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How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone?

No doubt that dogs are adorable, and many of us like petting them. They are becoming more of our family. Coming home to see the kind gesture relieves one from the stress of a hard and tiring day.

Petting a dog can sound to be a fun thing, but with it comes the responsibility to learn how to manage and tame it friendly to our culture. One of the biggest challenges that most of us face when petting a dog is its howling and barking when it is left all alone. So, today let’s talk about How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone.

Well, all dogs bark. But when a dog is left all alone at home. Its continuous bow-bowing and howling can be a big problem, especially if you don’t live in the countryside in a detached house.

You might face worse after a hectic day at the office and coming home to the complaints about your dog barking all day from the neighborhood.

Most of us might be facing this right now, and are looking for a solution. If you are riding the same boat, then fret not folk, read ahead about How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone and you will not regret landing on this page.

Why is your dog howling and barking so much?

Wait a moment! Before, head out to actually find a solution or specifically say a solution to our dog howling when left alone, or even talking about How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone; let’s get a brief insight into why is your dog barking so much.

Like they say, “start from the roots,” we should first figure out what is our dog facing to find a better solution.

We all aware of the fact that the dogs don’t just bark for the sake of it. There’s always something about a dog barking. It must have sensed an intruder in the vicinity of the house or is trying to tell you it’s hungry or want to relieve.

So, whenever you can’t stop that excessive barking of your dog and find a little change in its behavior. Then the first thing you need to do is figure out the reason why it is barking or howling.

You can’t just place him in a crate, use bark collars for howling or ask your local dog trainer to stop your dog from barking.

So, let’s have a glance at the list of reasons for why do dogs howl or bark so much?

We can figure out a few factors that can cause our dogs to bark so much when left alone. And the most probable reason could be boredom in combination with separation anxiety.

When we leave for work, our dogs have no idea if we are going to come back even when we assure them of being home soon before our exit. The dogs can’t rationalize the time frame.

Let’s understand these factors in a more detailed way to help our dogs and ultimately ourselves.

Factors that are causing our dogs bark so much when left alone

Like humans, dogs can also face anxiety and boredom problems, but these are a little different kind, let’s understand in what way.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in pet dogs. Every dog owner, at some point in their lives, has to deal with this situation. Understand it as a situation where your dog can’t deal with being alone or temporarily separated by us. They try and act out to get attention and communicate their needs.

So, how do you understand if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety? You can figure out this when you see your dog frantically barking from down the street after you leave or barking when you are out of sight.

If this is what you experience with your dog, then you are getting a firm indication of his suffering from separation anxiety.

Moving on to the next factor


Dogs form close bonds in short span. They always want to be around you playing or sleeping and doing stuff. What they don’t want is being left all alone surrounded by silence.

When left alone, the dog might bring a few changes in itself. Boredom quickly turns into destructive behaviors like howling, barking, whining, and sometimes escape efforts as well.

So, these were the most primary factors that will cause excessive barking of your dogs when you are not around. So, now that you are aware of these factors of your problem let’s head straight to what you can do about this.

Now, that we have known the reasons, let’s move on to How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone.

how to stop a dog from howling when left alone

How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone

First and foremostly, work on reducing their anxiety

Like they say, “prevention is always better than cure”. It is a better approach to prevent such situations affecting your dog at the earliest than dealing with the later negative behaviors in the dogs. So, make a plan and put in place to reduce puppy separation anxiety.

Well, you can’t achieve this without contributing your efforts. You should make sure you do all the below-listed stuff for your dog’s betterment before leaving your dog.

  • Exercise – A long walk with your dog before you leave him alone at home can ensure that he can get rid of any pent-up nervous energy. Not just the walk, spending some time playing Frisbee with your dog can also benefit.
  • Food and entertainment – Like any human, dogs can be “hangry” too, and a hungry dog can do everything to indicates someone of its. So, make sure you provide your dog with all the provisions before you leave. Talking about the entertainment, always have your dog surrounded by a few durable toys to relieve him from boredom. Give him the toys that offer to hide treats in the this can keep your dog occupied and distracted from barking through the window all day.
  • A comfort blanket can help too! – Dogs bark because they miss their owners and so if we provide them anything that can make them feel less lonely can contribute substantially to silencing them. Stuff like an old shoe or something that they can smell and soothe their emotions will work really well.
Stop Howling

Try this out if your dog is one of an obstinate kind!

Not all dogs are the same, and some are more stubborn in characters than others. So, if you are struggling with a stubborn pup and nothing of the tricks mentioned above seem to be working to stop your dog from barking when left alone. Then you could probably try the natural anxiety supplements and behavioral training. 

Natural anxiety supplement to treat your dog’s anxiety

If you take a keen observation, then you can figure out that the anxiety and boredom both go hand in hand. So, if you could treat your dog’s anxiety, then you are simultaneously finding a solution to its boredom as well.

Well, have you ever heard of CBD-infused dog treats? It is making big waves since the past couple of years in reducing the anxiety in dogs.

Do not confuse them with any other anti-anxiety medications that your vets prescribe for your dog. The CBD treats different and works to soothe the dog’s nervousness.

It reduces the nervousness in dogs by triggering the receptors in his internal endocannabinoid system (yeah, a little biology, but not complex to understand and use).

So, once these receptors are triggered, your dog’s body automatically starts to produce the massive amounts of Serotonin (now, this is a chemical that is responsible for mood regulation). 

Talking about its universal acceptance, CBD has been notorious for a while, and thus, not many professionals have adapted CBD products as the best way to treat a dog’s anxiety.

But like mentioned above, it is slowly being accepted and is being added in many reputable vets’ repertoire, because of the incredible anecdotal evidence of it working in reducing the dog’s anxiety. 

So, making the point clear to you, the CBD treats can be used if you have a really stubborn character dog and the best part of it is that it is absolutely natural free from toxins and chemicals, and above all, it doesn’t cost your earth.

why do dogs howl


Every one of us wants to have a well-behaved dog that doesn’t get us in trouble, especially when we are not around. We want our dogs to behave itself all the time everywhere from public places, to home and most importantly when it’s left all alone on its own.

We can bear that mess around it makes when we are not home, but when it messes up things barking all day driving the neighbors mad can be out of line. And so, all of us are looking for ways on How to Stop A Dog from Howling when Left Alone.

We are expecting our dogs to be perfect when the reality is that there can be no such thing with absolute perfection. Few compromises, little tweaks, and adjustments here and there can solve many of our dog’s emotional issues it is experiencing.

All it takes is sparing a little time to learn what your dog is dealing with and its negative behaviors. This will equip you to overcome many problems you are facing because of your dog.

Especially the excessive barking and howling when left alone and other negative behaviors as well.

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