what dog has the strongest bite

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite ( Top 31 Dogs)

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Dogs are among the most popular pets all around the world. In many countries, they are even regarded as the most popular family pet. As much as we like our beloved pets, we must be aware of the risks associated with having any kind of pet in our homes.

A typical dog generates 150 to 180 pounds of pressure per square inch, with the Kangal having the most potent biting power at 746 pounds.

Although all dogs have excellent biting power, several breeds stand out beyond the rest in bite strength. It’s easy to forget that dogs are creatures with a deadly bite while they’re acting charming.

Biting Strength – What Dog Has The Strongest Bite

The bite force is one of the variables that determine a dog’s strength. So, which dog breeds have the most potent biting force? Yes, and it’s scientifically verifiable. Any animal’s biting force is measured in Pounds per Square Inch (psi).

The force put on one square inch of space is measured in this unit of pressure. The pressure exerted by an animal’s jaws is generally averaged. The pressure can vary based on the object being bitten, temperament, and even the dog itself.

what dog has the strongest bite
What Dog Has The Strongest Bite

Different Dog Breeds

Now we will go through different breeds of dogs, starting with the sharpest teeth.

1. Bite force of Kangal (743 psi)

Kangals are Turkish guard dogs who originated in Sivas City. They are the world’s most powerful dogs and have the deadliest bite. These dogs have traditionally been guard dogs to defend sheep and other flocks from larger predators like wolves, jackals, and bears.

They’re recognized for being devoted, protective, and friendly with children and other animals. This breed does not get well with strangers due to its protective nature. Taking them on a stroll might be difficult at times because of this. As with any breed, adequate socialization should begin at a young age to ensure that they are accustomed to meeting strangers.

It adds to their incredible abilities as police dogs or house defenders. This dog breed can easily hunt any medium-sized predator in minutes with its powerful strength and agility. They are quite powerful, and when it comes to biting force, they have the greatest pressure per square inch ever measured, 743 pounds per square inch.

2. Bite force of Bandog (730 psi)

The Bandog is a mix between a bulldog and a mastiff. A Bandog is a powerful and fearless dog that has shown to be one of the most loyal breeds.

The Bandog’s biting strength is 730 PSI, enough to rip an arm off and leave scars. The American Bandogge is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or any other major dog organization as a standardized breed.

If not stronger, forceful, and just as strong, the owner must properly train this powerful and sometimes dangerous dog breed. Despite its rigorous training needs, the Bandog is relatively easy to care for, requiring very little training.

3. Bite force of Cane Corso (730 psi)

The Cane Corso is a big, muscular dog with a strong physique. The origins of the Corso can be traced back to ancient Rome, and the breed’s name means “bodyguard dog” in Latin. Initially, the Cane Corso was bred in Italy to guard crops and animals.

The largest and most prominent characteristic of the Cane Corso is its vast and intimidating head. It has short, glossy hair that is either jet black or fawn in hue. The Cane Corso biting force is a tremendous 700 PSI. As a result, this puma-like dog is a fierce competitor to anyone who threatens his master.

Although the Cane Corso has a powerful bite, they are obedient and loving to their family members once they show a clear preference. They are clever and ready to learn, making training them very simple. However, if you have pocket pets or seem to have regular visitors, you should be concerned about their strong prey drive and overprotectiveness.

4. Bite force of Dogue De Bordeaux (556 psi)

Dogue de Bordeaux, often known as the French Mastiff, has a biting force of 556 pounds per square inch. These dogs are excellent family pets and are extremely loving, but only with individuals, they are familiar with.

Despite their laziness, these dogs’ size and biting force may be dangerous to strangers if you’re thinking about getting a French Mastiff. These dogs were once trained to diverse roles involving sheer strength.

They carry carts, transport heavy items, protect cattle, and watch the lords’ houses. The Dogue De Bordeaux is best known for being a laid-back friend who snores and drools a lot. These dogs are quiet and peaceful within the house.

5. Bite force of Tosa Inu (556 psi)

Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed of Great Dane origin. They’re big, but they’re easy to care for if the homeowner has a little tolerance. Although they have powerful jaws, these dogs are peaceful and make wonderful friends.

