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How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar?

A dog is undoubtedly amans best friend. People around the world love dogs and they are undoubtedlythe most preferred pets. They are friendly, loyal, and adorable. What more doesone need?

There are a lot of dogaccessories available in the market as well from t-shirts to dog food andvarious other things. One of the things that are used for dogs is the shockcollar.

Although shock collars are a debatable issue when it comes to the pet owners, many owners swear by using them, and on the other hand, many find it cruel. Thus, it is essential to understand and read about shock collars.  

Dog shock collars come with a specific power of voltage. It is essential to understand the number of volts that can kill or hurt your dog. Thus, it is vital to read and understand about shock collars so that you can make an informed decision about the same and to know How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar is suitable.

What is a shock collar exactly?

For the uninitiated, shockcollars look like regular dog collars but are a lot different. It is because itcontains a small box with two different metal electrodes. When you put thecollar around your dogs neck, the wires will touch his skin.

Thus, the volts form there will pass to your dogs. Many people are just scared of listening to this. Although it is essential to understand that these shock collars do have particular usage, it is also important to know How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar are suitable for dogs.

Shock collars are also available in three different types. Two of them are the stimulus-response shock collars, while the other one is a remote activation shock collar. Read on to find out how they work.

Stimulus-response shock collar

There are two such kindsof necklaces. They are bark deterrent collars. At the same time, they areinvisible fence collars. Both of these features can be present in one collaralone.

What happens is that thebark deterrent collar sends a shock to your dog when he starts barking. And theinvisible fence collar will send your dog a shock when he reaches that part ofthe yard you do not want him to enter.

These are beneficial foryou as it will surely help you train your dog. At the same time, you need todecide if you want your dog to undergo shocks while teaching him.

A remote Activation shock collar

It is a better option as it is not automated. The dog owner has the shock collars remote in their hands. This control allows you to choose when you want to give a shock to your dog.

You will have to press a particular button on the remote, and then, your dog will be getting a shock.

Apart from that, thesecollars give you the full liberty of setting up a lot of things. You will beable to set the shock level and even the duration by yourself. Many peopleprefer using this one while training their dogs. It is because it is not automated,and all the controls are in the pet owners hand.

It is essential tounderstand that the shock collar is activated; it can generate a potentialcurrent of around 1500 volts to 4500 volts. It is also a painful shock. Somecollars also have a higher amount of voltage.

However, it is suitablefor training wild pets in the initial stage. Although, it is impossible tocalculate the exact amount of voltage faced by your dog while wearing the shockcollar as the manufacturers do not specify it accurately.

Non-visible containment collars for hyper dogs

Alternatively, thestimulus-responsive shock collars are also known as non-visible containmentcollars. They need to be activated to work. As mentioned above, they arehelpful when your dog crosses a buried wire.

Some high-level shock collars also emit an audible warning first. Listening to that your dog will stop crossing the area.

However, during thetraining process, they might get a shock initially. Although, after theyunderstand that, after that typical sound, they are getting the shock, theywill automatically stop. Dogs are smart animals. They can learn and pick upthings quickly.

Thus, it will be great foryou to train them. Also, these shock collars can be a great medium to keep themin discipline, if you see it from a different perspective.

When training for fencedspaces, it is a good idea to use small flags and some other visual indicator.You can put that on the training ground and make a visible border for your dogto relate.

Dog Shock Collar Guide

Remote based collars for small dogs

The same logic will apply for remote based shock collars too. You will be able to find shock collars that can give a beep or warning to the dog initially.

If they do not understand the warning, then another button can be pressed, and they may receive the shock. It is, again, a great way to train your dogs.

In this case, the shockcan be used as a positive form of punishment. The owner can give a shock whenthe dog fails to do what he/she wants. This particular shock collar will surelykeep your dog in the discipline.

Also, it will be easierfor you to handle them when you want to take them out. These kinds of collarwould work well for small dogs. Later, as they grow, they will be disciplined,and then there will be no need for you to use the activation remotely.

