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How To Make My Pitbull Gain Weight And Muscle?

When you own a pet, you then become solely responsible for taking care of their health, just like a parent would do for their kids. Their daily food intake, grooming, exercise, walking, etc. become part of your daily routine.

Let us talk about Pitbull! While taking care of the rest of its needs, I will also think of how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle? Keep in mind that obesity can be very dangerous for your pitbull. I have collected the exact information which will help you answer this question.

What should things be kept in mind before feeding your pitbull?

You must be well aware of the fact that whether it’s a human being or an animal, feeding habits need to be developed over some time. When the kids are young, you try to introduce them to healthy food rather than junk. To make them healthy is your mission rather than making them just fat!

Similarly, when you get yourself a dog like a pitbull, you need to train them in their eating habits just like any other habit. If you try to make them bulkier, which they already are genetical, you might end up making them lazy and slothful.

You should not be focusing on how to make my pitbull fat, but should drive yourself in searching for ways to make them muscular!

how To Make My Pitbull Gain Weight And Muscle

Mental and physical exercises

To keep your pitbull fit and energetic, the first thing you should train them for is the physical workout. Pitbulls have a naturally fibrous body with sporty characteristics. If not maintained or trained, they can turn into very slow, steady, and fat beings!

Of course, you would not like your fast as a light pitbull to turn into as slow as a snail. Therefore, you should focus on pitbull exercises to built muscle. Let me give you an overview of the playful acts that you can carry out with them.

  • Morning and evening walks.

Dogs love to socialize! Especially the kind of a dog pitbull is, it does not like to stay indoors. Rather it loves to go on walks with you regardless of the time. If this walk is accompanied by some other Pitbulls or any other dogs, it would be a cherry on top for your pets.

Pitbulls would love it. It is not that dogs want to snuggle around with each other. They do love to have a walk with dogs of their kind.

  • Completing challenges

If you have a big lawn in your house or if you can take your dog to some park, and plan some challenges for them. For example, setting hurdles for them to reach their favorite toy or their favorite food?

Pitbulls are having athletic built can easily complete such challenges. This would benefit them physically as well as mentally. A lot of mental energy is used to guess the exact height of the hurdles kept to jump accordingly.

  • Playing different games

You must have noticed that whenever you throw any object far in the air, cats and dogs love to run after that. They would catch it and bring it back to you happily. No matter how many times you do so, they will still bring it back to you!

So this is an amazing exercise of the Pitbulls as well. They will continue running and fetching objects until they get tired. And this proves to be an excellent way their muscles can be made strong naturally.

  • Pitbull Vs. pitbull

Another way to keep your pets going on with the flow is to make them meet other dogs. You can leave your pitbull with another dog for a while, no harm in that. Both of them can wrestle around or interact with each other in their way. This can boost up the mood of your pet and have positive effects on its mental health.

Feed them the right food!

A very common mistake that most of us make is feeding our Pitbulls everything which we can! Not thinking about the consequences our pet can face because of that, we sometimes overfill their stomachs.

Always keep in mind that if your pitbull puppy is very well trained by you, it will never bother you for having food that you don’t want it to eat. If not, then you will have to bear with their mood swings!

If dogs are overfed, it can lead to a lot of health issues for them in the future. Diabetes and fatness are among the common ones which usually dogs face. Some rare one includes kidney liver and pancreatic issues.

The exact diet

For building a muscular part of the body, proteins have an integral role to play. There are certain amino acids that, if given to the Pitbulls in their diet, can help them grown drastically.

Proteins prove to be the best dog food to build muscle. You can easily find these in the dogs’ food, which is meant for such breeds. Some dog food is meant for aggressive growth. They, too, contain the same elements.

It is suggested that you serve your small pitbull portions at different intervals. Please do not give them a full platter of food at once, as this might not leave them full for the whole day. You can give them 6 portions of food with either different or the same items 6 times a day.

A mixture of dog food, chicken, and fish is probably the best thing you can feed your pitbull. However, you should still be vigilant enough and check if your dog develops an allergy to any of the foods.

Will your pet need any supplements?

Well, this depends on you as the owner of the pet. If you want, you can feed them with vitamin supplements too. If you think your daily food is enough for them, then it is not mandatory to give them supplements. All the pet supplements are animal friendly without the fear of allergies.

Pitbull supplements for muscle building include a variety of nutrition in it. These vitamin supplements consist of omega-three and omega-six. These supplements are made to cover the nutritional facts that dog food can not cover alone.

Along with this, these blend easily with the dog food that you prepare. Dogs love their taste and do not hesitate or act differently when fed with these.

These supplements not only increase the built of your pet but also have many other advantages like,

  • make their fur look shiny and feel silky soft
  • their hair quality becomes thick
  • energy levels increase remarkably
  • healthier-looking skin


The article above revolves around the topic of how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle. All the facts have been mentioned for you to gain insight into how to maintain the muscle health of your dog.

Doing it in a friendly way rather than an aggressive manner will help you more. Let me know if you have any suggestions regarding the article.

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