how far can dogs hear

How Far Can Dogs Hear?

Canines are astonishing creatures with powerful intuitions. Some folks say that they have a sixth sense because they can perceive things that humans cannot.

They rely on their keen senses to collect new information. They can detect infinite amazing things, and most of the time, they utilize their senses for good purposes.

Have you ever wondered how do they use their sense of hearing? How far can dogs hear?

The universal consensus is that dogs can hear 4 to 5 times further away than an average human, which means they can detect a noise about a mile away.

They have the ability to hear the whistle, thunder, fireworks, etc., before us. Actually, they can hear thunder approximately 40 miles on a clear day.

In this article, we will give you detailed information about how their ears work, how far can a dog hear thunder, and much more.

how far can dogs hear
How Far Can Dogs Hear?

How Far Can Dogs Hear?

Their ears consist of three parts. The exterior ear has the pinna—the part that is created of cartilage and is protected by the coat, which strengthens sound and transfers it into the ear canal, which is the trail that leads to the middle ear.

The middle ear has the Eardrum, Anvil and Stirrup, Hammer (3 little bones), and the Eustachian Tube, which attaches the middle ear to the nose’s back.

The inner ear has the cochlea (hearing organ) and the vestibular system that determines balance.

18+ muscles control the outer ear’s direction and movement, permitting them to revolve and modify their ears’ shape to capture sounds in a better way.

They are so good at hearing from far away that they can hear the sound of your vehicle on the road nearby.

Their impressive ears also help them to determine the precise location of your vehicle’s sound.

Their ears’ muscles are dumbfounding and far better than human ears when it comes to air vibrations’ fragilities, causing the sound.

Since dogs can hear 4 to 5 times better than humans, the average mongrel can sense sounds up to 80 feet to a mile away.

How Dogs Measure Sound’s Pitch?

The pitch of a sound is figured out by the wavelengths’ frequency.

The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). One wavelength cycle per second is 1 Hertz or 1Hz.

Higher-pitched sounds have a higher number of Hertz, whereas lower-pitched sounds have a lower number of Hertz.

Humans with average hearing can detect sounds between 20 Hertz and 20,000 Hertz. Dogs, on the flip side, have the ability to sense sounds between 40 Hertz and 45,000 Hertz.

Some dog breeds can also hear pitches at 75,000 Hertz. This is the reason they can hear sounds that are pitched tremendously high for humans and why they start barking for no reason.

how far can dogs hear
How Far Can Dogs Hear?

Signs Your Dog Is Hearing Something From A Mile Away You Don’t

Several signs indicate that a pooch is hearing something from a mile away.

Because you cannot hear sounds that are obvious for your four-legged baby, so how can you tell when he hears something from a mile away?

You can tell whether he hears something or not depending on his ears’ position. They may display different reactions to diverse sounds, but their ears forever have some kind of reaction.

They utilize their ears to pick up on new incitement. They adjust their ears’ position or perk them up.

If his ears are perked, it means he hears something. Also, his body language can tell you if he is trying to hear something.

He will have diverse reactions depending on the sound. Some dogs may howl or jump up to grab your attention to warn you of a threat.

When puppies hear sounds from a mile, they respond to them in fear and run to their owners for security. Some canines don’t react to sounds.

They may perceive them and decide that it is not important. In these states, you may observe their ears perk up for a moment before returning to their undisturbed condition.  

How Far Can Older Dogs Hear?

Hounds can hear from a mile away at all ages. However, old age can weaken human hearing.

You cannot stop your little one from growing older, but you can do multiple things to safeguard his hearing.

First of all, make sure his ears are examined at routine vet visits. You are his parent, so you have to talk about his hearing with the vet.

Here Is How You Can Do This:

  • You should be attentive and monitor his hearing. Also, take notes if it looks like he cannot hear as far.
  • Ask the vet if he can tell you how to speak to your canine that has weak hearing.
  • Discuss any issues or fears you might have about his hearing with the veterinarian.  
  • If he is displaying a reduction in his hearing, ask if the vet has any suggestions to aid delay hearing loss. 
how far can dogs hear

If You Want To Keep His Hearing Better, Do The Following Things:

  • Avoid loud and consistent sounds.
  • Avoid penetrating sounds.
  • Don’t take him to fireworks, shows, etc.
  • Provide him a noiseless place to retreat to during vacations, parties, etc.
  • Take care of his overall health and feed him high-quality food.
  • If you don’t like a sound, he won’t like it either.

How Far Away Can A Pooch Hear The Whistle?

Some people utilize a whistle to give their hounds instructions. Using a whistle is a splendid training technique if your baby cannot follow verbal guidelines.

Whistle offers a piercing sound that can be adjusted. Depending on the whistle type you have, your sweetheart can hear the whistle’s pitch from 400 yards.

Some folks may be worried about the effect of a whistle on their baby’s ears. If you don’t blow it when he is closer to you or consistently for more than 10 minutes, it won’t harm his hearing.

How Far Away Can A Mutt Hear Fireworks?

Some mongrels are scared of fireworks even from a distance because of their high-pitched sound.

Some countries have banned them because of their destructive impact on animals’ behaviors.

Canines can detect the fireworks’ frequencies better than humans can. Fireworks are high-pitched for humans as well.

The penetrating sound shriek when the fireworks are kindled to loud explosions when they blast in the sky is observed as a danger by dogs and causes them to react negatively.

Some hounds become anxious when there are fireworks. They may run and hide beneath the couch or dining table.

They can hear fireworks almost three times better than humans. They can listen to them between 80 feet to a mile away. 

How Far Away Can Dogs Hear Thunder?

It is not clear how far away they can hear thunder. Atmospheric pressures smells, and static accumulation might alert them of a thunderstorm.

However, with their powerful hearing, they can know a thunderstorm is approaching 15 to 20 minutes before it comes.   

You can feel the barometric pressure across his fur because it generates static electricity. It may make him feel uncomfortable as a thunderstorm comes.

The smelling sense of hounds is 20 times better than humans. When a storm comes, they can smell the rain from far away.

Due to weird sounds, feelings, and smells, they don’t like storms. If a thunderstorm is predicted, they may look anxious. They may also tremble, howl, pace, or pant.

If he dislikes thunderstorms, offer him a place to hide and, if possible, add relaxing music to that space to drown out the thunder sound.

Many people are frightened of a thunderstorm, so you can imagine how scary it can be for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Should I React When My Dog Is Trying To Hear Something?

Behave positively.
Don’t yell at him.
Don’t punish him.
Praise him in a positive tone if he reacts accurately.
If he does not normally bark or howl, figure out what might be alerting him.

2. How Far Can A Dog Hear In Miles?

Humans can hear something between 50 and 100 feet away. Mutts can hear something from a quarter of a mile or even farther. The build of their ears helps them pick up sound waves more clearly than humans.

3. How Mutts React To Human Voice?

A male human’s voice frequency is 125 Hertz, whereas a woman human’s voice frequency is 200 Hertz. It means dogs can hear a woman’s voice better than a man’s voice. If you are a man with a low baritone, he will have a hard time hearing your voice. If you are calling for him, you may have found that he responds better to a penetrating voice because he can hear it better. They respond better to a woman’s voice simply because it is high-pitched.


We can never know exactly “how far can dogs hear,” but researchers agree that the hearing ability of our furry fellows is 4 to 5 times stronger than an average human’s hearing ability.

If you notice that your hound barks for no reason, it could mean that he has detected something that is out of your hearing range. 

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