Remote based collars are generally used for behavioral issues. For example, if your dog is chasing the livestock, having predatory behavior and is having an inadequate recall response, this collar can come handy.

It is also a good idea to use this shock collar if your dog is indulging in dog sports such a field trials and hunting. 

Some dog trainers alsobelieve in using these remote-based shock collars for training typical petbehaviors like sit and stay.

Anti-bark shock collars for undisciplined dogs

The other kind of shock collars is anti-bark shock collars. They fall into the category of stimulus shock responsive collars. They work by detecting the barks of the dog. After that, they administer an electric shock.

This can be used as a formof punishment. This will stop the dog from barking. Although, you can use thisone if your dog is barking unnecessarily.

At the same time, if yoursole purpose of having a pet dog is safety, then training them with this one isnot a good idea. This is because your dog will be scared of barking and willnot bark if a stranger breaks into your house.

It is a good idea to useremote-controlled shock collars instead. You can use them when your dog isbarking for no reason. It can come handy when you have people to visit at yourplace too.

frequently asked questions

How many volts in a Dog shock collar?

Well, this is a question that almost all dog owners ask. They need to know the amount of shock that is okay for their dog to take.

Although the amount of voltage in a dog shock collar varies from collar to collar, it is essential to understand that not all shock collars have the same amount of shock.

Although, a shock collar typically can be ranging from 400 volts to 6000 volts. It is quite evident that 400 volts are the lowest setting available while 6000 is undoubtedly the highest. You have to decide based on the breed and capacity of your dog.

You can always opt for dogshock collars which give you the liberty to set the amount of voltage. Based onthe intensity of the training, you can change the amount of voltage.

It is also essential tounderstand that the voltage is not the main issue here. If you are worriedabout the harm that shock collars might cause to your dog, you will have tocheck its capacity.

Also, the length of thetime your dog is exposed to electricity is an important part. That is thefactor that can cause damage. 

The manufacturers of shockcollars should understand this concept and make sure that the duration of theshock is less. There are a lot of companies that let you customize the timelimit of the shock as well.

Before buying a shockcollar, make sure to check this particular feature and research well on thecompany. This will be a great tip if you want to avoid any tragedies ormishaps.

Can a shock collar kill a dog?

If you look back at the time, shock collars were not suitable devices. The old shock collars had only three settings, which included high, very high, and intense high. They were used to torture dogs. However, that is not the case now.

Only the name is adaptedfrom those collars. The modern-day shock collars only provide a mildstimulation. The sole purpose of these collars is to give an alert to your dogso that it understands its mistake.

It is a great way toprovide obedience training to your dog. This method works well, and so it isalso proven. Although, make sure not to overdo the whole shock process.

The best way to use themis while training the dog initially only. Once it understands and follows yourcommand, avoid using it completely.

dog anti-bark collars, how many volts in a dog shock collar
Effective of Shock Collars

Advantages of Using A Shock Collar

  • Great Results

It is possible to getfaster results in your dogs behaviors with the help of a shock collar. This isbecause dogs hate shocks, and so, they will immediately follow the pattern andavoid doing unwanted things. They will also stop quickly as compared to othertraining methods.

  • Ability to control

 All the shock collars that are available inthe market give you the liberty of controlling the shock intensity. Thus, youcan have full control while training your dog.

  • Automated training

Certain shock collars are great. The training can even continue in your absence. It will save you both time and effort. Also, this works best if your dog barks unnecessarily. Your neighbor will be more than happy about this feature.

  • Cost-Effective

Shock collars are both easyand affordable. If you compare other training or prevention techniques with ashock collar, it emerges as a clear winner. Also, it is much easier than hiringa professional dog trainer.


Shock collars are a greatway of cultivating a particular type of behavior in your dog. However, it isstill debatable, as some might still oppose the whole method. Thus, it is up tothe pet owner to decide.

Also, it is a good idea to consult a vet before actually investing in a shock collar. They will be able to give you the best advice. Sometimes certain dogs do not come in control and so, using a shock collar becomes important.

With this article, we hope that all your questions related to How Many Volts in a Dog Shock Collar have been answered.

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