best heavy duty dog crate

10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

People have mixed reviews when it comes to dog crates. Some consider them to be cruel, whereas some find it quite helpful when it comes to house training their dogs. From our point of view, everything comes with some perks and drawbacks, and things aren’t the problem, it is how you use them. Dog crates … Read more

best dog crate for separation anxiety

10 Best Dog Crate For Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the biggest problems that dog owners have experienced and noticed in their pet dogs. At first, it is often hard to understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way, but after a while, you begin to get an understanding of the issue. Once you figure out that your … Read more

Best Crate For German Shepherd

10 Best Crate For German Shepherd

Crate training is an important step for all house dogs but especially German Shepherds. Dogs are wild animals, and your house isn’t dog-proof. Like a child, a dog needs to understand the difference between acceptable and non-acceptable. And that is where a crate comes in handy. What do you do with a child when we … Read more

best dog crate for pitbull

10 Best Dog Crate For Pitbull

Whether dog owners should use a dog crate for house training or not is a controversial topic. Some owners believe that without a crate, it would become impossible for them to train their dogs, whereas others believe that using a crate is just cruel in all ways. Well, everyone has their own opinions, but we … Read more