Dry dog paws Home remedies

Dry Dog Paws Home Remedies – Ultimate Guide

If your dog has dry and cracked paws and you have questioned in mind why are my dog’s paws so rough and you are looking for dry dog paws home remedies, then you are lucky because below, I will mention some best dry dog claws home remedies, so you can prevent your dog’s foot from getting dry.

Dog’s paws play a vital role in dogs’ daily life; they are used for walking, running, and hiking. We all know that dogs love to run, and if dogs’ feet are damaged and dry, it will affect a dog’s health, and they will not be able to run properly. To prevent dogs from getting cracks and dry skin, first, we need to understand the reason and cause for dry skin fully.

Dry dog paws Home remedies
Dry Dog Paws Home Remedies

Common Causes:

Below are some common causes for dogs getting dry crack paws.

  • Rough surfaces

The rough surface is the most common reason for a pet getting dry and cracked paws. When your dog walks on an uneven surface like sand, rough concrete, and rocky terrain will most probably damage your pet foot and will create a crack on them. 

  • Hot pavement

When your dog walks on a hot road or pavement, they are unaware that the road’s hot temperature will dry up all the moisture from their skin and create cracks. The hot temperature is dangerous for dogs; not only will it dry your pet skin but will also burn their skin. Try to walk your dog early in the morning or evening when the pavement temperature will be cold.

  • Excessive licking

Many animals love to lick their foot for no reason, and it is not suitable for their precious paws. Excessive licking is the most common and silly reason for dogs getting dry skin. Licking will not only dry up all the moisture and create crack but also develop a bacterial infection, which is very harmful to pet health.

  • Wintery Conditions

like the hot season, the winter season will also lead your pet’s feet to dry up. So, try to avoid walking your pet at extremely cold temperatures.

Dry dog paws Home remedies:

Below are some best dry dog paws home remedies to prevent and heal your dog’s dry paws.

  • Shea Butter

One of the best and easy ways to prevent your dog’s paws from getting dry is by using shea butter on your pet feet. Shea butter is nuts fat, which is optioned from shea tree. Shea butter is known for the best natural moisturizer and can be used as a dog paw moisturizer. Shea butter will heal all cracks and dry skin instantly. The best thing about shea butter is that it is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s licking habit; this is the reason we recommend shea butter for the pet.

  • Use Boots

I know it sounds funny but believes me; it will protect paws and will keep it moist. Just like boots are used for protecting our feet, it will also protect your pet foot. Boots will also look cute on your dog while protecting your pet foot. When your pet runs on a rough and hot surface, it damages their paws, so using shoes is the best option to protect your pet’s feet.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also be used as a dog paw moisturizer. It will smooth all the cracks in the paws and will keep them moist. Like shea butter, they are also organic and non-toxic and will not harm your pet if he licks the coconut oil from his paws. Another best thing about coconut oil is that it has antibacterial properties and will also protect your pet from harmful bacteria. 

  • Extreme weather precautions

The main reason for dry paws is hot weather. Hot temperature dries up all the paws’ moisture and damages the foot by creating cracks in it. On summer days, try to walk your dog in the evening or morning when the temperature is low.

On the other hand, in the winter season, avoid walking your dog at a cold temperature for an extended period, it will also damage the paws, and when you come back home from a walk, gently clean your pet paws with warm water.

  • Water

Always keep your pet hydrated on summer days; it will not only keep your dog healthy but will also protect them from dry feet and skin. Dehydration is the main reason for dry skin problems; if your pet is low on water, it will be harmful to your pet, they will most likely be a victim of dry skin problems. So, keeping animals hydrated is the best prevention and cracked dog paw pad treatment.

  • Calendula

Calendula is an herb best known for its multitasking and healing properties. It can be used on damaged or dry skin for healing, and when it’s come to cracked dog paw pad treatment, its the best option to use. Like all other remedies mentioned above, it is also non-toxic will not harm your pet.

  • Dog paws dry Vaseline.

You can also use Vaseline on your dog’s paws to moist and prevent further damage and dry skin. There is no doubt Vaseline is the best moisturizer in the world, and it is also suitable for your dog because it is non-toxic.

  • Dog paw moisturizer DIY

You can also create the best dog paw moisturizer at home for dry dog paws home remedies using simple natural ingredients at home. Ingredients that you can use to create dog paw moisturizer are the following.

  • Two to three tablespoons shea butter
  • Two to three tablespoons olive oil
  • Two to three tablespoons coconut oil
  • Two to four tablespoons beeswax
  • Few drops of lavender oil
  • bamboo skewer


I hope this article for dry dog paws home remedies was helpful. In this article, we have discussed why dogs end up with dry feet to understand the situation entirely. The most common reason for a pet getting dry skin is extreme weather conditions. Both cold and hot temperatures can cause dry skin.

Then I have mentioned all the possible and easy remedies to heal and moist your dog’s skin and all the mentioned remedies are toxic-free, which will not harm your dog if he licks it.

If you have any questions or problems, please ask us anything, and we will try to reply to you ASAP.

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