This Japanese breed is said to be originated from the Great Danes. They’re big, but if the puppy keeper has patience, they’re easy to care for. Although they have a powerful jaw, these canines are calm and make excellent friends.

Despite this, they are quite defensive, with a biting force of 556 pounds per square inch. These canines are trustworthy, honorable, and obedient. As long as they are trained b giving adequate instruction and competent leadership, Tosa Inus can readily handle a range of tasks.

6. Bite force of Mastiff (552 psi)

With a recorded biting force of 552 pounds, the Mastiff has the most substantial bite. They’re big dogs. The English, Bullmastiff, and American Mastiff are three different kinds of Mastiffs.

A full-grown dog can outweigh a male who stands at least 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Can you imagine a dog growing taller than you? Scary right? However! They aren’t as aggressive as people assume them to be.

Mastiffs are very devoted to their families, and their fear of outsiders needs early socialization and training. Mastiffs are wonderful companions, but getting a solid giant-breed dog is a significant commitment.

A short double coat of fawn, apricot, or brindle stripes covers the rectangular body deep and powerfully muscled. A furrowed forehead highlights an alert, friendly face on the large and big head. Mastiffs are patient, affectionate guardians that respond well to moderate instruction.

7. Bite force of Caucasian Shepherd (550 Psi)

These dogs make excellent family pets and should spend as much time as possible indoors with their owners. They may become great family pets and protectors with proper training, and some have even been raised as therapy dogs.

The Caucasian Sheepdog is another name for these huge dogs, which may weigh up to 220 pounds. Farmers and shepherds raised them to protect cattle from predators in the wild, and they have excellent hunting abilities.

He must, however, be well taught because an unruly Caucasian Shepherd is highly deadly.

You must maintain control at all times, even if he is stubborn and reluctant to learn. Because they are proud dogs that don’t like being beaten or intimidated, use positive teaching methods rather than violence.

8. Bite force of Dogo Canario (540 Psi)

The Dogo Canario is another name for the Canario Perro de Presa. They’re usually a thing of the past, yet they’re still aggressive and powerful. They make great security dogs since they are both modest and brave. They are great for families, but they demand a wide yard or the ability to exercise several times each day.

The Dogo Canario is a historical battle dog employed in dogfighting until it was made illegal in the 1940s. This thug has a huge skull and a strong, rectangular body. These dogs demand mental stimulation at all times of the day. No one wants to be bitten by them, especially when the biting force is 540 PSI.

9. Bite force of Dogo Argentino (500 psi)

The Dogo Argentino was formed in Argentina to produce a dog persistent in hunting and uncompromising defending its owner. It arose from the Cordoba Fighting Dog, as well as other powerful breeds.

The Dogo Argentino is feared by many because of its 500 PSI biting strength, fast reflexes, and large height. These dogs can easily take on wild boars and buffalos. They’re also quite well-kept.

True, the Dogo Argentinos are naturally aggressive, but they don’t snap needless. These dogs may be a great addition to the family, a persistent guardian, and a proficient hunter with early socialization and obedience training.

The Dogo Argentino is a game hunter with a strong prey drive and a high level of energy. It is not, however, as active as some other kinds. Despite being very clever, the Dogo Argentino is not the simplest dog to teach, but it incredibly loves family members.

10. Bite force of St. Bernard (450 psi)

Saint Bernard, often known as St. Bernard, is a big working dog that originated in the Western Alps of Italy and Switzerland. The huge St Bernard is named after an Italian monk who founded a hospital in the dangerous Swiss Alps where these dogs were employed for rescue operations.

While these massive canines may weigh up to 250 pounds, it is best not to irritate them. Their massive size makes them tough to manage and control. In the classic sense, Saint Bernards are not deadly dogs.

They aren’t susceptible to rage, violence, or a desire to harm others. We must, however, recognize and respect their enormous size. They can be dangerous, particularly for small children, with up to 450 psi biting strength.

what dog has the strongest bite

11. Bite force of Wolf Dog (406 Psi)

A wolfdog combines a domestic dog and a grey, eastern, red, or Ethiopian wolf. Maintaining them might be a little riskier than keeping a regular dog. When seeking for a breeder to purchase one from, they might also be difficult to come by.

