best collar for dachshund

10 Best Collar For Dachshund – Unbiased Reviews

Closer to the ground with sausage-like backs, Dachshunds are ever so often a subject of humor. They are commonly mentioned as “weiner dogs,” and don’t be baffled by their fun size because they can be vivacious as well. While this dog breed may never be up for any hectic exercise, they are always ready to … Read more

best collars for pugs

Top 10 Best Collars For Pugs [Unbiased Reviews]

Pugs are considered one of the best family dogs for their smartness, observance, and quick learning. Pugs are sleepy like cats and playful and affectionate with children, making them a great family dog. As pugs are smart and can be trained easily, you will sometimes notice stubbornness that can be dealt with patience. Dog collars … Read more

best collar for great pyrenees

10 Best Collar For Great Pyrenees [Unbiased Reviews]

Sure, Great Pyrenees is a soft giant but can be heavy-willed when he wants to be. At times like these, it is crucial to learn to control him at a second’s notice, primarily if he aims to “protect” you by chasing other animals.  If you don’t begin training early, it can get challenging to tame … Read more

best collar for italian greyhound

10 Best Collar For Italian Greyhound [ Reviews & Buying Tips ]

Italian Greyhound is a very active, fast, energetic, and loving dog. The dogs are always ready for outdoor activities, hunting; therefore, you need to take them out at least once a day. Otherwise, the dog can create a mess in the room. Therefore, a durable, robust, and reliable dog collar is essential. The collar lets … Read more