why does my dog snort like a pig

Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig?

Our furry fellows are adorable, but they make a lot of sounds to convey their feelings.

But, why does my dog snort like a pig? Mongrels of all ages, classes, and lifestyles make snorting noises occasionally.

Snorting, oinking, or grunting is reverse sneezing, which is instigated by an irritation in the nasal passage.

The irritation causes spasms in the pharynx muscles. The canine will inhale excessive air through his snout and thus start the annoying noise of your hound sounding like a pig.

Various other reasons can cause snorting, which we will discuss in detail below.

What Is Reverse Sneezing Or Snorting?

It is indeed what the name suggests! Your pooch breathes in excessive air through his nose rather than expelling air from his body.

Consequently, his neck will become overextended, and his trachea will be constricted, causing him to make a snorting sound.

It may sound frightening, but it is a benign and temporary behavior. Most frequently, it does not last more than 30 to 60 seconds.

why does my dog snort like a pig

Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig?

You Are Pulling His Chain

If you are walking him, you should check the chain’s tension.

You might be pulling it excessively to the point that obstructs your little one.

The leash should be kept slightly loose to inhibit strangling him.

It is vital, especially if he is a brachycephalic and small breed dog. Additionally, train him to walk on a leash.

Intranasal Vaccine

Intranasal vaccination can also be the reason for a dog snorting like a pig.

This vaccine safeguards them against kennel cough. They get this infection by inhaling the virus, so a nasal application is a fantastic option.

However, this vaccine has many side effects, and snorting is one of them.

It is normal and should diminish within 24 hours.

However, if it does not subside within 2 days, you should get in touch with the vet.

He Is Excited, Laughing, Or Sensing Smell

Do you know that canines can laugh? Yes, you have read it right.

Generally, their laugh resembles the noise of an exhales, but as you know, all doggies are different.

If you find him snorting while playing around with other dogs or meeting up with your friend he has never seen before, you can most likely chalk up his sniffs to absolute excitement and energy.

If he has caught a whiff of an unpleasant or powerful smell, he may start reverse sneezing.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account your surroundings and your mutt’s behaviors in these particular atmospheres.  

There Are Irritants In His Throat And Nose

If he is not a tiny or brachycephalic hound, then the possibility is that irritants are present in his nose and throat that is causing him to snort.

These irritants can be anything such as a blade of grass, a bit of a soft toy, or a speck of dirt.

This behavior may be alarming for you, but your mongrel knows what he is doing.

If he is snorting, it means he is working with his body to get rid of the irritant.

Nonetheless, suppose your canine is snorting and also displaying signs of an allergy such as inflammation, watery eyes, too much sneezing, etc.

In that situation, it is obvious that these irritants are provoking some type of allergic reaction from your four-legged companion, and you will have to bring them to the vet.

He Belongs To Brachycephalic Or Miniature Dog Breed

Some hounds are prone to reverse sneezing, and tiny and brachycephalic dogs are included in them.

If you don’t know whether your baby is a brachycephalic canine, observe his face. If he has a flattened face, it means he is a brachycephalic pooch.

Some instances of brachycephalic dogs include Shih Tzus, pugs, bulldogs, etc.

These doggies have smaller snouts and throats, so they snort throughout their life just because their hereditary structure has given them features that make it naturally harder to breathe.

He Is Coughing While Drinking Or Eating

Have you ever been obstructed while eating food or drinking water and made a grunting noise? The same happens with your cutie pie.

He might snort like a pig when he coughs while eating or drinking.

Coughing causes the water to flow back to his nose and forces him to snort.

Notice him after he snorts as the fluid that back surged might become a cause of pneumonia, which occurs rarely, but you should not be too relaxed.

He Has Collapsed Trachea

The most serious reason for your dog making grunting noises when breathing is collapsed trachea, which is very rare but needs observation.

It occurs due to windpipe damage and could be deadly if it is left unaddressed for a long time.

The windpipe is responsible for carrying the air to the lungs, and it has c-shaped cartilage rings and muscles.

When the rings collapse, this condition occurs. It can partially or wholly collapse.

It could happen because you pull their leash too much or because the cartilage rings are genetically weak.

If your canine is reverse sneezing for no reason, it is an indication that he has collapsed trachea.

You may also witness honking or a loud cough that won’t disappear because the airway is congested, and it is difficult for the air to pass through.

Your sweetheart may show disinterest in things such as playing, walking, or exercising.

It is a progressive condition that will get worse over time without proper treatment.

The vet will perform a comprehensive checkup of your hound and listen to the signs that you have noticed.

He will also weigh him, and chances are that he will be overweight.

After that, he will prescribe antibodies, steroids, or cough medications.

His primary goal will be to relieve cough because it will boost irritation and worsen the condition.

He may also recommend you to use a harness instead of a leash, help your baby lose weight, and limit his interaction with potential irritants.

why does my dog snort like a pig
Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig

Is There Any Solution For Snorting?

If you are looking for ways to help your little one with his snorting, there are two ways:

Home Remedies

To prevent his snorting, you can offer him small physical reliefs.

Since snorting is an indication of your canine having a difficult time inhaling, you can massage his throat to help him pass the irritant that is disturbing him.

Otherwise, plug his nostrils for some time and pressurize him, swallow, and stop snorting. If it does not help, gently blow on his face.

Veterinary Alternatives

Unless the snorting continues for the long term, there should barely be any reason for you to take him to the vet for examination.

Small breed mongrels may snort due to collapsed trachea, and brachycephalic canines may need assistance with clearing up their pathways.

Depending on the issue triggering him to snort, the vet may recommend surgeries that could aid open the blocked, contracted pathways and shorten the soft palate.

Or you may notice that he has an easier time eliminating a stuck entity. He may also prescribe a medication for your dog for allergy relief.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig When Playing?

Snorting is also known as reverse sneezing. It happens due to the spasm of the throat muscle and irritating the soft palate. The canine will inhale too much air through his snout and start the troublesome noise of snorting like a pig. He snorts while playing because he wants to let the world know that he is enjoying it. When his feelings are stimulated by a toy he is throwing in or around, trying to tear to pieces, he will most likely be snorting.  

2. Why Does My Dog Snort Like A Pig When Sleeping?

Reverse sneezing while sleeping is acknowledged as inspiratory paroxysmal respiration. It happens due to the muscle spasms at the back of the mouth of a mutt. During a spasm, the tracheal opening constricts, which makes it challenging for the pooch to breathe in. Therefore, he starts to snort loudly. Brachycephalic hounds are more susceptible to it because of their shorter airways that get clogged easily. 

3. How Can I Stop My Dog From Snorting?

If you have a small breed dog that is renowned for producing weird sounds, there is very little you can do to prevent him from snorting. However, if the sounds are coupled with trouble inhalation, there are a few things you can do to decrease his suffering.
First of all, identify environmental factors that could be infuriating his airways and lessen exposure to these. If he is triggered by overexertion or stress, keep him calm and stress-free and restrict extreme physical activity. If you are worried about strange sounds coming from your friend, visit the vet for correct identification and treatment.


We hope you have got your answer to “why does my dog snort like a pig.” They snort due to an insignificant irritation in the laryngeal region. Sometimes, they snort like a pig when they are excited or breathing in the open air. In rare cases, it can be due to external substances stuck inside his nose, so you may want to contact the vet. 

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