Due to the complex procedure of breeding dogs with wild wolves, physical traits can also be unexpected. There is no fully tamed wolf to breed from, even when the wolf is not entirely wild. These dogs, on the other hand, have a group mentality and maybe quite devoted.

Wolf dogs are not easygoing pets and may be extremely violent. It implies they’re not suitable for a home with small children or family members who can’t handle an aggressive pet.

12. Bite force of Akita Inu (400 Psi)

The Akita is a big dog that originated in northern Japan’s hilly areas. Because of their strong heart and hardworking spirit, the Akita Inu is loved and admired by the Japanese and recognized worldwide. While this breed has a few positive qualities, it also can attack with fatal results.

Despite its seductively adorable fox-like face and fluffy coat, the Akita Inu’s powerful striking body may be scary to some. The popularity of the Akita Inu has gone up significantly. The Akita Inu is a breed of working dogs.

To stay happy, they must be physically and cognitively exercised regularly. Although it might be tough at times, the Akita Inu does not have a habit of biting. When their family members are in danger, they exclusively attack other humans and animals.

 These canines’ territorial personalities make them prone to defending their human family, even if it means attacking them. The Akita is a big, robust breed with strong defensive instincts and a powerful 400 PSI. Akitas may be harmful if mishandled.

13. Bite force of Leonberger (399 Psi)

Leonbergers, despite their gigantic size, are as kind as they are lovely! Playfulness, quick minds, and tolerance towards young children and the old are appreciated qualities of these giants. Despite having a biting force of 399 pounds per square inch, a Leonberger is a gentle giant.

The breed is a cross of the Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard. It is one of the biggest dog breeds. The breed requires a lot of grooming and training, but they make wonderful, devoted companions.

 Leonberger owners said the breed thrives in close-knit households and gets along well with other pets. They’re also extremely sensitive, making them great therapy dogs.

Although Leonberger has a huge heart, it’s important not to overwork this gentle giant. It has a biting force of 399 PSI when angered. These dogs chew aggressively and bark excessively. Even though these dogs like youngsters, it’s a good idea to watch them when they’re playing.

14. Bite force of Rottweiler (328 psi)

The Rottweiler is another dog breed known for its guarding abilities but with a biting strength of 328 pounds per square inch. Due to their high intellect, ease of training, and calm attitude, they are used in the military and law enforcement.

 They are well-suited to family life, with or without children, due to their good and humble attitude. They were originally raised to cope with tasks such as transporting and defending the household.

The police force legally adopts them, and they still assist officers today. They are medium in height, having a strong frame and incredible strength. They are fast and have a lot of stamina to keep running. They’re also widely utilized by the police and military in a variety of search and rescue tasks.

This beautiful dog breed is best suited to active households, where it can receive lots of exercises and let off steam. A Rottweiler enjoys companionship and, while amiable with strangers, can become agitated when there are other dogs present.

15. Bite force of Siberian Husky (320 psi)

The Siberian Husky, which resembles extremely fluffy wolves, has long been a favorite of many American households. However, these dogs have a powerful biting force of 320 PSI. They require a large playground and energy-draining activities.

Otherwise, they’ll run about your house like a madman or make a fuss in the neighborhood with their deafening howling. These puppies are usually famous online because of their ability to sing along or get quite outspoken about how they’re feeling.

However, they require a high degree of training. Otherwise, your joyful family dog becomes overconfident and inflicts damage!

16. Bite force of African Wild Dog (317 psi)

His dog is classified as a “cape hunting dog,” which is a rare breed. This breed is regarded as a sort of supreme hunter. This dog breed is one of the biggest members of the family. They are also known to be hyper carnivorous, which means that meat accounts for at least 70% of their diet.

This breed is also listed as an endangered species by the IUCA. African Wild Dogs live in groups and are extremely friendly creatures. Within the pack, both males and females can bring children. This breed is an excellent hunter. It is something that you can estimate.

 When compared to wild creatures such as hyenas, you can evaluate this animal’s competitive hunting behavior. This animal is especially skilled at collecting prey and is only excelled by larger predators like the lion.

