When Is A Dog Old Enough For A Shock Collar

When Is A Dog Old Enough For A Shock Collar?

When you decide to buy a puppy for yourself, you will get a bundle of joy! These small little beings are extremely lovable and adorable if trained well.

You should be clear in your mind that how will you manage their training?  Would you be enough, or should you be thinking about some alternative like a shock collar?

Before moving ahead, search about When is a dog old enough for a shock collar! In this way, you wouldn’t be playing harsh on your pet and still making them mannered.

When Is A Dog Old Enough For A Shock Collar

When Is A Dog Old Enough For A Shock Collar

Pets are like children.

If you are a pet owner, you will be able to relate to the fact that pets are similar to kids in nature. The way children behave their innocence, mischief, and love. All make you fall for them.

Puppies and other pets expect the same love from you. You cannot start ordering them or scolding them from the first day for not behaving the way you want them to!

Be gentle and patient with them. You can surely train them on how to follow your commands without being angry with them.

The shock collar, your last resort!

Hearing your pet bark every single time on petty things can be very annoying. You can try some positivities for putting in them the habit of not barking without reason. There are a few ways mentioned below in which you can try and fix the behavior of your pets!

  • Ignorance

It is a fact that pets need your attention. Dogs usually bark to get the attention of their owners. They start barking for no reason, just for you to acknowledge them. one way to change this habit is to ignore their barking.

Do not answer them or look at them or even yell. Just ignore, and when they finally stop barking, you can give them a feast as their gift. Surely they will understand for the next time that barking is prohibited.

  • Keep their vision blocked.

Keep your dogs at a place in your house or on a fence where they can not see every new person coming. When they are unable to see, they will not bark. This might not help completely, but it will reduce their barking.

  • Utilize their energy

Take your dogs and puppies in the morning and evening walks. This will help them stay active and fit. Most importantly, they will become tired after such long walks. Therefore, it would not have the energy to bark on every little detail.

  • E-collar training

Your last resort, after trying every possible thing mentioned earlier, will be the e-collar training of your dogs. It is the type of training you give to your dogs by making them wear shock collars.

Whenever your dog barks, there will be a generation or stimulation in the collar, which will stop your pet from barking. It does not cause any physical harm or damage; neither has any effects on the health of the animal.

It is a very easy way to try animals, but manual training should always be your first step!

When to start e-collar training

When your puppy or dog is 10 weeks or above, you can then think of using the shock or e-collar. It is the suggested age to start e-collar training.  Before this age, it is highly recommended that you train your pet with a lot of patience and manual training.

Do not lose your peace of mind. Puppies are like young children who have their learning curves. You cannot force your commands on them. If treated politely and smartly, dogs learn to behave and acknowledge your commands.

They start responding to whatever work you tell them to do or even to the word “hush,” which you use to tell them to stop barking. Up to 10 weeks, you have to control your nerves and train your pet.

Of course, it is not easy or a one-day task. Pets demand a lot of attention and patience. In the last, you can cover the habits which have to remain unchanged in manual training through shock collar training.

Introducing your dogs to the new technology

You have to gradually make your pet familiar with the shock collar technology. They being unaware of what it is, might become very uncomfortable and stressed out while using it on them. You should first think of the ways how to introduce a shock collar to a dog.

Although you won’t be able to see the distress on their faces, you will surely notice their depressed mood. To overcome that, initially, just put that collar on their neck without it working. After a few days, try for its stimulation while taking your dog on a walk outdoors.

It is training and not a punishment!

Always remember that this is training you are giving to your pet for improving their overall performance and behavior. It is not a punishment against their barking or any other actions which you do not like.

You should not be using it inhumanely. The cute little creature is unaware of the things being used on it. So you should be gentle when dealing with e-collar training. As a last resort, when your dog is still not listening to you, and you want to train him more precisely. Use the shock collar.

It will give the pet a harmless shock stimulation, which will make him understand what it is doing is not a good act.

When you see improvements in their behavior, treat them with their favorite food items! Dogs love it. They love being gifted with their favorite food. This will also give them the motivation to learn more efficiently and quickly.

Not all pets respond to the same.

Though it is a very useful thing to be used to train the pets in less time, it is a fact that not all pets would respond the same to the stimulation. 

If you have chosen to save time and use e-collar training on puppies that are yet less than 10 weeks, mind that it can have a very negative impact on their psychology.

Pets undergo mental trauma when they are forced to do something against their will. To be on the safer side, avoid using the shock collar on young pets.


Being a responsible pet owner is a tough job. If you have chosen to be one of them, it is an achievement in itself! Trained dogs can prove to be very helpful for you. And training with shock collars has made our lives easier.

All you need to do is wait for the right time. When is a dog old enough for a shock collar? Surely you must have got the answer to this question. Do let me know through your feedback.

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