how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

How To Deal With Neighbors Aggressive Dog

How To Deal With Neighbors Aggressive Dog?

Coming across a hostile canine is one of the horrifying things anybody experiences, but what if this is your everyday life because your neighbor has an extremely loud and belligerent hound.

Aggressive dogs wandering around the neighborhood freely may create several problems for everyone around the locality and folks who have to walk by your neighbor’s house.

Encountering your neighbor’s violent dog regularly is terrifying; nonetheless, you are not completely helpless.

So, how to deal with neighbors’ aggressive dogs? Well, first of all, you have to analyze the situation before speaking to your neighbor, such as knowing what causes the mutt to behave aggressively and then, talk to your neighbor in a positive way and explain the situation.

If your neighbor is not ready to do anything about the situation, you have the right to report them to your local animal control authorities to solve the problem. If the authorities refuse to help you, you can take help from the media. 

If you want to know how to deal with neighbors’ dog aggression and how you can prevent and safeguard yourself from a dog attack, then continue reading. 

What Are The Types Of Aggression In Dogs?

There are three different types of dog aggression that are as follows:

Possessive Aggression

In this type of aggression, they try to guard their owner and their assets.

Protective Aggression

Protective aggression is when they charge an individual who might cause them damage or their owner.

Territorial Aggression

In this type of aggression, they bark or attack folks if they enter a mutt’s area.  

how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

Reasons Of Aggression In Canines

These are the most common reasons for aggression in hounds:


Some diseases can make the hound short-tempered.

If he loves to horse around with his peers but recently has become aggressive and attacked, he may be suffering from an underlying health issue.


Modifications in his environment can make him worried, causing him to show aggressive behavior.

If your family has come to your house for vacations or you have moved to a new apartment, your pooch may become anxious.   


It is the biggest reason for dogs to behave violently towards humans and other animals.

Negative experiences with hounds, abusive behavior of past owners, and a lack of socialization are the major causes for dogs to exhibit fear-based behavior.

They normally display fear-based aggression if they feel at threat and need to protect themselves.

Leash Aggression

Is your mutt approachable and sociable most of the time?

Does he begin shouting or barking at everything that is in front of him when you put him on his leash?

If yes, then he has leash aggression, which is typically concentrated at other mongrels. They become aggressive when they feel restrained by their leash.

How Can I Know If My Neighbor’s Dog Is Aggressive?

  • Barking in an intimidating way
  • Stiff and attentive body
  • Lunging towards an individual without any interaction
  • Lips drew back
  • Lips forward
  • Raised coat
  • Roaring and snapping
  • Exhibiting their teeth and grumbling
  • Wagging

What Should You Do If An Aggressive Dog Approaches You?

If an aggressive mutt is coming towards you, here are some recommendations on how you can react to the situation:  

  • Make sure you are attentive. If you are running with your earpods, take out one so that you will be aware of the imminent hazard. You should pay attention to strange movements or noises around you.
  • You should not make eye contact with the aggressive pooch. Staring at him may cause him to attack you. Speak to the canine calmly while you gradually move backward.
  • If he comes closer to you, put an object between you and him, such as a jacket, bag, etc.
  • You must avoid shouting or yelling at the aggressive mongrel. Also, avoid running away with him in pursuit because it will only deteriorate the issue.
  • If he is barking, avoid entering his territory.

What Should You Do If An Aggressive Dog Tries To Attack You?

Nobody wants to come across their neighbor’s violent hound that is ready to attack.

You would ponder that he would be acquainted with your perfume and presence.

But, some pooches don’t recognize any of that and are only concentrated on shielding their territory.

They become aggressive due to several reasons, and it is tough to determine exactly what triggered the behavior.

If your neighbor’s angry furry baby tries to intimidate or attack you, you should do the following things:

  • Communicate with your neighbor about the event. Dog parents sometimes don’t realize that their canine is aggressive. Therefore, you should call their attention but speak to them positively and calmly.
  • If your neighbor’s pooch is loose, capture pictures or videos of him acting violently. However, make sure you are in a safe area while making videos. The videos or photos will serve as proof of your claims if the situation goes out of hand.
  • If you have spoken with your neighbor, but you are sure that they have done nothing to modify the situation, talk to them for the second time.
  • If repeated meetings with your neighbor did not solve the issue, you can report the situation to authorities and provide the proofs you have collected to support your claims.
how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog

How To Deal With Neighbors Aggressive Dog?

Don’t Yell And Leave Notes In The Mailbox

Leaving notes in your neighbor’s mailbox or on the door won’t solve the issue.

Perhaps they will either miss them completely or dismiss them as insignificant.

We would recommend you to have a face-to-face conversation with your neighbor and address your problems. 

Evaluate The Situation

Before reporting the issue to local authorities, you should observe your surroundings to find the triggers that may cause the dog to behave aggressively.

Is it because there are animals or pets entering the yard? Or are their kids around disturbing the canine that can deteriorate the situation?

You can elect to fence your backyard to make it safe. In this way, you can help to diminish the quarrelsome behavior of the dog.

Talk To Your Neighbor Diplomatically

If you talk to your neighbor in a harsh tone, he will become defensive. That’s why; you should communicate with your neighbor calmly.

You may find out that he already knows about the problem. Give him enough time to rectify the issue.

Dogs cannot change overnight. One or two weeks are not sufficient to make long-lasting behavioral transformations.  

Make Photos Or Videos

If a loose mutt is acting aggressively in your street, try to capture pictures or videos if it is safe for you to do so.

If this is a frequent issue, having evidence in the form of photos or videos will support your claims if you need to call the animal control authorities. You can also show the evidence to the dog’s owner.

Contact Animal Control

If you have spoken to your neighbor multiple times, but no progress has been made so far, then it is the ideal time to contact the animal control department to report the problem.

Also, give them the evidence you have collected to support your claims.

If Injured, Get In Touch With A Dog Bite Lawyer

If your neighbor’s aggressive dog has bitten you, the foremost thing you need to do is to get medical help. After that, get in touch with a dog bite lawyer.

If you have already informed the neighbor and local authorities about the situation and nothing was done to resolve the problem, having video or photographic proof will be tremendously helpful for your case.    

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Complain About My Neighbor’s Growling Dog?

Before complaining, you should try to talk to your neighbor about the problem. Also, you should utilize a dog whistle whenever the hound growls loudly for extended durations.

2. What Should I Do If My Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog Invades My Backyard?

If he enters your backyard, stay calm and start to move backward. Avoid screaming or yelling at the canine as it can worsen the situation. Instead, talk to the hostile pooch in a comforting voice and avoid staring at him. Looking into his eyes might trigger him to attack you. 

3. Can Aggression In Dogs Be Cured? 

There is no assurance that aggression in canines can be thoroughly cured. The only way to handle the problem is by restricting his interaction with people, circumstances, or things that trigger his aggression. Dealing with an aggressive dog is a risky task. If your hound is aggressive, you should always be cautious and assume that he is not cured.


Dealing with a neighbor’s hostile dog can be difficult, but luckily, there are many things you can do to guarantee that the canine is kept and protected.

That way, everyone in the neighborhood can sigh in relief and feel secure while passing by. It is beneficial not only for you and your neighbor but everyone else around the locality.

We hope that our in-depth guide on “how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog” helps you. So, start following these guidelines to stay ready and avoid any serious situations.


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