Antelopes are one of the breed’s preferred prey species, and they’re easy to catch because they’re plentiful in the Sahara. Of course, surviving in the outdoors for so long has given them a powerful jaw. With a biting power of 317 psi, they have one of the greatest bite forces among Medium-Sized dogs. Any bone in a deer may be broken with this level of biting power.

17. Bite force of American Bulldog (305 psi)

American Bull Dogs are a strong dog breed. They have a big head and powerful neck muscles and have a muscular body type. These dogs are excellent family companions and are quite easy to integrate into your household’s routine.

They are loyal to their owners and develop deep relationships with anybody with whom they come into touch daily. This breed is a cuddler, yet it is also quite powerful and self-assured.

Their response to strangers is something to keep an eye on. While this breed may be quite affectionate at home, it is frequently suspicious of strangers. Regular social engagement throughout their puppyhood can, of course, help them overcome this. 

Although breeders and owners may differ, the American Bulldog is frequently grouped with’ pit bull’ dogs. The biting force of this strong dog is 305 pounds per square inch. They were originally utilized as working dogs for farmworkers. Small cattlemen utilized this all-purpose working dog for farm defenders, stock pups, and capture animals, among other things.

Regular social engagement throughout their puppyhood can, of course, help them overcome their destructive side. Also, if not given enough fun and exercise regularly, this breed may become aggressive.

18. Bite force of Doberman (245 psi)

This breed is a medium to a large-sized dog that is highly popular as a household pet. Doberman dog breeds are known for being clever, alert, and powerful. This incredibly loyal breed will remain by its owner no matter what, and as a result, it has become a popular choice among owners searching for a dog to guard their house and family.

Dobermans are extremely adaptable, and when properly taught, they are kind to both children and adults. They have a strong physique and an energetic body type, giving them an advantage in defense. 

A well-bred Doberman is an excellent family pet. Dobermans may be violent toward dogs that aren’t part of their family if they believe they are a risk. Doberman Pinschers were previously commonly used as guards and police dogs, and as a result, they have a reputation for being frightening and violent, particularly toward strangers. These canines are incredibly powerful, and their bite has a force of about 245 psi.

19. Bite force of German Shepherd (238 psi)

German Shepherds are the traditional guard dog, a famous and well-loved dog breed that is a component of nearly every police department. They may be a frightening opponent, with a biting pressure of 238 psi, especially because they’re clever and simple to teach.

They are very clever dogs frequently utilized in positions where rescue operations are carried out by the local police force or even the military. These dogs are hardworking, easy to teach and adapt well to new situations.

Shepherds are regarded for being gentle and peaceful with children and family members. Because of their intelligence, loyalty, and general strength, they make excellent security dogs.

Because of their need to be active, owning a German Shepherd entails a lot of exercises. They’re very active and fun, with boundless energy. The breed is friendly, loving, clever, and simple to teach, but socialization is frequently required.

20. Bite force of Great Dane (238 psi)

The Great Dane sometimes referred to as the German Mastiff or Deutsche Dodge, is a German dog breed. The Great Dane is one of the world’s biggest dog breeds inherited from hunting dogs dating back to the Middle Ages.

With its impressive height, the Great Dane, often known as the “Apollo of Dogs,” will undoubtedly frighten you. Great Danes are extremely sensitive dogs. The calm, kind, and loving nature of dogs contrast with their enormous weight. When these dogs are in contact with their family members, they can prosper. Otherwise, they will become mentally ill and violent.

You don’t want to enrage this gentle giant, especially because he has a 238 PS fury force. While Great Danes aren’t renowned for being particularly aggressive, any breed might have aggressive characteristics. Due to their size and physical force, Great Danes are more deadly than many other dogs when they attack. A Great Dane attack can be fatal because of these characteristics.

21. Bite force of American Pit Bull (235 psi)

By the time they reach adulthood, American Pit Bulls can weigh anything from 30 to 90 pounds. They are a popular breed in the United States of America because they are robust, strong, and robust dogs.

 Originally, the American Pit Bull was used to protect cattle and keep an eye on them in case of a predator attack. While this breed has had a bad image in recent years, its disposition may be described as an older kid.

These dogs are quite kind to the people they protect and will only become aggressive if their families are threatened. On the other hand, this breed will offer their lives in defense of people they love and is a devoted companion to a human.

