How To Buy Dog Bed

How To Buy Dog bed? – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to dogs, people often tend to consider them as active pets that are always on the move. Well, if you look at it, it is a bit true. They do have a playful nature and would always stick with you once they get attached to you. But like all other living beings, they also need rest at times in order to keep that active nature intact.

Rest? Well, they do rest on the couch or on the bed with you at night. Should it be enough, right? Well, yes, it might be enough, but dogs need their own private space as well. They might enjoy being around you 24/7, but at times, they would always want to rest in a quiet place on their own without any disturbances.

If you think that the floor would do the trick, then you are wrong. Floors are hard and often can harm the joints and the back of the dogs. So instead, it is best to get some dog begs and place them at different corners of the house for your dog to rest at times during the day or even at night as well.

A dog bed is a very important investment. Just like you need your very own bed, a dog does too. They might look active and playful, but they are very sensitive and shy at times. Your bed might be too flat or big for them to enjoy their good night’s sleep. So why not get them a dog bed of their own where they can relax and rest.

If you are planning on getting one, then you have come to the right spot. Today in this article, we are going to be talking about dog beds in detail. We would be discussing all the factors related to dog beds so that you can easily choose the one that would be perfect for your dog. So let us go ahead to find out more.

What is Dog Bed?

A dog bed is a portable foamy bed that comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes to suit the needs of different dogs. A dog bed serves the same purpose as your human bed. 

It gives the dog his own private space to rest and move around without having to worry about hitting their bones and joints on the floor.

Most dog beds come with a foamy plush design and filling, which provides extra comfort and support to the dog. The thing about dog beds is that they are designed to cater to the needs of the dogs.

 So unlike your bed, these beds are designed with your dog’s needs in mind, thus providing them with the utmost comfort that they would need to rest and sleep peacefully.

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Types of Dog Beds:

The good thing about dog beds is that they are quite diverse and versatile. You can get them in different shapes, sizes, and designs. This gives you the luxury to find the best-suited dog bed for your dog at home. Dog beds are categorized into two major categories based on their functionality. Here are the most common types of dog beds that are available in the market.

Basic Styles Of Dog Beds

These are the most basic types of dog beds that are found in the market. Different designs are created by the manufacturers to provide multiple different benefits to the dogs. So let us see what each of these styles have to offer.

  • Flat pads – These are simply an flat pads, much like your mattress that is designed to fit inside the dog crates to give the dogs a comfortable base to rest on. They are usually simple in design and are available in different colors. The good thing is that they are highly inexpensive to get.
  • Nesting or snuggle beds – These are dog beds that are similar to bean bags in design. They are super comfortable and easy to get on and provide the comfy and furry texture to the dogs. They are best suited for small-sized dogs that like to curl up here and there.
  • Cuddler bed – These are the basic oval-shaped dog beds that are often found easily in the market. They form a hollow structure when the dog gets on and gives rise to small walls around him. If large enough, they can provide the perfect support to the back of the dog.
  • Bolsters – These are dog beds that come with a built-in side pillow at the one edge of the bed. They are mostly preferred by large-sized dogs that might suffer from back pains. The pillow provides the support that the dogs need to rest alongside them comfortably. If you are looking for large dog beds for your dogs, then these would be the best option.
  • Doughnut-shaped beds – These are circle-shaped dog beds that come with built-in bolsters all around them. A center pillow is also attached to the bed for extra comfort, but you can always remove it to create that perfect hollow shaped bed.
  • Waterproof beds – If your dog isn’t trained, then we would suggest that you get a waterproof dog bed. The material used is highly durable and doesn’t get damaged over the period of use. There are perfect for outdoor usage or for dogs that are incontinent. Plus, they are quite easy to clean as well.
  • Homemade beds –  If you don’t wish to buy a bed, you can always make your very own dog bed at home just like you make pillows for yourself. Simply cut the shape and add in the fluff to provide comfort. There are a ton of YouTube videos that you can watch to make a homemade dog bed.

Special Dog Beds

 In order to cater to the needs of senior dogs or special dogs, special personalized dog beds are manufactured to cater to their needs. Here are a few of the most common special beds manufactured in the market.

  • Orthopedic bedsThese dog beds are designed for elderly dogs that suffer from arthritis or other orthopedic disorders. Orthopedic dog beds usually come with a box-spring construction and an in-built medical-grade foam for extra support and comfort.
  • Heated Bed – Much like heated human beds, these beds also come with thermal insulators that keep the bed warm. They are usually designed for dogs that get cold quite easily or aren’t able to adapt to a colder climate. They are also great for dogs suffering from arthritis.
  • Travel beds – These are portable dog beds that are designed for traveling. You can easily fold the bed and store it in your trunk. They are bed suited for dogs who get anxiety when traveling to new places. Having their own bed to sleep in can help calm their nerves. Thus, they are also called calming dog beds.
  • Cot-style beds – These are dog beds that look much similar to your bed. They are kept above the ground to support the joints of the dogs. They do not come with a foamy base, so you can simply put a blanket on it to provide extra comfort. The added benefit of these dog beds is that they are quite easy to transport as well.

FAQ (How To Buy Dog bed)

1. Why does your dog need a dog bed?

Well, just like you need your own space to rest and sleep, your dog does too. Your bed might not be comfortable enough for the dog, so getting him his own bed might help him relax during the day or even at night. Here are a few reasons which suggest that you should get him a dog bed;

  • His own personal space
  • Specialized beds for his health conditions
  • A clean place for him to rest during the day

2. Would my dog like his dog bed?

Well, this is a tough one. Whether your dog likes his new dog bed or not depends entirely on his likes and dislikes. Before you go shopping, it is best to judge your dog for a few days and see whether he would want his own bed space. 

If yes, then what kind of a dog bed would be best suited for him. If you consider all these things, then hopefully you would be able to get a dog bed that he would like.

3. What are the common mistakes people make when buying a dog bed?

When it comes to buying dog beds, buyers often tend to make the same mistakes. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that you should avoid making when buying a dog bed for your dog.

  • Get the wrong size
  • Get the wrong shape
  • Get the wrong texture
  • 4. Are furry beds always the best option?

No, furry beds aren’t always the best-suited option. They might look extra comfortable as compared to the other dog beds but dogs with large fur often tend to get annoyed with furry beds whereas dogs with small fur enjoy furry beds. So it all depends on your dog’s likes and dislikes.


Buying a dog bed can be a bit of a tough decision. You want to be sure that you are getting the right dog bed that your pooch would enjoy resting on. So, before you make the purchase, make sure to keep his likes and needs in mind to find the best dog bed for your dog.

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