how to choose dog crate

How to choose dog crate – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The discussion on dog crates is usually a controversial one. Some dog owners believe that dogs must be crate trained, whereas there are others who believe the process to be cruel. In short, there are mixed views. But we believe that if used right, everything can work to your advantage.

Crates are mostly used for easy transportation and for security purposes. A crate is very much like your dog’s bedroom, just like you have one, so why the issue? We have seen most dogs happily adapting to their crates and making it their personal space, which they tend to enjoy a lot.

If you are here, then you are probably planning on getting a crate for your dog. Whether you are planning to train your dog or want to upgrade the existing crate, it is highly essential that you get the right crate for your dog. Don’t know much about it? Not to worry because we are going to be discussing everything about How to choose dog crate in detail below. Continue reading to find out more.

how to choose dog crate
How to choose dog crate

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is much like a portable dog den in your home. Dogs are descendants of wolves, and the thing about wolves is that they like to create their very own den in the middle of the jungle. 

These dens act like a small home for them where they can sleep or nourish their children.

 A crate is designed with a similar idea in mind. It is a small plastic, wire, or metal cage that comes with a door. 

In most cases, it acts like a dog bed that you can place in any corner of the house. But the main uses of a crate are transportation and security.

Types of Dog Crates:

Everyone isn’t open to the idea of dog crates. Thus, the good thing here is that they come in multiple different types. Each type has its own set of pros and cons, so you can easily choose the one that you believe would best suit your dog.

1. Wire Dog Crate

As the name suggests, a wire dog crate is a type of crate that is made up of solid sheets of metal or thick metal wires molded together to create a small yet comfortable den for your dog.

They usually come with a single opening, but you can also get the ones with multiple different opening points.

The good thing about such crates is that they provide great airflow, which makes them perfect for humid and hot climates. Plus, since there are no thick walls or something, thus you can easily monitor your dog’s actions at all times.

The only problem is that some dogs are a bit shy and prefer a bit of privacy. In those cases, these aren’t the best choice to go with.

2. Plastic Crate

Plastic crates are quite common. You might have seen one in the movies as they are mostly used for transportation when traveling via airlines or long drives.

They are much like two big-sized plastic baskets joined on top of one another to create an enclosed box.

The good thing about these crates is that they are highly portable and durable at the same time as well.

They also provide the perfect insulation in the cold and timid climates but aren’t best suited for warmer climates as there is limited airflow.

The enclosed nature of the crate does make it hard to clean, but at the same time, it also provides more security and privacy to the dogs.

3. Soft-sided Dog Crate

Soft-sided dog crates are made up of polyester and mesh material. They are designed for occasional trips thus aren’t suitable for dog owners looking for a permanent one.

A soft-sided crate is a combination of plastic and wired crates when it comes to privacy and airflow. The mesh net material allows the air to flow freely, whereas the solid lining provides the privacy that your dog needs.

They are quite affordable and lightweight. The good thing is that you can fold them and store them away and only use them for occasional trips. Due to their design and style, they are best suited for small-sized dogs and not large ones.

4. Stylish Dog Crate

People who wish for their dogs to have their own permanent space often tend to invest in more stylish and heavy-duty crates that are built to last.

The good thing is that they come in multiple designs and sizes so you can easily get the one that suits your dog and your requirements.

But they are a bit expensive as compared to the other dog crates due to the additional features that they come with. In most cases, people go with wooden dog crates that come with a dog bed, separators, and a cleaning tray.

But they are heavy, so they aren’t the best option for transportation purposes. 

How to buy the right dog crate for your dog?

Getting the right-sized crate for your dog is very important. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. Since the idea behind a crate is to provide your dog with his own personal space, it is best that it suits his requirements and not yours. So, measure your dog in all three ways to get the accurate size for your dog crate.

· Height

To measure the height of your dog, you will need them to sit down. If they are trained then, this shouldn’t be hard, but if not, then a treat or two would do the trick.

Make sure that your dog is in an upright position. Now measure from the tip of his nose to the ground and add 2 to 4 inches to get the minimum height for your crate.  

· Length

The length of your dog is very important. You want to get this right if you want them to enjoy an ideal free space. Get your dog to stand on all his four paws.

Now, measure from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail accurately! If you have a small dog, then add 2 inches to the length. But if you have a big one with a thick tail, then add at least 4 inches to the length to get the right measurements.

· Weight

The weight of your dog is also important because most crates come with weight ranges. Measuring the weight of your dog doesn’t focus much on the size of the crate but on the durability of the crate.

Crates are designed to hold a certain amount of weight. If it exceeds the limit, the crate might break down and wouldn’t be perfect for transportation.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Dog Crate

When buying a dog cage, it is very important to get the right one. But how do you know which one is the right one? Well, here are a few factors that should help you out. Considering these factors will help you figure out which out of the many crates in the shop is the best suited for your pooch.

  • Size & Age
  • The climate of the region
  • Style of your home
  • Dog’s needs

FAQ (How to choose dog crate)

Is it cruel to use a dog crate?

No, it is not cruel to use a dog crate. People who believe that dogs need to be free do not understand their nature fully. Dog’s love to move around, but at the end of the day, they need their own personal den to crash in just like us humans. 

If you use a crate for training or transportation only, then there is nothing wrong with it. So it all depends on how you use it? Do you want to use it as a personalized home for your dog or a cage, the choice is yours.

What cozy accessories a dog crate must-have?

It is always a great idea to add a few cozy accessories to a dog crate to make it a bit personalized and homey for your dog. Here are the most commonly used dog crate accessories;

It is quite easy to train a younger dog. Since they are just adapting to the new environment around them, you can easily train them to do anything.

In contrast, it is harder to train an older dog that is used to sleeping in your bed and doing his business everywhere in the house.

So it is not impossible, but it is a bit hard to train an older dog as compared to a younger dog.

Why should you use a dog crate?

There are multiple reasons for you as a dog owner to get a dog crate for your dog. Here are a few of them that would compel you to get one right away;

  • To give personal space to your dog.
  • Use it for transporting your dog and carrying him with you to work or long flights/drives.
  • To limit the movement of your dog for his own safety and security when in an unknown place.
  • To discipline your dog.
  • Prevent him from chewing your furniture.


Buying a dog crate is an important decision. Since you want your dog to get used to the crate, thus, it is very important that you get the right one for them. Whether in terms of size or design, you need to do your research so you know exactly what you should get in order to cater to the needs of your dog.

The above buying guide explains everything about dog crates in detail. It will definitely help you educate on the topic and give you an insight into the buying process. So read through it thoroughly to enjoy a seamless buying experience and get the perfect dog crate for your puppy friend.

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