Pit Bulls are an active breed that needs regular activity. Their major defense is a broad face with a strong jaw. If they wanted to, they could simply shatter numerous difficult-to-break items. Their jaw has a biting force of 235 pounds per square inch.

Despite the negative reputation that the dog breed has acquired, they may be a loving, loyal, and lively dog breed that makes excellent companions for both children and adults – but only when properly trained.

22. Bite force of Labrador Retriever (230 psi)

The Labrador Retriever was created to be a pleasant companion as well as a good working dog. Traditionally, they supported fisherman by dragging nets, collecting ropes, and recovering fish from the freezing North Atlantic.

The modern Lab is as kind and productive as their forefathers, and they are also the most popular breed in the United States. Modern Labs operate as retrievers for hunters, support dogs, show competitors, and search and rescue dogs.

Hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), heart issues, and various other genetic disorders are common in laboratories. It is painful for both the dog and the owner. Furthermore, the vet costs will seem inexhaustible.

Although Labradors infrequently cause life-threatening injuries to their victims, there is no denying that they are powerful dogs. When threatened, these dogs can snap their mouth shut with 230 PSI.

what dog has the strongest bite

23. Bite force of Boxer (230 psi)

The Boxer is a short-haired, medium-to-large dog breed that originated in Germany. The coat is silky and close-fitting, with fawn, brindled, or white tints with white spots. Despite their intimidating look, they are kind, loving, and fantastic additions to any family, especially when it comes to children. T

The Boxer is a German hunting breed and thrives on regular, vigorous exercise combined with plenty of playtimes. Their lively attitude makes them a wonderful companion that is also extremely easy to teach. It is a strong dog that, if not properly trained and socialized, may be deadly.

24. Bite force of Doberman (228 psi)

Doberman possesses a 228 psi biting force. This beautiful dog is extremely clever, extremely loving, and would make an excellent family animal. They pick up new skills quickly, but they require socialization to adjust to other dogs and new humans.

Doberman Pinschers are not the most hyperactive dogs, but they require regular exercise and like playing, making them perfect companions for dynamic households. Despite their short coat, they are sensitive to shedding and can be a delicate breed.

Doberman Pinschers were previously commonly used as guards and police dogs, and as a result, they have a reputation for being frightening and violent, especially toward strangers. Dobermans can take some physical punishment from their owners, but they will counterattack if they believe the punishment is excessive.

25. Bite force of Alano Español (227 psi)

The Alano Espanol is a big dog descended from European bull-baiting dog breeds. They’re typically reserved and sober, but they’re not necessarily aggressive or harsh. They usually like being at the top of the command chain and are extremely loyal to their masters.

They are most active and respond well to a variety of owners. Even yet, they’re distrustful of outsiders and require a strong trainer and leader. They perform well outside and have a powerful jaw when it comes to biting.

 To avoid becoming dangerous, this Spanish Bulldog requires intensive “pack leader” training. They are fantastic hunters. The jaws of the Alano are quite strong. The teeth are broad and well-spaced, with a powerful and forceful scissors bite.

Their biting strength is 227 psi. Because it tends to carry its head low and slightly and gently bounce it from left to right, the Alano has the stance of a deceptive panther when moving.

Alamos are persistent dogs who can run at a steady, elegant, and athletic pace for lengthy periods. When galloping, they are quick and strong and can sustain the gallop for kilometers.

26. Bite force of Dutch Shepherd (224 psi)

Sheepherding dogs, Dutch Shepherds were initially employed by farmers to keep track of their livestock. The breed originated in the Netherlands as a working-class companion. This breed isn’t picky or needy, and it can adapt to various environments across the world. In nature, they are comparable to both the Belgian and German Shepherds.

Dutch Shepherds are considered to be one of the most energetic dog breeds. Above all, they want to be a part of their family and participate in playtime with their children. This breed is likewise renowned for being peaceful, but it will be more aggressive because of its working-class roots.

This breed is also noted for being peaceful. But due to working-class background, this breed requires a lot of daily activity to keep them in the form due to its excellent jawline and superior intellect relative to other breeds.

