The First Time Dog Owner Checklist

Some things make you fall in love without saying or trying. A dog is one of them. You will never regret this decision of being a dog parent. Your dog will redefine love for you and change your life by 180°.

You will start living by the schedule of your dog, and you won’t be able to even leave the house without him. Most importantly, you will share every single detail of your day with your new doggo! If that is not unconditional love, then I don’t know what is.

Apart from all the lovey-dovey phase, there exists a responsibility phase for which you need to be prepared. And for that purpose, I got you a special first-time dog owner checklist.

First Time Dog Owner Checklist

first time dog owner checklist

Better reasons to have a checklist

Why do we create checklists? To worry less and get more done. Isn’t it like that? And when it comes to a checklist for a dog parent, you need to understand a few things.

Firstly, a list isn’t just for you to be relaxed and stress-free, but it is for your dog. That utterly beautiful creature deserves nothing but the best.

Secondly, you are going to be a parent of a dog, so you can’t afford any risk. Parents want everything on point for their babies. Not even better or second best, they always want the best for their babies.

If responsibilities freak you out, then this one might scare you as well. So, its time you share the burden with a checklist and go through a new dog owner guide to efficiently fulfill your responsibilities. Probably, this is the third reason for a checklist


I think now you are convinced that a checklist is pretty crucial, so without wasting any time, lets jump onto the checklist.

  • Basic knowledge of Dog Physiology

Undoubtedly, this should be the first point in a dog checklist because health over anything, anytime. Dogs are different from humans, and that’s quite apparent. So, this should compel us into knowing them medically as well.

Just the basic knowledge will work wonders. Please do your research and keep doing it often. You will be able to handle emergencies very well.

  • Vet

A basic insight about your dog’s body will be of great help when you are looking for a vet. You will make a critically wise choice due to your knowledge and research.

Also, you can be able to understand what the Vet checks monthly and what are the aspects you need to be cautious of between two visits.

It will help you to be more mentally involved in every regular medical checkup of your dog and promotes a healthy pet-parent relationship.

You need a carefully planned, new dog shopping list. There are many important items such as a

dog bed, which should be comfortable and spacious both.

Clean sheets are also essential, but other supplies to make the bed comfier are additional. You can skip them or add as many as you want.

  • Dog toys

Another important accessory is the toy or toys. To keep your dog engaged and to have a fun

time at the park, you will need a ball or something like that.

There are pretty of such options in which a ball is a basic one. You can go for a rubber bone, a chew toy, or even an interactive puzzle as well.

However, now tough toys are more preferred for great and productive interactive sessions.

  • Hygiene products

The way you keep your dog speaks a lot about you. If you are a gentleman, then let your dog

speak for it. Interestingly, there are many grooming products for dogs as well.

A shampoo accompanied by a conditioner will give the right feels of a spa day to your dog. Make sure to select a milder shampoo without any harsh chemicals (Reminder: double-check if your dog has any allergies before using any product)

A nail clipper is also as essential as other accessories. However, if you are unable to clip the nails of your doggo, get it done at the vet clinic but remember, it’s necessary.

  • Brush

Remember when you made peace with hair fall? When your hair strands in every corner of the house became normal for you? It’s time to shift to new normal dog hair in every corner of the house!!

You can’t get rid of it completely but lessen it with appropriate brushing. So, a brush is a necessity in that case.

  • Poop scooper

No matter how gross you find it, you can’t get away with your dog’s poop. To discard it efficiently, you need a scooper and a poop bag, so this inevitable, natural phenomenon does not become a burden on you.

Also, if you have a puppy, a sanitary pad will work great for the initial phase when you and the pet both are getting along (That’s my two cents on first-time dog owner tips!)

  • Dog tags

I wonder why I didn’t mention it earlier but anyway, better late than never. Make sure your dog

has it whenever you guys are outside.
Even better, make him wear the tag when you are not around. That would be safer.

  • Car cover

Make your dog feel special with his designated space in the car. Since he will be accompanying

you frequently in the car, he deserves a special place there.

Well, in that case, a car seat cover would be a great option. Also, it will protect your car from dirt, and there would be no dog hairs in it as well.

  • First Aid kit

This one is a very important item on the checklist, and I recommend making it your priority.

Accidents and medical emergencies are unpredictable.

All you can do is to be prepared beforehand. So, a first aid kit is a big necessity as your little pup won’t be able to speak for his pain

As you embark on this precious and amazing journey of dog parenting, all my well wishes are with you. It’s a terrific yet rewarding experience.

I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes I made due to which I wasn’t able to enjoy the initial days of my dog.

I never had a checklist, but I am truly aware of its importance. So, I recommended you a first-time dog owner checklist to have a fuss-free experience.

Do let me know if this checklist helped you with your doggies. Till then, happy parenting!

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