best collar for italian greyhound

10 Best Collar For Italian Greyhound [ Reviews & Buying Tips ]

Italian Greyhound is a very active, fast, energetic, and loving dog. The dogs are always ready for outdoor activities, hunting; therefore, you need to take them out at least once a day. Otherwise, the dog can create a mess in the room. Therefore, a durable, robust, and reliable dog collar is essential. The collar lets … Read more

best collar for australian shepherd

10 Best Collar For Australian Shepherd Unbiased Reviews

Australian Shepherd or Aussie; belongs to the Mid-West Rush of America. The dogs are very energetic, playful, healthy, and intelligent dogs. Therefore, Australian Shepherds can be good options as family pets.  The dogs love to go for a walk, want to play outside, and are very interested in outdoor activities. Furthermore, the dogs love to … Read more

best collar for beagles

10 Best Collar For Beagles Unbiased Reviews

Beagles are famously known as the happy-go-lucky dogs with extraordinary and natural hunting abilities!   This dog breed can make an excellent family pet. BUT, be aware, they can easily dig a hole or climb a tree! That being said, how do you control your beagle? With a collar, of course!  When you are looking for … Read more

Best Collars For Goldendoodles

10 Best Collars For Goldendoodles [ Reviews & Buying Tips ]

A few decades ago, a minimal amount of people knew that a Goldendoodle was nothing but a comical term, but since the 90s, this iconic breed has enjoyed a spectacular status in society.  These noodle-head dogs combine the intelligent personality and alertness of poodles with the wild, playful, and friendly nature that golden retrievers are … Read more