They are calm and kind until they or their loved ones are in danger. With a biting force of 224 pounds per square inch, their jaw is incredibly strong. They may be a force to be reckoned with for predators if they have this biting force.

27. Bite force of Chow Chow (220 psi)

This dog originated in northern China. They were designed to be all-around working dogs, and despite their fluffy look, have been in charge of livestock safety for years.  This dog is well-built and even has a double coat to protect it from the environment.

As adults, these dogs have the potential to be violent or overprotective. Therefore appropriate socialization is essential while they are young. With a psi of 220, this dog is an excellent guardian. They’re ideal for owners who are calm and composed.

They are difficult to train since they are autonomous and self-willed. This dog is rather aggressive and doesn’t always get along with the humans and animals in their environment.

29. Bite force of English Bulldog (210 psi)

Despite their tiny bodies, these dogs are noted for their remarkably big heads. The biting strength of the English Bulldog was found to be 210 psi. Throughout history, the Bulldog has served as England’s national symbol. The breed serves as the symbol for several sporting teams in the U.S.

The English Bulldog is a friendly, loving dog. The Bulldog is an excellent family pet that is friendly to most youngsters and is faithful and reliable. English bulldogs can be hostile to unknown canines, even if they get along well with other home pets. English Bulldogs are anything but quiet. They produce various voices by Snorting, snuffling, wheezing, grunting, and snorting.

30. Bite force of Indian Rajapalayam (210 Psi)

The Rajapalayam, commonly known as the Indian Ghost Hound, is a dog breed from southern India. They are known to be one-person dogs and dislike being touched or addressed by outsiders. Because of their intense hunting instincts, Rajapalayam hardly gets along with other pets (such as cats).

This Indian hound is smaller than a Great Dane and has a thin physique. It joined royalty on hunting expeditions, where its robust body assisted it in combating pigs and cheetahs. The Rajapalayam is a clever and devoted animal that may be highly committed to its owner. It needs broad places in which to run and use its well-developed predatory instincts. Its biting strength is up to 210 psi.

31. Bite force of Malinois Dog (195 psi)

Malinois, commonly known as Belgian Shepherds, is a medium-sized dog breed. They got their name from the French city of Malines. This breed is known for its exceptional sense of smell. They are frequently utilized as detection dogs to detect explosives and drugs that would otherwise go undetected by most human senses.

These dogs are naturally simple to teach and possess a high degree of intelligence. If you want to adopt one, they prove to be good pets as they are highly lively and capable of gently handling your children.

This breed was used as working dogs from the beginning, and this has remained true to their character throughout time. This breed is tough and robust. They also have a powerful jaw. The biting force of an average adult Malinois is 195 psi.

Frequently Answered Questions:

Which dog breed has the most deadly bite?

The Kangal’s jaws are unquestionably the strongest globally, with a biting force of 734 psi. Thus it has the strongest bite all across the globe.

Which dog has been the most responsible for the deaths of the most people?

The Pit Bull is responsible for the most deadly attacks in the United States, killing 284 people in just 13 years.

What’s the efficient way to deal with a dog that bites?

Physical, severe, or harsh punishment should not be used to train your dog. Before turning to the use of nonlethal methods, focus on positive reinforcement. Remember to give your dog rewards when they behave well. Maintain a short leash or confine your dog to an enclosed area at all times.

Which Dog’s Bite Force Is the Most Powerful?

The MastiffMastiff has the most powerful biting force of all the dogs recorded as 552 psi.

Is it OK to scream at your dog if he bites you?

Never Punish Your Dog by Yelling Or Calling His Name. Screaming at your dog is pointless. Yelling at your dog will simply make him more frightened or boost his level of energy and excitement about the scenario.


There is an incredible variety of canines among our top 30 dog breeds with the strongest bite, ranging from powerful and familiar family pets to some of the most infamous and least well-known dog varieties.

Because there are many variables to consider, determining which dog breed has the strongest bite is challenging. Karl has the strongest. However, It’s also important to remember that this will vary from bite to bite and animal to animal.

Most dogs can adjust to a civilized setting and are reluctant to bite. If they are nervous, irritated, agitated, or feel threatened, it is critical to recognize the signals and address them promptly.


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