Why Won't My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore

Some people love to conclude their day cuddled up with their furry fellow. Unquestionably, the majority of canines love it too.

But sometimes, they suddenly give you the cold shoulder at night, rejecting to sleep with you in your bed, and you may find yourself wondering, “why won’t my dog sleep with me anymore”?

They need a comfortable space that is not too small, hot, cold, and soft to sleep.

They might be sick, happy, depressed, excited, or want to perform physical activity. If you have a pup, he may want to be with his mom. 

In this detailed guide, we will reveal reasons why your dog suddenly wants to sleep alone, things you can do to make him sleep with you again, and much more.

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore?

If your dog was sleeping with you at night and you have noticed that he is reluctant to sleep with you anymore, the initial thing you have to do is to observe your mutt and ask yourself these questions while watching him.  

  • Does he look nervous or in pain?
  • Has anything occurred in the last few days that could have instigated him to sleep away from you, such as a thunderstorm?
  • Has anything recently happened that may have transformed his behavior, such as your grandparents coming for a holiday or you leaving the house?
  • Is he currently suffering from a health issue that may be triggering the modification in his behavior?

Remember, it is not a bad thing that your hound has decided to sleep away from you.

According to research, humans sleep better when they and their dogs don’t sleep in the same bed, but they can sleep in the same room.

Why Won't My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore
Why Won’t My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore

8 Reasons Why My Senior Dog Won’t Sleep With Me Anymore

Here are the likely reasons why your dog does not want to sleep with you:

1. He Has A More Comfortable Spot To Sleep

If your canine has refused to sleep with you all of a sudden, he may have found a more comfortable place to sleep.

He might find your bed to be extremely hot, you might push him frequently, or there might not be sufficient space.

You should try to determine which factor is causing him to have trouble napping in your bed and to rectify it if possible.

2. He Is Getting Older

As they grow older, they follow their heart and mind. Their needs change, and they may become picky and less active.

A pooch that once yearned for your love and attention may simply want some me-time to do as he gratifies.

Moreover, in senior age, they sleep more during the day than other dogs.

Therefore, we would recommend you allow your mutt to do what he wants rather than trying to force him to sleep with you.    

3. He Is Not Tired At Night

If your dog has been alone at home when you were at the office, he may not have obtained adequate mental and physical exercise to be tired and fatigued at night when you go to bed.

All dog breeds have different mental and physical stimulation needs, but some canines can get tired from regular walks and outdoor play.

4. He Enjoys Sleeping In Different Places

Does your four-legged companion alter his sleeping place every day?

Actually, they love to hide and sleep in darker areas in the house.

You will most commonly find him sleeping under the sofa, desk, couch, chair, dining table, or coffee table.

By sleeping in these areas, they follow their instinct. So, you should not be worried about it.

5. He is excited

All animals, including rats, raccoons, etc., come out at night.

Mongrels have a strong sense of smell and hearing, and they have the ability to spot animals that we would not even notice.

The presence of other animals outdoors can make him excited, keeping him awake at night.

6. He Is Being Protective

Sometimes, dogs reject to sleep with their owners because they have been protective.

He may sleep in a place that individuals have to walk through, such as stairs.

7. He Is Stressed

If you have recently shifted your house or adopted your dog a few days ago, or something has happened in your hound’s life, he may be dealing with emotional pain or stress.

It can make him upset and keep him awake at night, just like humans don’t sleep when they are worried.

8. He Is Sick

If your dog is experiencing pain or irritation in any part of his body, he will more likely stay awake at night.

If you observe strange behaviors like biting, scratching, or licking his paws or other body parts, walking anxiously, or coughing, he may be sick or injured.

Why Won't My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore

How To Get My Dog To Sleep With Me?

Here are some strategies that you can utilize to make him sleep with you again.   

Give Him Space

If you think that there is not enough space for him to lie down on your bed, you should try to make space for him.

You should also make your room comfortable for him so that he craves to sleep with you.

Redirect His Focus

When he lies down in his bed or another spot, call him instead of waiting for him to curl up comfortably.

Entice him in your bed with a treat. Do this until your gorgeous beast starts coming to your room on her own.

Get Comfortable

At bedtime, you should try to generate uplifting and loving energy between you and your little one.

Both of you should be comfortable and ready to sleep together through the night.

Train Him

If you want him to sleep in your bed with you, you can train him to do so by using positive reinforcement training.

With this training, you can motivate him to behave in your desired way by giving him rewards such as treats or toys when he displays signs of behaving that way.

To use positive reinforcement to get him to sleep with you in your bed, you can do the following things:

  • Make your bed comfortable.
  • Get him to stand in your room and reward him.
  • Inspire him to lie down in your bed by giving him a treat.
  • Repeat this process several times a day until he apprehends that laying in your bed results in him acquiring treats.

Make A Routine

Animals are creatures of habit, and dogs are no exception. They respond best when they have anticipated routines.

Therefore, you should set a daily bedtime for you and your cutie pie so that he knows what to anticipate.

Take him for a walk, give him a treat, or do whatever you do regularly to produce a perceptible practice that he can, in turn, relate with his pre-bedtime ritual.

Don’t Restrict Him

When he gets into your bedroom, don’t close its door.

If you close your bedroom door and your mutt wants to go out to drink water, eat food, or go to the bathroom, he could create negative memories with your room and may begin feeling trapped.

When it happens multiple times, he could start avoiding coming to your room.

Another way in which he may feel restricted and hot is by hugging him.

So, don’t hug him when he gets into your bedroom; instead, allow him to have his personal space.

Why Won't My Dog Sleep With Me Anymore

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Dog Not Like Me Anymore?

He may avoid being with you because he may be suffering from health problems, so you should bring him to the vet. Many other factors could become a cause of change in his behavior. If he suddenly avoids sleeping with you or being with you, he may be dealing with a variety of emotions such as stress, excitement, depression, jealousy, etc.

2. Why Is My Dog Suddenly Sleeping On The Floor?

He might be sleeping on the floor because your bed is extremely hot or cold. In summer, your comfortable overstuffed bed might become extremely hot, and the floor might feel cooler and comfy.

3. Where Should A Dominant Dog Sleep?

You should not allow him to sleep with you in your bedroom. Make him sleep in the dog bed in another room. 

4. What Are The Risks Of Sleeping With Dogs?

Dogs are great to sleep fellows, but there are some risks of sleeping with them that are as follows:
May lower sleep quality
May intensify allergies
May spread ailments through bites, scratches, or licking an open wound 
May cause injury


If you have been speculating, “why won’t my dog sleep with me anymore” don’t worry because this problem can be solved easily.

He may not sleep with you because your bed is too small, cold, hot, or your room is too bright.

He might be excited, worried, sick, or simply in a bad mood. Lastly, he may need to do exercise.

Take into account each situation and see if you can discover the problem. If you suspect that your pooch may be sick, take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.  


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