of citronella. Although it is important to understand that you are not addressing the root cause of the behavior of your dog.

Although, it will help you to stop him from digging or jumping in your bed for a certain amount of time. However, none of these use have any side effects, or say, Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects.

Citronella spray collars are also much better than shock collars. Shock collars are dangerous and can surely cause them to hurt. At the same time, they have psychological effects on your dog as well. Although, both the collars will surely scare them.

How does the Citronella collar work exactly?

Many people find a citronella collar to be a weird thing when they hear it for the first time. Although it is the most popular when it comes to bark collars that spray. The collar has an attached microphone or a vibration sensor.

It is made in such a way that if the sound increases a specific frequency, the spray will release the fragrance of citronella although it will sometimes fail to work if your dog is whining.

The dogs will stop barking for no reason when they can relate that the spray is released when they bark. It is undoubtedly a great way to train your dogs. The spray is not harmful or painful to your dog. It is basically just unpleasant for them.

It will just act as a gentle negative reinforcement on your dog. Although, your dog will understand to stop barking as he will not want to trigger that fragrance again.

Usage of Citronella Spray Collars

Anti-bark collars are used for your dogs to control their whining and barking. If your dog barks in distress with no proper reason, then these can be your best friends. They can be used for dogs who bark for an extended period when their owner is not around. This behavior can disturb your neighbors also.

Spray collars are a useful tool for controlling and catering behavioral issues. These are issues that are not removed in professional training as well. Apart from that, the best part about the citronella spray collar is that it can be customized as per your needs.

You can set it in a way that it reacts to certain barks only, which can ensure effective use. You do not want to hamper the instinct of your dog and his barking.

Choosing a citronella spray collar for your dog

There are various devices available in the market. A lot of brands offer the same product, and it might be confusing for you to opt for one. Although, the best way to go about is to read the citronella bark collar reviews online. You will get a better idea through them.

Apart from that, there are certain things that you should always consider before buying a citronella spray collar. The foremost thing is that collars are not one size which fits all. You will have to take your pet and his neck size into consideration.

You will have to check his age, size, breed, and even temperament. Also, the frequency of his barking needs to be understood, as well. This is merely because the bark collars that spray works on frequency.

The best way to do this is to take your dog to the shop and the representative can help you properly. If you are planning to order it online, make sure to order collars that can be exchanged or returned.

Most shopkeepers will allow you to try those collars on your dog before buying them. The collar should sit comfortably on your dog’s neck. It should not be strained on the neck.

Every dog is unique and different. Thus, each collar needs to be customized to a certain extent. For example, a pup or a smaller dog will require a thinner collar.

At the same time, a bigger dog will require a thicker and sturdier citronella spray collar. People who have dogs with long hair need to make sure that their hair does not block the spray.

Make sure that the collar is very comfortable for your dog at all time. It should not be tight at all as that will have a risk of choking or problems with breathing for your dog. Citronella spray collars are made from various fabrics.

You will find them in plastic, leather, and even fabric. You will have to decide on based on what your pet likes. The fabric ones are very light. However, they get damaged and dirty easily.

On the other hand, leather ones are sturdy and comfortable for your dog, but they are not cost-effective.

Here are some of the Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects listed below.

Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects

  • Dogs with breathing problems shouldn’t have one of these collars
  • This makes their ability to breathe difficult.

DIY Citronella dog spray

If the collar needs a refill of the spray, you can make it at home as well. Read on to find out the citronella dog spray recipe.


  • Take a spray bottle.
  • Mix 4 ounces of distilled water with 4 ounces of witch hazel.
  • Add 30 drops of citronella essential oil.
  • Shake the bottle properly.

You can use this mixture without buying a citronella spray collar. Whenever your dog starts barking, spray this mixture in his direction. This will help you to control his barking to an extent.

However, this citronella dog spray recipe can come handy when you want to refill the collar as well.

Apart from all this, you can try and understand your dog better. Catering to the root cause will help you eliminate all his behavior issues. Your dog can bark for various reasons.Some of them are:

  • He can bark due to boredom or even because of lack of engagement.
  • If he wants to play with you.
  • If he wants your attention.
  • He can bark due to frustration and anger.
  • If he is showing curiosity.
  • If he is trying to warn you of danger.
  • He barks to threaten intruders as well.

If you understand your dog better, you will be able to understand what he is trying to convey to you with the help of barking. Sometimes, dogs bark also because they have some discomfort or pain in their body. If the barking goes out of hand, it is best to visit a vet.


These were some of the ways through which you can get your dog in control and discipline. Apart from that, it is wise to try the citronella spray collar at least once because Citronella Dog Collar Side Effects are not much harmful.